TikTok Trend Reveals Perfect Eye-Shadow Application Hack


| LAST UPDATE 09/22/2022

By Christiana Holland
Eyeshadow Curler TikTok Hack
@nicollechangc via Instagram

There are numerous TikTok trends that have surfaced since the beginning of the app's time. Since then, we have mastered the clean girl aesthetic, laminated brows, one dot liquid contour, and so much more. Now, we can finally say hello to the ultimate eye-shadow hack, which ensures perfect application and a smooth flow of palette colors. Here's how it works.

It is in our power and female intuition that we must try every TikTok beauty hack that pops up on our feed. If we didn't know how to apply makeup before, we sure do now, thanks to our fellow FYP. We might even be able to call ourselves the next James Charles, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Now, when it comes to eye shadow, you might have tried the old tape trick to create that perfect dust-free flick. This time, we are using different tools: the one and only eyelash curler. While it's there to serve the purpose of beautifully curving our eyelashes, it has a unique feature that we shamefully did not know until now.

Eyeshadow TikTok Beauty Hack
@kikislayyyy via Instagram
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The step-by-step guide continues right here. You want to place the rounded edge of the curler onto the crease of your eyelid. Follow the top of the curved line with your eyeshadow brush and blend before removing. As you sweep the brush back and forth, a subtle gradient of eyeshadow will have been applied at the top of the eyelid, blending near your brow to lift the eyes perfectly. However, it is not only the top curve of the curler we can use. That little inside opening where the eyelashes are supposed to sit is another great guideline for perfect blending. Just open the curler to find your preferred width of shadow, and apply! Moving downwards towards the handle of the curler, the handle attachment is a perfect line for an eyeshadow/eyeliner swoosh. This hack is so easy and not to mention stress-free. While we can perfectly swift our brushes across our eyes and blend multiple colors how we like, this hack guarantees to shape the eyes naturally.

While there are hundreds of theories and hacks out there on the internet, these trusted makeup hacks are not all questionable. Especially while there have been plenty of users testing out the hacks themselves, we are confident in sharing this technique. So, good luck on your next night out, and try some of the other trending makeup hacks from TikTok.

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