TikTokers Are Using Blue Foundation


| LAST UPDATE 07/14/2023

By Alyssa Williams
blue foundation TikTok makeup
B1RCH via Getty Images

TikTok is no stranger to unusual methods of practicality, but this new makeup creation might take the cake. Most women have worn foundation at least once, and most of us know it is best to buy a foundation that closely matches our natural skin color. However, some creative makeup users embrace a new trend: blue foundation. 

When we say 'blue foundation,' you probably imagine an Avatar fan with bright blue skin, yellow eye contacts, and a rat tail - but this trend is not what any regular makeup applier would expect. Blue foundation can serve as a color corrector for pigmented skin. Blue foundation may be the perfect addition to their collection for the girlies with naturally red-toned skin or those prone to blushing and flushing. When combined with a natural shade of foundation, a small dab of blue foundation can balance the skin's complexion and create a uniform tone and hue.

blush brush foundation blue
Tatiana Maksimova via Getty Images
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And even if there are those out there looking to dress up as the Navi or a member of the Blue Man Group, blue foundation is a gentler alternative to regular face paint. Water or glycerin-based face paint can often leave the face feeling dry and hard to remove entirely. Blue foundation, on the other hand, is as easy to remove as any makeup product. Micellar water, face wipes, and cleansers will rub the blue foundation off smoothly, efficiently, and with no stains the next day at work.

@roseandben Have you tried this?! 😱😱 #viralmakeup #makeuptutorial ♬ original sound - Rose Siard

The best part; it does not end at blue foundation. Makeup brands like The Colorful Foundation have created a full line of colorful shades for each user's color correction needs. Red and orange foundation will be a saving grace for the cool-toned girls looking for a color lift. If you need to balance out the red tones, look no further than a purple, blue, or even green foundation if you get particularly pink skin. While investing in a colored foundation may not be in everyone's taste, it is safe to say that TikTok will be on its usual creative grind to satisfy your next makeup needs.

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