Everything to Know About TikTok's Latest 'Black Nail Theory'


| LAST UPDATE 11/15/2023

By Alyssa Williams
black nail theory tiktok
Bruno Henrike via Pexels

TikTok's got us hooked on the whole "Black-Nail Theory" trend, revealing some wild insights about what our nails might be saying. Whether you're into fancy nail art or keeping it simple, those painted tips are like secret signals for your style.

So, after the whole "red-nail theory" hype, which suggests a deep connection to a person's childhood crushes, the social media platform is now exploring the mysteries of rocking black nail polish. According to TikToker Rasha Robinson, black nails give off vibes like you're "bold and daring, with a hint of mysteriousness." But in reality, is there any real juice to this "black-nail theory"? Well, it actually depends on who you ask. Mazz Hanna, big shot at Nailing Hollywood, says there's something to it. She believes that black nails can make you look like you've got extra swagger, playing off the same idea as the red nails making people feel more attractive.

arteliusnis via Pexels
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If you've noticed everyone suddenly sporting black nails, it might be a rebellion against the pink domination we saw all summer. Hanna thinks it's a bit of an "anti-beauty" vibe, giving us a break from the Barbie-esque looks that took over the warmer months. Black nails, she says, are a timeless look that fits in anywhere, and with any outfit. Back in the '60s and '70s, black nails had this gothic, witchy vibe, and once that rep sticks, it kind of lingers. But Hanna's quick to point out that black nails can be whatever you want them to be—witchy, regal, or just plain elegant. Whatever you intend for them to be, it all comes down to your personal style and what makes you feel like a boss.

@divashay888 #blacknails💅 #boldyblooming #blackspiritualists ♬ original sound - Rashayyashartv

Even if the confidence boost from black nails is all in our heads, there's no denying that they grab attention. Hanna suggests playing around with the length, whether you're going all out with Vanessa Hudgens-style claws or keeping it low-key and classy. No matter how you choose to wear them, the bottom line is, black nails are a classic move that always looks good. In other words, you really can't go wrong with this bold choice, so consider giving it a shot the next time you're at the salon!

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