Master TikTok's Latest Craze: Siren Eyes


| LAST UPDATE 08/05/2022

By Lia Thomson
siren eyes tiktok trend
@kensnation via Instagram

A siren is known to be a sign of seduction in Greek mythology because the sirens have been said to have sung sea-nymph songs that were so captivating that sailors would be lured in to their death. Thanks to this, sirens have been known to describe women that can be so enchanting that they are nearly dangerous (not really - but you get the point). This is probably why siren eyes - a.k.a. a makeup technique - has been said to give the eyes a seduction appeal. Here's how to achieve the look.

Makeup gurus all over Tiktok have been filming tutorials recently on how to achieve the look. The eyeliner application gives the illusion that the eye is elongated and sultry. The popularity of this trick started when influencer @DanielleMarcan tried to use her black eyeliner to make her eyes look longer and sexier by applying the product to both the outer and the inner corner of the eyes. And as luck would have it, the technique worked - and thus the siren eye was born! 

siren eyes tiktok makeup
@modelrocklashes via Instagram
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By now, the #sireneyes on TikTok have reached roughly 280 million views, with more and more people hopping on the bandwagon trying to make their eyes look more smoldering. While it may sound similar to a smoky eye, this makeup look is a tad different. "There's definitely a touch of noir," makeup artist Cassandra Garcia said of the trend. In recent years we've seen stars like Bella Hadid and Zendaya rock a similar appearance. "It's such a sultry, yet wearable twist on a classic cat-eye, and I love that you can go from [subtle] application to a more intense wing." Another makeup pro named Carolina Dali further explained, "It lifts, elongates, and opens up the eyes… What's not love?" So how can we do this look at home?

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Dali advised that each person may have a different way of doing so based on their eye shape. "If it's your first time trying it, play with it when you have nowhere to go," she added. "Shadow and line where it best complements your own eye shape." She suggested, "For those with eyes on the smaller side, line the center of the lash line with a nude liner to further open up the eyes." The makeup artist contained giving away all the best tips, "If your eyes are set closer to one another, go lightly on the liner in the inner corner and follow with a touch of champagne eyeshadow to brighten up that area and create an illusion of more space between the eyes." Head on over to to buy black eyeliner so you to can get siren eyes to lure in whoever you please! (Thank us later.)

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