TikTok's Latest Beauty Hack: Using Lip Liner for a Smoky Eye


| LAST UPDATE 01/12/2022

By Lia Thomson
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sabrinawalsh_mua via Instagram

TikTok has given us countless beauty tips and tricks, and now the social media platform has made a new trend go viral. It all started when Sabrina Walsh, an Australia-based makeup artist, shared a video where she used a lip liner to achieve the perfect smoky eye look. Here's how you, too, can get this aesthetic.

Walsh responded to one of her followers when they asked her for a tutorial on how she takes her everyday lip product, Morphe's Lip Color in Vibes, and applies it to her eyes. She takes her liner and places the color on her upper and lower lids and then begins to blend out the color by using a fluffy eyeshadow brush. To top it all off, the makeup guru uses Fenty Beauty's Sun Stalk'r Instant Warmth Bronzer in I$land Ting to make sure everything is combined together to create a flawless look. Walsh showed how those with a lighter or a darker complexion can do the technique.

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sabrinawalsh_mua via Instagram
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Walsh explained to Allure how she figured out that a lip liner would work so well. "I experimented with lipsticks as eye shadow bases first and soon realized they were difficult to set, quite oily, and wouldn't withstand a full wear test," the makeup expert said. Sabrina recalled how she attempted numerous eyeliners but they were "far too dark" because she wanted to create, "lighter, more natural makeup looks." And that's how she got the bright idea to try one of her lip products. After Walsh's video started to trend on TikTok, other users and makeup artists joined in on the fun, providing us with even more tips. Victoria Jameson posted her own video where she backed up Walsh's idea, saying it's great because it "works in a pinch." But she added that a cream eye shadow "would give a similar result with longer wear."

@sabrinawalshmakeupartist Reply to @agrayleo 💛 One of many beautiful options for brown eyes! #liplinerhack #makeuphacks #eyeshadowtutorial ♬ original sound - Sabrina

Before you go off and try this smoky eye for yourself, just be aware of the potential consequences. A  New York City-based makeup artist Kasey Adam Spickard advises against the viral trick since "there are pretty strict guidelines outlined by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about what is cosmetically eye-safe." Especially if it has already been used on the lips and hasn't been cleaned off properly because "it's also bound to have contamination," explained a Cosmetic chemist Ginger King.

Regardless if you try a lip liner or the cream-based eye shadow, using Walsh's tips is sure to help you easily get that classic smoky eye.

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