'Unapproachable Makeup' Is All the Rage on TikTok


| LAST UPDATE 09/29/2023

By Amelia Taylor
Unapproachable Makeup TikTok Trend
@samanthaevira via Instagram

Yet another trend is dominating the TikTok sphere. At least this time, it's not food-influenced. If there's anything we can trust in Gen Z-ers, they will create hilarious names for existing makeup looks. In this new style, the girlies have penned the term 'unapproachable makeup' for what can best be described as laying it heavy on both the eyes and lips to create a vibe that says 'IDGAF.'

Otherwise known as 'intimidating girl makeup,' there are over 92 million collective views and counting for the new trend. The idea of the style is to ward men off and prevent them from approaching. The slimy men will be too frightened to speak or look prolongedly if you look too confident. One TikToker responsible for championing the trend revealed her intentions in a video. Megi Hebeja (@megihebeja) said, "This is about the guys who, when you go out, just naturally think that if they come up to you and hit on you, they're going to go home with you. Like, it's not happening."

beauty viral makeup TikTok
@mollyjacksmakeup via Instagram
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If this new craze intrigues you, follow these simple steps to achieve a look that will make people avert their gaze as they pass you on the street. For the base, the goal is to create a smooth and flawless foundation finish. To avoid looking like a Halloween dress-up, go lighter on the bronze and blush. The key for your skin is concealing imperfections and achieving a matte finish. Next up, the eyes - this is where things get serious. The eyes need to be dark and smoky. And, essentially, you will need winged eyeliner. How big you would like your wing to be is up to you, but jet-black eyeliner is a must-have to make sure passersby avoid your stare. Lastly, the lips. While we want a striking look, the lips shouldn't overpower the eyes. A nude lip liner and matching lipstick will do the trick. You want to ensure people know you wear something, but anything too aggressive will look clownish.

@hayleybuix Finally tried the unapproachable make up trend! #makeuptutorial #makeuptransformation #makeuptrend #unapproachablemakeup ♬ Glory Box - Portishead

If you're looking for a way to fend off unruly boys in the most stylish way possible, or even if you're a sucker for new makeup trends, look no further than 'unapproachable makeup' to seal the deal.

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