Love Yourself: Valentine’s Day Makeup Hacks


| LAST UPDATE 01/22/2023

By Christiana Holland
Valentines Day Makeup Guide
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Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Whether you are spending it with friends or family or flying solo like the Queen that you are, there's no harm in looking good while doing so! In order to get ready for the magical day, here are our favorite tips for heating up your makeup routine.

Makeup is not all about recreating someone else's routine but finding the one perfect for you. This can relate to your skin tone, hair, and eye color, and the underrated element of choosing a look that depends on your mood. Sometimes we might be feeling a little more toward the bold side, resulting in us opting for a heavier or darker aesthetic. On the other hand, for those calmer days when we are embracing our inner clean girl look, this usually resorts to the au natural look. Still, we have endless opportunities to try out the look we connect with the most, so be playful. According to Vogue, makeup-artist Lucia Pica advises, "Bitten lips, flushed cheeks, things that happen really in your life. How the skin produces the texture of the tear, the blush in your cheeks, it's all very sensual, all very alive." That being said, Pica suggests ditching the brushes as it's "all about the kind of hands-on application" to create a "swoon-worthy" Valentine's look. 

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Let's talk about using our hands. Pica says, "There's something about feeling the makeup that I'm interested in." As we apply with our hands, it's all about using our fingertips for layering, smudging, and any area that a brush just can't get into. Feel connected with your makeup, don't let the brushes paint a face you aren't familiar with. On that note, grab your favorite eyeshadow to "embrace the haze." Pica says to keep the eyeshadow "soft and blurry." Whether this is a powerful gold or your favorite neutral, this is only going to compliment your features, giving more to focus on. As we continue to focus on the eyes, remember it's all about eye contact. This is our perfect reminder to amplify our eyeliner or apply a subtle swoosh and create that perfect siren-eye finish with your most beloved mascara. Once you've got your eyes done down to a T, keep the look fresh, using blush and silent tones to highlight the face instead of overpowering it!

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Yes, Pica has given some crucial advice for all future glam sessions. Nevertheless, there are no rules when it comes to feeling your best! Embrace the red lip and dark brown shades if you need to. That's the beauty of makeup, trial and error. Still, we could all use a helping hand every now and then. Feel the love this Valentine's Day!

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