Here's What the Viral 'Slugging' Skincare Trend Is All About


| LAST UPDATE 05/28/2021

By Georgina White
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If you enjoy the skincare side of TikTok, chances are that you've already seen this trend. But if by some chance you haven't, allow us to explain. The slugging phenomenon is not exactly a groundbreaking discovery, but DIY beauty enthusiasts recently decided to give the night-time routine a go... And the benefits are certainly worth mentioning.


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Slugging refers to the popular last step in nighttime skincare. After all the serums, moisturizers, and creams are applied, some opt for one last slab of goop from the petrolatum family. From Vaseline to Aquaphor, many companies put their own twist on the concept: But the core idea remains the same. The final coat acts as a seal to lock all the products in and protect the skin overnight. From reducing dryness to helping with sensitivity, the advantages to the added step have surprised a number of dermatological enthusiasts. And TikTokers aren't the only ones on board...

vaseline slugging tiktok trend
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This drug store hack got the celeb stamp of approval. According to Elle, Beyoncé regularly slathers her face with Aquaphor before hitting the hay. "I go to bed looking totally greasy," the multi-Grammy awarded artist shared. "It's not all glamour all the time." And that could very well be the motto for slugging. While goop-ing up before a night's sleep may not be the cutest of looks, the results' pros outweigh the cons for many.

drug store skin care
Instagram via @beyonce

And while some find it beneficial, dermatology experts stress it isn't for everyone. New York dermatologist Dr. Marchbein spoke to Teen Vogue and shared some facts. "There is definitely a potential for breakouts," she explained. According to Dr. Marchbein, slugging should be done with caution for those with greasy skin or susceptible breakouts. But, picking specific dry zones (or, in the doc's words, "selective slugging") is A-OK.

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So there you have it, guys: If going to bed a little slippery won't be a problem, this may be the beauty hack for you. And if waking up and looking like Beyoncé is on the table, sign us up!