Everything You Need To Know About Winnie Harlow’s New Beauty Brand


| LAST UPDATE 03/04/2022

By Lia Thomson
winniw harlow skincare brand
winnieharlow via Instagram

It seems like every celebrity has launched their very own beauty brand in recent years. And honestly, we're not complaining. Each company focuses on its own unique products and specialties. Now Winnie Harlow has joined them with her very own beauty brand, CAY Skin. Here's everything you need to know about it.

The supermodel has been working on this beauty venture for nearly two years, so you know she put in a lot of time and effort. The model aim with CAY Skin was to focus on SPF and suncare for all skin types, it is "a skincare brand for everyone under the sun." Harlow explained how she got the inspiration to start the brand from her childhood experiences,  “I remember being in Jamaica and my dad slathering sunscreen on me with his rough hands and it leaving a blue color to my skin,” she said. Since then, protecting her skin from UV rays has been a part of her everyday routine, “Sunscreen and skincare have always had such a strong force in my life.”

winniw harlow cay skin
MEGA / Contributor via Getty Images
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Her time spent on the Caribbean beaches wasn't the only thing that sparked the idea for CAY Skin. The 27-year-old also lives with an autoimmune disorder and skin condition vitiligo, and she once suffered a severe sunburn that left her needing medical attention. "I had a two-day shoot in the Bahamas from sun up to sundown on each day and at certain point, they didn't want me to reapply sunscreen because it was leaving a purple or blue cast on my skin and [that] wasn't pretty," Harlow recalled to People Magazine, "I kind of understood it, but I was worried that I was going to burn. And lo and behold, that by the end of the second day, I was burnt to a crisp," she continued, "They had to call doctors to give me injections for inflammation and for pain."

CAY Skin will include a range of vegan, cruelty-free, reef-safe, and dermatologically tested products. From a body oil with SPF 30, a mineral face lotion, a sunscreen-laced lip balm, and a face glow lotion, the line will have everything needed for a day spent under the sun. Shop at clayskin.com when it finally drops on March 22, or shop in stores on April, 1st.

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