Winnie Harlow's Vogue Beauty Tutorial Includes a Homemade Manuka Honey Face Mask

Luna Dawson

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Winnie Harlow treated us to her favorite afterparty look in her Vogue Makeup Tutorial video. Lucky for us, she included a few skincare secrets that sounded too good to pass up on.

"We have to create looks," she explained. "We gotta do runway and all that, and your skin isn't made for makeup but prep the skin and prepare it for war."


Her first tip was to become friends with the Clarisonic Cleanser Kit ($199). Winnie said she only uses this every other day so that she doesn't over-exfoliate her skin. She also gave us the ingredients to a face mask that she does twice a month.

Harlow mixes together a combination of manuka honey, Aztec clay, and apple cider vinegar until it looks like a paste. She then applies the homemade face mask with a fork.


She then leaves the mask on for about 20 minutes and rinses it off with warm water. After that, she applies her makeup for the day. If you give this delicious face mask a try, be sure to let us know!