The Addison Rae Cheating Saga Heats Up

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The drama between Addison Rae, Omer Fedi, and Sarah/Leah Talabi has the internet tuning in like a juicy Netflix show. And the most recent “episode” saw the Talabi twins post an emotional TikTok claiming that they are receiving thousands of hate messages from Addison Rae fans. Here's why...

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It all started when rumors began circulating on social media that Sarah and Leah Talabi both "made out" with Addison's boyfriend, Omer Fedi, while Rae was in New York. Sarah confessed in a TikTok, “the emotional trauma that we have been through this week has been absolutely unbearable... we have been sent thousands of hate messages from Addison Rae fans who believe the cheating rumors that have been circulating the internet... they believe these rumors and have been bullying us to no end."


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But that's not all. The Talabi twins later announced that they'd be issuing a restraining order to the owner of an Addison Rae fan account for sending them over 500 hate messages every day using offensive language and making threats. It wasn't long before fans criticized Sarah and Leah Talabi for their decision to get a restraining order, arguing that they were "overreacting." One TikTok user even wrote, "I don't know why yall are being so dramatic, if you don't want to get hate delete your social media, no one forced you to be on here."

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On the other hand, many fans felt that their decision was justified. One Twitter user wrote, "@talabitwins have every right to send a restraining order to someone who was sending them hate messages and threats y'all are just pressed that it's an Addison Rae fan page, but that doesn't change the fact that they are a dangerous bully @addisonraefans."

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Instagram via @leahmarietalabi

Believe it or not, it appears that Addison, too, supported the twins' decision to get a restraining order against her own fan account! The star liked a tweet that said, “bullying is never okay, no matter who does it, there is a difference between defending someone and bullying someone and @addisonraefans crossed the line in bullying the Talabi twins even if the cheating rumors are true. I know Addison would never want us bullying others even if they did hurt her.”

Stay tuned while this cheating saga continues...