Is Addison Rae Single Again? Leaked DM Alleges So


| LAST UPDATE 10/06/2021

By Genevieve Scott
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Fans have been speculating for weeks now about the relationship status of Addison and Omer after cheating rumors began circulating. But according to a recent TikTok posted online, there's a new development in the messy scandal. Here's what went down...

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It all started when TikTok user @heathermanfredi took to our feeds to spill the tea: "I can't say who sent this to me but a source close to Addison leaked a DM between Addi and the Talabi twins," she wrote. The alleged message showed Sarah Talabi had apologized to Addison for kissing her boyfriend. "We accidentally kissed him but trust me when I say it meant nothing to either of us," she confessed of her and her twin sister.

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But that's not all Heather said. Her leaked DM also claimed that the latest loved-up posts of Addison and Omer might be misleading. "Omer and I were broken up for a few days while I was in New York and we've been on and off ever since then," Addison allegedly replied in the documented exchange. Consider us intrigued...

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Of course, though, we weren't the only ones left with endless questions. Shortly after the alleged DM leaked, fans took to the comments section to share their take on the recent allegations. One TikTok user wrote, "the Addison Rae fandom has been beating up on the Talabi twins, but if Addison and him weren't together even just for a few days, then technically they did nothing wrong." But others felt otherwise: "This literally proves that Sarah and Leah were lying in all their dramatic' stop picking on me' TikToks. They literally owned up to making out with Addison's boyfriend and are trying to apologize by calling it an 'accident,'" shaded another.

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addison omer tiktok cheating
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Whatever the case may be, we've got a feeling there's more tea where that came from. Are the viral cheating rumors true, after all? Or perhaps is there more to this complicated story? We guess only time will tell.

Stay tuned.