It's Official: Meet Addison Rae's New Boyfriend


| LAST UPDATE 08/22/2021

By Genevieve Scott
addison rae new boyfriend
Anna Webber/Getty Images for alice + olivia

For weeks now, fans have been speculating that Addison Rae is in a new relationship. And the TikTok influencer has finally confirmed that she is dating Machine Gun Kelly’s guitarist, Omer Fedi. The hot new couple was caught showing some serious PDA and even went Instagram official. If you weren’t an “Omeddi” shipper already, you will be after you see their cutest moments together…

addison rae omer boyfriend
Amy Sussman/KCA2021/Getty Images for Nickelodeon

The relationship rumors first began when both Addison and Omer shared the same clip to their Instagram stories. The video showed 2 people kissing each other, though it was unclear who exactly we were looking at. The mysterious video sent the internet into a frenzy as fans tried to figure out who they were seeing. It wasn't long before fans identified the lovebirds as our girl Addison Rae and musician Omer Fedi.

Some fans were quick to call Omer a "downgrade" from ex Bryce Hall. But Addison wasn't here for any of that. She quickly liked a tweet that said, "A downgrade?? It is someone that makes her happy. Don't we all want that someone that makes you happy, feel loved, and feel the best in the world?" We love to see Addison standing by her man's side. She prioritizes mutual respect and happiness, and that's clearly what she has found in her new boyfriend, Omer Fedi.

omer fedi addison rae
Rich Fury/Getty Images for MTV

But not everyone reacted negatively to the new relationship. Addison Rae’s mom Sheri Nicole is one of the biggest “Omeddi” shippers. In fact, Sheri gave Omer the standing ovation of approvals. “He’s truly a wonderful, amazing person, and he makes her soul shine. Love him,” she gushed.

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omer addison rae dating
Instagram via @omerfedi

The new fling seems to be getting serious quickly. The two have already been caught sharing PDA by paparazzi on several occasions. It seems this new romance between Addison and Omer is really starting to heat up. We'll keep you posted on where this relationship goes!

Stay tuned.