Addison Rae Claps Back at Viral Cheating Rumors


| LAST UPDATE 09/13/2021

By Genevieve Scott
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The internet was recently sent buzzing after a clip went viral about Addison Rae’s boyfriend, Omer Fedi. And let's just say, it wasn't long before the rumors caught Addison's attention. Here's what she had to say for herself about the messy cheating scandal.

addison rae omer cheating
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It all started when a TikTok user uploaded a video spilling the tea: as they put it, Omer was caught making out with two girls at a party. But the rumors got even juicier when the user claimed the two girls were twin models Sarah and Leah Talabi. The video quickly attracted over 1 million viewers - including Sarah and Leah themselves, who were quick to address the rumors. "We have been sl*t-shamed and gotten death threats for something we didn’t even do," they hit back.

But Addison Rae was also not here for the cheating rumors. The TikTok star allegedly liked a tweet that said, “@talabitwins how could someone (let alone two people) make out with a guy knowing that he is in a committed relationship like how do you sleep at night #addisondeservesbetter.” Addison was quick to unlike the shady tweet - but not before fans could screenshot her alleged support.

As for Omer's take on the situation? Unfortunately, we still have yet to hear word from Rae's boyfriend about the entire exchange. Which, according to fans, might be proof enough that he's not as innocent as one might think...

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addison rae omer scandal
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Well, what's your take on the scandal? In case you forgot, Addison and her new boyfriend are only weeks into their relationship. "Me and my baby are both number 1 at the moment, I'm so so so proud of her...Wonder if we are the first couple to ever do that with movie and a song? Anyway, love you, babe," Omer recently gushed of his and Rae's recent accomplishments. While it sounds like the two are still in their honeymoon phase, we guess only time will tell here.

We'd stay tuned.