Addison Rae Is in Hot Water Over UFC Tweet


| LAST UPDATE 07/11/2021

By Georgina White
addison rae ufc tweet
Jeff Bottari / Contributor via Getty Images

The princess of TikTok has landed herself in deep trouble after a recent tweet posted about the UFC. Critics around the world have taken to Addison's Twitter page to give the influencer a piece of their mind.

addison rae ufc fight
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It all started on July 10th when Addison tweeted about her latest opportunity. The He's All That star landed another exclusive gig and found herself at a UFC event with a mic in hand. Although it was unclear what Rae's official role was at the press gathering, the TikToker got hit with major backlash over the tweet.

Addison Rae scandal controversy
Instagram via @addisonraee

"I studied broadcast journalism in college for 3 whole months to prepare for this moment," the 20-year-old celebrity wrote. And while she may have found the whole thing funny, many other didn't. Critics took to the replies to bash Rae. "Just 3 months??? I think someone more successful that has studied at least a whole year for this deserves it," one person wrote.

They continued, "But ofc let's pick the lil famous tik tok girl that records herself dancing." Another Twitter user wrote, "[You] represent a lot of [what's] wrong with this world and your caption is a slap in the face to those working hard at [their] craft." But it wasn't all hate.

Addison had a few loyal supporters that came to her defense and argued that Rae meant the whole tweet as a joke. But that wasn't all... It seemed as though the starlet - and Barstool Sports - took notice of all the online bashing. The major sports blog saw the humor in the whole situation and posted a tweet feeding into the buzz. And it even got a retweet from Addison herself.

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addison rae ufc backlash
Instagram via @addisonraee

Rae also kept with the jokes, reposting her original controversial tweet with an update: "nvm y'all got me fired." Looks like criticism can't keep this TikTok celeb down. Stay tuned for more news from Addison Rae, coming soon...