Adele Shared The Song That "Saved Her Life"


| LAST UPDATE 11/23/2021

By Damian Schmitt
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Kevork Djansezian Stringer via Getty Images

Adele recently performed some of her latest songs in London, during her event, 'An Audience With Adele.' The artist confessed to the audience full of fans, close friends, and other stars, which track on her latest album, 30, "changed and saved her life."

After releasing her hit single, Easy on Me, Adele fans could not contain their excitement for the release of 30. The record was finally dropped on November 19, and with it came all the songs she had recorded while going through a divorce.

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In 2019, the Grammy-winning artist and her then-husband, Simon Konecki, decided to terminate their marriage. Adele revealed the process was not an easy one, she had difficulties accepting the couple's fate. Especially since the pair had a son together, Angelo Adkins. The Someone Like You artist, previously admitted that this album will help Adkins get a better understanding of what happened. In the song written for the 9-year old, she even included a voicemail she recorded while having a panic attack.

But, that's not the only person it benefitted, the record might have also helped Adele. The 33-year old confessed that the song Hold On was a special one. "This song changed...well, it changed my life and also saved my life a little bit," she shared, "It was the last song that I wrote for this album, and when I first started writing it, I don't think I realized how far I was coming over an 18-month to two-year period. I hadn't been able to recognize the progress that I had been making."

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Adele said that she couldn't have gone through the divorce alone, her closest friends supported her along that way. That's why she asked her closest pals to be a part of the track. They all went into the studio with their famous friend and sang the background vocals. "Just hold on" they repeated, which can be heard at the end of the song.

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@adele via Instagram

Some of the other lyrics are, "It's hard to hold onto who I am when I'm stumbling in the dark for a hand." Nevertheless, the artist made it through the dark. Adele revealed, "I couldn't believe how far I had come, and it was amazing for me to hear that in one of my songs because I think there's been a little bit of a disconnect for me and my songs for a while, just because I find all of this very terrifying."

We are so happy about the progress Adele's made! Now, we'll just be here, listening to 30, trying to hold back tears.