After Twenty Years, Tan France Is Officially a U.S. Citizen

Luna Dawson

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Tan France, the fashion expert on Netflix's wildly popular reality show Queer Eye, announced on Instagram on Tuesday that he's officially a U.S. Citizen.

The U.K. born style icon wrote in the emotional post, "A few minutes ago, I officially became an U.S citizen!! For me, this is monumental. It’s something I’ve been working towards for literally 20 years, which makes this all the more emotional."

Instagram/Tan France

As if it wasn't already amazing news, Tan also included in his post that the first thing he was looking forward to doing as a U.S. citizen is exercising his right to vote.

"And now, I will exercise my constitutional right as an American. Today, I will register to vote, and vote for the change I wish to see in OUR nation."

Of course, the rest of the Queer Eye crew showed their support, with Antoni jokingly commenting, "I hope you realize you can no longer say things like 'you Americans always...'" and Jonathan Van Ness commenting, There is no word or phrase I have strong enough to say how happy, proud, strong you are I have no words strong enough. Love you so much."

Bobby Berk, the interior design expert on the show, commented, SO PROUD OF YOU TANNY!!! I love YOU ❤️," and Karamo Brown wrote, "Welcome! Love you!" So heartwarming, tbh.