Meet Alfie: Emily in Paris's Breakout Star


| LAST UPDATE 12/27/2021

By Georgina White
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Instagram via @its_lucien

It hasn't even been a week since the highly anticipated second season of Emily in Paris dropped on Netflix. And while the new episodes feature new drama and fabulous outfits, our attention has been zoned in on one thing and one thing only: Alfie.

And clearly, we aren't the only ones. Since the season premiere back in December, the internet has been buzzing about Lucien Laviscount and his memorable performance in Emily in Paris. The 29-year-old British actor has been in the biz for a while now, but this was his first opportunity to star in a Netflix production - and thank goodness! Because we couldn't imagine the second season without his sarcasm and overall charm.

emily paris cast alfie
Instagram via @its_lucien

For Lucien, the whole experience has been a rollercoaster ride since first being approached by the show's creator, Darren Star. "I don't think I've ever done an audition so quickly in my life," Laviscount confessed when speaking with WWD. Lucien's character, Aflie, oozes confidence, but in reality, the star admitted that joining the Emily in Paris crew came with a lot of nerves. "I think joining any project second season comes with a whole load of, not anxiety, but it's like you're new to the school, basically," he explained. But his co-stars immediately took him under their wing, and he found his groove within seconds.

Part of the obsession over the actor (besides his looks, of course) comes from the special bond he forms with Emily. From dismissive classmate to simply bae, Aflie transformed on our screens into the man of our dreams and learned some things about himself along the way. "I'd say he is all for the moment, lives in a sheltered world that he's created for himself, that has little peepholes out of it," Lucien described of his character in the WWD interview. "And I think Emily makes some peepholes open up." And while the season finale left some major questions up in the air about Emily and Alfie's future, you can consider us captains of #TeamAlfie from here on out.

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