Amina Muaddi Slams A$AP Rocky Cheating Rumors


| LAST UPDATE 04/20/2022

By Georgina White
rihanna asap cheating rumors
Arnold Jerocki / Contributor via Getty Images

If you're anything like us, chances are that your long weekend consisted of one big whiplash thanks to the cheating rumors that started circulating about A$AP Rocky. And while Rih-stans on social media were quick to jump aboard the gossip train and hate on Rihanna's baby daddy, one celeb, in particular, took the time to set the record straight: Amina Muaddi.

And for those who didn't know, Amina wasn't any ol' objective third party in this paparazzi-fueled story. She was rumored to be the woman that A$AP cheated on Rihanna with, so she took to her Instagram stories to clear the air. "I've always believed that an unfounded lie spread on social media doesn't deserve any response or clarification, especially one that is so vile," the Fenty shoe designer vented to her 1.3 million followers. "I initially assumed that this fake gossip - fabricated with such malicious intent - would not be taken seriously." But unfortunately, the exact opposite happened. People from around the world started hating on Rocky without any clarification or insight on the matter, and things got pretty ugly online. And for Amina, it was a rude wake-up call about the times we live in.

rihanna asap amina cheating
Pascal Le Segretain / Staff via Getty Images
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"However, in the last 24 [hours], I've been reminded that we live in a society that is so quick to speak on topics regardless of factual basis, and nothing is off limits," Amina vented. "Not even during what should be one of the most beautiful and celebrated times in one's life." And so, she was inspired to say something. "I have to speak up as this is not only directed towards me, but it is related to people I have a great amount of respect and affection for. While Rih is continuing to live her serene, best-dressed pregnancy life and I get back to my business - I wish everyone a beautiful Easter weekend!"

And Rihanna has done just that. Pics have circulated that she and her baby daddy ditched the drama and flew to Barbados to escape the paparazzi pressure - and TBH, we don't blame them. Stay tuned for more celebrity gossip coming your way!

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