Ariana Grande Opens Up About Ditching Botox and Fillers


| LAST UPDATE 09/13/2023

By Alyssa Williams
Ariana Grande botox fillers
@arianagrande via Instagram

It's no secret the Botox and fillers have long been a popular cosmetic procedure among famous people and non-celebrities alike. But one music icon who has recently opened up about her past experience with the cosmetic treatments is none other than Ariana Grande.

The pop star talked about her relationship to beauty and appearances in a Vogue Beauty Secrets video, saying, "Full transparency as a beauty person, as I do my lips. [I've] had a ton of lip filler over the years and Botox. I stopped in 2018 because I just felt so — too much. I just felt like [I was] hiding, you know." The One Last Time singer then began to tear up, though she emphasized that she hadn't intended to get emotional about the subject, explaining that, for a long time, beauty had been about "hiding" for her.

Ariana Grande TikTok beauty
@arianagrande via Instagram
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"I, over the years, used makeup as a disguise or as something to hide behind," Grande admitted, revealing that she also used to have the same approach with big hairstyles earlier in her career. "More hair, more and more, [the] thicker the eyeliner... and that can be so beautiful at times and I still do have love for it." As someone who started performing at such a young age, it makes sense there was so much pressure on Grande to maintain a certain aesthetic. But it seems that, over the years, she's outgrown it all...

"Being exposed to so many voices at a young age and especially when people have things to say about your appearance and stuff at a young age, it's really hard to know what's worth hearing or not, but when you're 17, you don't really know you don't know that yet," Grande went on to explain in the video, which was posted on September 12. "I don't love [disguise] being the intention behind it anymore," the R.E.M Beauty founder told Vogue. "I think of it as self expression now and accentuating what is here. Our relationships to beauty are so personal, like we're here talking about beauty secrets, isn't the secret that we all just want to feel our best and be loved?" We couldn't agree more.

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