It's Official: Ben Platt and Noah Galvin Are Engaged!


| LAST UPDATE 11/27/2022

By Christiana Holland
Ben Platt Noah Galvin Engaged
Kevin Winter via Getty Images

Are you aca-kidding me?! The two talented peas-in-a-pod are finally engaged, and we can't help but want to sing about it. The pair have been on quite a journey together, but it might have been the easiest 'yes' ever. Here's what we know.

Dear Evan Hansen, the 29 and 28-year-old recently shared an exciting announcement over Instagram on November 25th. Though it was an intimate moment, it wasn't long before the world went crazy over the news. Like most love stories these days, their relationship started once upon a time during the Covid-19 pandemic. In May 2020, the Pitch Perfect star appeared on Ilana Levine's 'Little Known Things' podcast and admitted, "Ben and I are dating... I asked him this morning. I was like, Are we allowed to talk about this? And he's like, don't go into our nitty-gritty, but yeah, people can know. It's still relatively new." Although they planned to keep things pretty low-key, they couldn't help it. The two continued to quarantine together, and as you can tell, things turned out rather well. By December 2020, the loved-up posts kept on coming as Ben Platt confirmed they were going into the next year as a couple, "Me & my 2020 savior. Wishing everyone a much happier 2021."

Ben Platt Noah Galvin Engaged
@bensplatt via Instagram
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To put things into context, when Platt appeared on Kelly Clarkson's talk show in June 2021, he explained after being together for about a year and a half, they "finally decided to, like, really give it a real shot... it was like zero to 60." After cohabitating in Platt's childhood home with his parents, it "ended up being a beautiful time." In their most recent Instagram live show, Platt posted the proposal scene, showing where he got down on one knee. It took place at the Laser Wolf restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. The room was decored with flowers and candles, lighting up the magical moment. He captioned, "He agreed to hang out forever." Of course, like any theatrical King, Galvin didn't just say 'yes.' Instead, he responded with a giddy 'yeehaw,' to which he then "cried for like 7 hours." Platt put a ring on it, but not just any ring, this was a Grace Lee ring! The two don't hold back when it comes to expressing their love for their soon-to-be hubbies. Even for Galvin's birthday, Platt wrote, "You're the most special gift the universe has ever whipped up... Thank goodness you were born. I love you so much."

We might just have to pitch their love story into becoming a Broadway musical. Talk about a happily-ever-after. As we sit here wondering whether there will be an acapella performance at the wedding, we can't wait to start this journey with them. Stay tuned for more wedding bells!

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