Billie Breaks Internet Gaining Over 1 Million Likes in 6 Minutes


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Chloe Becker
Billie Eilish Vogue Photoshoot
Instagram @billieeilish

"It's all about what makes you feel good," said Billie Eilish in her British Vogue front-page feature for June 2021. On May 2nd, Eilish shared a series of photos on Instagram that had just about everyone's jaws on the floor. With natural makeup and her blonde locks done up, Billie wowed.

A mere 6 minutes after she posted the photos, her account hit over 1 million likes! According to Instagram, Billie's are the fastest photos in history to achieve this massive feat on the platform. This record-breaking title previously belonged to Selena Gomez for her 26th birthday post back in 2018. But with a cool 16M likes so far, Eilish's picture has already cracked the top ten most liked Insta posts of all time. After years of knowing the Bad Guy singer best for her unique voice and oversized style, certainly, no one was expecting this.

"IS EVERYONE BREATHING OK ????" Instagram user @jailanekendale asked in Billie's comment section. This comment alone received over 42,760 likes in just over 12 hours since the photos hit the social media stratosphere. In the series of jaw-dropping images, Billie sported an assortment of completely custom high-fashion outfits.

Billie Eilish Vogue Photoshoot
Instagram @billieeilish

As it turned out, Eilish herself carefully conducted the photoshoot orchestra. "Thank you [beauty and British Vogue teams] for respecting my vision and making this come to life," Billie captioned one of her photos. "I love these pictures and I loved doing this shoot," she continued.

Many of the singer's followers have picked up on the big change in Billie's closet choices as of late. Receiving comments such as "HAPPY YOU FEEL CONFIDENT WITH YOUR BODY!!! go girl so proud," and "GIRL YOU OWN THE WHOLE WORLD," Billie had one important message to share. "Do whatever you want whenever you want," she declared. Can we get an amen?

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The talented musician and singer recently came out with a new single titled "Your Power," in which Billie admitted she felt "Vulnerable" about releasing, as she holds it "Close to [her] heart." At just 19-years-old, Eilish is making statements louder than anyone imagined possible.

"This is about many different situations that we've all either witnessed or experienced. I hope this can inspire change. Try not to abuse your power," Eilish wrote of her new hit song. If there's one thing we know for certain, it's that we see a new side of Billie coming out, and we love it!