Billie Eilish Warns her Fans Against the Hoaxers Pretending to be Her

Luna Dawson

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It's nothing new to see people posing as celebrities on social media. Most of the time, the celebs ignore it. However, Billie Eilish is not having it. In a post on her verified Instagram account, Billie addressed her adoring fans, warning them of the fakers out there.

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She wrote: "Some people are pretending to be me on Snapchat. I do not use Snapchat to talk to anyone. If you think you are talking to me, it is not me, I promise you. No matter what they say to convince you... on my entire family's life, I am not talking to you through Snapchat."


She continued, "It is not me. I'm sorry to those who have been scammed." The singer also warned against fans pretending to be her in public. She said, "It is not safe for you and it is mean to the people who don't know any better you make me look bad."