Billie Reveals "Horrible" Body Image Struggles


| LAST UPDATE 06/23/2022

By Georgina White
billie eilish style interview
Kevin Mazur / Contributor via Getty Images

If celebs have taught us one thing, it's that life in the public eye can come with some serious downsides - especially when it comes to the judgemental eyes facing A-lister women. And after hearing what our girl Billie Eilish had to say, let's just say we wish we could give her a big ol' hug right now...

The young artist has taken her music career to new heights. From Grammy wins to James Bond theme songs and Coachella headlining gigs, Eilish has turned everything she's touched into music gold since breaking onto the scene. And while she's no doubt proud of her musical accomplishments, that hasn't meant that other troubles haven't come her way. When speaking with the Sunday Times, the 20-year-old star opened up about her "truly horrible, terrible" relationship with her body, referring to it as her "ugly friend." Negative body image in young women is, unfortunately, not as rare as we'd like it to be, but in Billie's eyes, the added pressure of media coverage has only fueled the fire. "No matter what you do, it's wrong and right," she confessed during the interview. "Wearing baggy clothes, nobody is attracted to me. I feel incredibly unlovable and unsexy and not beautiful, and people shame you for not being feminine enough," Eilish explained in frustration.

billie eilish body image
Sean Zanni / Contributor via Getty Images
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But the flip side wasn't that positive either. "Then you wear something more revealing, and they're like, 'You're such a fat cow w****.' I'm a s***, and I'm a sellout, and I'm just like every other celebrity selling their bodies, and whoa! What the f*** do you want?" she continued to explain. And while the attacks feel personal, Billie knows she's just one piece in a messed-up puzzle. "It's a crazy world for women and women in the public eye," the artist admitted. "It makes me sad to think about."

We're sending major love Billie's way and could not be more proud of her raw honesty during the interview! If you want to read more, check out the full piece here. And, of course, be sure to check back soon for more updates from your favorite celebs!

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