Britney Spears Makes Explosive Social Media Return


| LAST UPDATE 01/30/2023

By Peral Simons
free britney conservatorship instagram
Jared Siskin / Contributor via Getty Images

The #freeBritney movement has taken the world by storm. A human rights campaign so strong it released singer Britney Spears from the unbearable conservatorship organized by her father. However, while the pop star is undoubtedly grateful to the fans who made this possible, it seems to have resulted in a blurred boundary that has left fans a little too involved in Britney's personal life. Last week, after fans noticed she had deleted her Instagram account with no explanation, they called the police to check in on her for a wellness check. Last night, Spears made her return to social media and had a few things to say to the crowd...

"Since everyone thinks they know my story. THINK AGAIN !!!" she penned angrily on Instagram alongside a picture of a red rose. "A mere side of any given SUNDAY doesn't show worship placing someone's story out there … it's a day of WELCOMING … not a righteous reply !!! It is what it is … nope, I'm not having a breakdown … I am who I am and moving forward in my life. I have never felt better !!!"

Free Britney Spears Instagram
Chelsea Guglielmino via Getty Images
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"Being able to volumize my voice in a world where I lost my rights … for 15 years … gives me an opportunity to succeed !!!" she continued, referencing her newfound conservatorship release. "Opportunity to know I matter, and maybe if you walked in my shoes, then maybe, just maybe, you could understand."

Spears simultaneously took to her Twitter to show the world how fine she really is. Alongside a clip of herself smiling in the gym, she wrote, "Yep, that's me … I'm alive and well. But not really convinced on these health juices, I mean, there are SO MANY !!! Yoga and chest call me in. I do it inside, outside, wherever I fancy … this is me at a gym living my best life." In the post's comments section, she continued to tweet her feelings. "I shut down my Instagram because there were too many people saying I looked like an idiot dancing and that I looked crazy. Honestly, I was doing my best, but it disturbed me to see people freely talk about it on TV ... yep, it hurt my feelings." Whether on or off Instagram, we wish Britney only health and happiness!

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