Bryce Hall and Addison Rae Share a Kiss on Halloween

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Addison Rae has quickly gone from TikTok star to full-blown celebrity, and all eyes have been on her and on-again-off-again boyfriend and TikTok's resident bad boy Bryce Hall.

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The two have talked openly about their split, with them both speaking highly of each other in interviews and claiming to still be close friends despite the slew of drama that their relationship seems to cause.

However, the two were spotted sharing a discreet kiss at TikTok hotspot Saddle Ranch on Halloween. The two coordinated costumes and went as The Joker and Harley Quinn and posted some vids to TikTok before heading out to dinner.


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But the two continued to play it coy around the paparazzi. They were spotted holding hands but quickly separated when they noticed they were being filmed, and Addison blatantly responded, "what kiss?" when asked about their Saturday night smooch.

Addison also took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the speculation and confirmed the tweet was about her and Bryce's relationship in a comment left on Instagram.