Camila Cabello Smiles From Ear to Ear With Shawn Mendes at Her Cinderella Birthday Bash


| LAST UPDATE 01/23/2023

By Genevieve Scott

Taking a break from filming the new Cinderella, the 23-year-old took time out to celebrate her birthday - but she's not the only one, her man, Shawn Menes flew in for the special occasion too!

Teen Vogue

Camila turned 23 on March 3, and boy did she celebrate in style. The singer and actress who is currently in the U.K. while filming celebrated her birthday on the night of her special day. And to our surprise, it was completely Cinderella themed!

Instagram / Camila Cabello

Of course, being England bound, all her castmates were there who posted adorable pictures of the star and her handsome boyfriend Shaun Mendes. The two were very cute together, smiling from ear to ear and very smitten. The lovebirds were absolutely glowing as they happily celebrated her big day.