Here's How Cardi B Told Offset That They Were Expecting


| LAST UPDATE 07/23/2021

By Georgina White
cardi b pregnancy reveal
Johnny Nunez / Contributor via Getty Images

The world may have learned about Cardi B and Offset's baby number two at the BET Awards this past June, but for the expecting parents? It was old news. Here's how they first found out about the little bun in the oven.

Cardi shared the story when she stopped by radio platform Stationhead. And she had quite the story to tell. According to the W.A.P. artist, she began feeling the symptoms of the first trimester during rehearsals for the Grammys. And she had another 2 whole weeks before she'd hit the stage for the iconic performance. As Cardi remembered it, she started putting the clues together after suffering from migraines and nausea. Then, her "mouth started to get watery" throughout the day. And so the next thing that needed to happen was to tell her baby daddy the good news!

cardi offset pregnancy reveal
Prince Williams / Contributor via Getty Images

"I think I'm pregnant, bro!" she recalled exclaiming to Offset. And so they scooted off to the pharmacy to double-check their suspicions - and to their excitement, it was true! As Cardi remembered, they couldn't help but giggle and laugh in reaction to the change coming their way. "We just started laughing like, Lord, we have so much to do!'" the I Like It artist told her interviewer. Surely Cardi knew what was in store, as she already had a little one at home. And even though she knew that it would bring some ups and downs, the Grammy Award-winning rapper couldn't help but see this news as overwhelmingly positive.

cardi told offset pregnant
Prince Williams / Contributor via Getty Images

"There is something so dear about this pregnancy," she said during her radio appearance. "And I feel like I'm starting a new chapter... I'm happy about that." Given the baby bump reveal she shared online just a few weeks later, the Wild Side artist can now be open about her journey with her 101 million followers on Instagram.

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So don't mind us, we'll be sitting by waiting for more adorable maternity shoots from this A-lister family. Be sure to check back soon for more news from your favorite celebs!