From Neon Green Highlights to Bright Blue Streaks: 29+ Celebrities Who Rocked Rainbow Hair Colors


| LAST UPDATE 09/13/2022

By Sara Salson

Our favorite celebs are forever changing their looks, be it a new style or color, there’s almost no change too daring. From lime green highlights to pink fringes, these stars have rocked rainbow colors in their hair.

Billie Eilish

Taking home 5 awards at the 2020 Grammys, Billie Eilish and her unique sense of style are both forces to be reckoned with. Sporting neon green highlights, this pop star is not afraid to test the limits.

Billie Eilish Hair ColorBillie Eilish Hair Color
Fraser Harrison via Getty Images

With its vibrant neon feel and the fact that it matched Billie’s outfit, this look was dubbed “brilliant,” by her loyal followers all over Instagram. And we can certainly understand why. Gaining a hefty amount of attention, Eilish certainly made an impression.

Nicki Minaj

Throughout history, the color purple was used to symbolize royalty. That was mainly due to the fact that it was so uncommon and rare. So, was Nicki Minaj hinting to us that she considers herself 'rap royalty' when she rocked this look? We'll never know, but consider us intrigued.

Nicki Minaj Purple HairNicki Minaj Purple Hair
James Daveney via Getty Images

A purple ombre is something very courageous to do, and if done well, it can look absolutely amazing. Nicki, being the daring rap star that she is, wasn't afraid to take a shot at it. Having dyed her hair a few shades of purple, the Anaconda singer certainly turned heads.

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Winnie Harlow

The platinum hair-do has been attempted by many, but Winnie Harlow went above and beyond that when she added a ray of purple to the mix. The near-silver fading into the violet strokes looked like silk adorning her head. Some fans even commented on how her locks almost look futuristic.

Winnie Harlow Platinum HairWinnie Harlow Platinum Hair
@WinnieHarlow via Instagram

Being a fashion model, Winnie isn't afraid of trying new styles. So when it comes to her hair, there's no exception. Having surprised her fans with the bold move of cutting and dying her locks, the general consensus was clear: Her followers couldn't get enough of it!

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Ariel Winter

Modern Family's Ariel Winter uploaded this pink gem to her gram', with the caption: "served you up some cotton candy & flowers for your Wednesday 🥰🌺 *insert much-needed cotton candy emoji here*." Referring to her pink hair, outfit and of course, a convenient flower to match.

Celeb Hair Color Celeb Hair Color
@ArielWinter via Instagram

Looking like a fun bouquet of cotton candy, her hair looked pretty awesome. The Hibiscus in the background matches the color so perfectly, it's almost as if mother nature approved it herself. She's certainly come a long way since a little Alex arrived on our screens.

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Charli D'Amelio

This social media influencer and dancer seems to change her hair just about every week. Uploading a picture of her twisted bun hair-do in the color of strawberry X chocolate, we couldn't get enough of it! But if we're being honest, is there anything this superstar can't pull off?

Charli D'Amelio Pink HairCharli D'Amelio Pink Hair
@CharliDamelio via Instagram

From the pink lip gloss to the pink tank top, Charli seemed to be loving her matching look. Taking to Instagram, the lip syncing star captioned "Pink," as she shared the mirror snap. With followers commenting things like "pink totes suits you," her fans seemed to love the look.

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Maisie Williams

Rose-colored hair is arguably a risky move, but Maisie Williams wasn't afraid to push the boundaries. Sporting a flowery tinted ombre with a brown finish, is it just us or is this working? This hair-do was taken to the Red Carpet in a move that only a few actresses could pull off.

Maisie Williams Pink HairMaisie Williams Pink Hair
David M. Bennet via Getty Images

Is it just us, or is the blue dress pairing beautifully with her daring hair colors? And her darker ombre towards the top of her head makes it even better. Looking confident and seemingly giving out that vibe, Williams certainly knows how to enter a room.

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Dua Lipa

Popstar Dua Lipa uploaded her freshly dyed locks to her Instagram handle for the world to see. It is almost as if she changed her darker hair into a blaze as hot as her chart performance. After taking the pic to social media, Dua's Insta-fans showed their love for her new style.

Dua Lipa Red HairDua Lipa Red Hair
@Dualipa via Instagram

Having captioned her post, "The brighter the hair the closer to god," the star was probably referring to the cosmic look of the red on her locks. Either way, the Levitating singer received endless approval of her new and unique style from her loyal fans.

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Halsey definitely has something different about her. Oh yeah - it's her newly dyed and cut strawberry lemonade hair! Looking pink and ready to wink, confidence was radiating from her face all along the red carpet. And her smile seemed to justify it too.

Hasley Short Pink HairHasley Short Pink Hair
Emma Mcintyre via Getty Images

As the saying goes: "New hair, new me." It seems like she did it right, after dying her hair pink and cutting it refreshingly short. It looks like some fans were not too surprised to find out about the change. After all, Halsey has a fearless reputation among her fans.

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Meghan Trainor

It's all about that hair, no treble? Well, that is the vibe Meghan Trainor has given us over here, as she was seen adorning light pastel blue strips on her blonde hair. While Trainor is out there climbing up music charts, she seems to sometimes have fashion surprises up her sleeves too.

Meghan Trainor Blue HairMeghan Trainor Blue Hair
Phillip Faraone via Getty Images

Almost looking like she is "stanning" bubbles from the Powerpuff girl's trio, she made it clear that she knows how to incorporate her blues. With long streaks of light blue color lavishly dyed on her blonde hair, Meghan certainly pulled of this adorable look. At least that's what her fans were saying.

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Rita Ora

Spicing up her platinum blonde hair with more than 4 colors, Rita Ora went all out in showing the world how colorful she can be. Many fans praised her for this hair-do, and we can understand what they were thinking. It did look rather unique! She looks like something from a candy store.

Rita Ora Rainbow HairRita Ora Rainbow Hair
Han Myung Gu via Getty Images

Putting an "Aur" to her "Ora," the musician might have taken the aurora borealis as inspiration. Much like the northern lights, her hair looked fun, beautiful, and full of vibrant and ecstatic colors. Much like the stars' personality which we just can't get enough of.

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Jeffree Star

Star uploaded this picture of his hair work-of-art on his Insta profile, and it looked like a supernova of colors. Having captioned the blast of a pic, "I’m ready for Sunday Service," fans commented saying that he is the one already giving the "service." With his hair so vibrantly done, we can't get enough of it.

Jeffree Star Coloured HairJeffree Star Coloured Hair
@JeffreeStar via Instagram

As if nothing could stop this internet sensation from challenging boundaries, his colorful style made ripples far beyond his Instagram account. Garnering more than a million likes, his fans made sure to show their loyalty. How does he balance the colors so well though?

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Kylie Jenner

Vibrantly showing off her gorgeous locks, Kylie Jenner was shot sporting a mint-green hairstyle and of course, she managed to make it look like she was born this way. Smiling in confidence and taking pictures of her fans, the makeup mogul seemed to be embracing it.

Kylie Jenner Green HairKylie Jenner Green Hair
James Devaney via Getty Images

With the number of colors the former KUWTK star has tried, it seems like she can pull off just about anything. While the international star seems almost unstoppable in just about any area, we are certainly excited for the future. After recently dabbling in red, we can only wonder what's to come!

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Lady Gaga

If there is one thing Gaga arguably has tried everything of in hair - it's the color. The star showed off her newly bubblegum pink locks in true Chromatica style. Taking to her Insta, and fans were understandably pleased. With some commenting things like, "YAS gaga!"

Lady Gaga Pink HairLady Gaga Pink Hair
@Ladygaga via Instagram

Little Monsters seem to always be on their tippy-toes with what the talented artist will provide next. And her cotton candy-dyed hair was a prime example. Entangled with her bubblegum locks, it is understandable why this picture got her fans head-over-heels.

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Lottie Moss

Lottie Moss shared this selfie of her sporting a newly colored do' on Instagram. Garnering more than than 10 thousand likes, her loyal fans showed their love for it. With many comments cheering the new color, she seemed to have made the right choice. In fact, we might just be inspired to try this ourselves?

Lottie Moss Pink HairLottie Moss Pink Hair
@Lottiemossxo via Instagram

Changing her normal hair color and style for something fresher and pink, she seemed to have surprised her fans with this risky choice. But in the greatest way. The internet star reminded her followers that she always has something up her sleeve, or on her hair, if you may.

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Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott uploaded a pic of her enjoying a nice cup of coffee at a café. The only thing that stood out to fans was, you guessed it - her then-new hair color. Sporting a faded pink color, her fans expressed their joy as they commented on how much it fit her.

Pixie Lott Pink HairPixie Lott Pink Hair
@pixielott via Instagram

"Pink hair, don't care," is the vibe we are getting from this picture, and for her followers, it seemed brilliant. Many of her fans shared their love for the new hairstyle, with one commenting "Pink on you looks GORGEOUS." We can't help but wonder if going blue would've had as good a result.

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Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez was spotted doing the colorful thing right. Trying on colors of red, green, yellow, blue, and violet in this picture. She achieved the colors of the rainbow, and we're looking for that pot of gold. Taking to Instagram to upload her then-new style, her fans went wild.

Selena Gomez Rainbow HairSelena Gomez Rainbow Hair
@selenagomez via Instagram

"Oh. My. God." One fan commented on her post, describing how surprised she was to find Selena with the new rainbow-wash. Being fun and quirky, just how her fans describe her, Selena was definitely wowing the crowd. Looking fabulously 70's - Selena upheld the illusion with the new style.

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Doja Cat

Doja Cat was captured with her newly trimmed hair - only for fans to realize she dyed her hair pink too. Looking very true to her Hot Pink album theme, Doja looked like she embraced it with her hair. With silver around her neck and on her hair, the pinkness managed to look even pinker.

Doja Cat Pink HairDoja Cat Pink Hair
Steven Ferdman via Getty Images

Yeah, the hairclip reads "Extra." And yes, her fans on Instagram agreed that it is very fitting. Doja Cat wowed the billboard charts this year with her number 1 hit Say So, perhaps this popstar was going for a celebratory toast with her newly painted locks? We are definitely curious to know.

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Ava Phillippe

"oops, 🧚🏻‍♀️" Ava Phillippe captioned this pic as she uploaded it to Instagram with her fans understandably surprised. She seemed to have entered the trend of coloring-ones-hair. Having dyed her brown locks in a shade of pink - fans were notably surprised.

Ava Phillippe Pink HairAva Phillippe Pink Hair
@Avaphillippe via Instagram

The internet star and daughter of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe seemed to have received the attention she deserved. Garnering nearly 250 thousand likes for her surprise post, her fans almost collectively begged her to keep the style. And we kinda understand why.

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Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer shook some of her Instagram fans after uploading this red-hot pic of her brightly dyed hair. Being the fashionista that she is, she matched her tank top and ended up looking like a fierce blaze. Many comments from her fans flooded in about how great her hair looks.

Keke Palmer Red HairKeke Palmer Red Hair
@keke via Instagram

The red of the hair, to be fair, turned out so vividly exquisite. It's almost as if her locks are popping out of the picture. Especially given that the backdrop is dark, so it gives off the illusion that she is brightening things up. Her fans probably felt the same.

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift posted this sunny pic of her freshly colored golden locks for her previously released album Lover. Uploading this shot to her Instagram, fans took to the commenting section to express their love. Especially due to the anticipated album.

Taylor Swift Lover HairTaylor Swift Lover Hair
@taylorswift via Instagram

Combining the 3D effects of blue and red, Tay-Tay wowed her fans for taking the dye and coloring her hair. Seemingly sporting her iconic blonde hair for most of her career, it was like a fresh breath of newness for her followers. Many, showed their love and we sure agree with them!

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Cardi B

Cardi dazzled this stage with an array of flaming colors in her hair, showcasing the world a sizzling hairstyle. Being known for crazy hairstyles and fashion, Cardi isn't one to shy away from experimenting with new colors. Surprising the world one, or 4, colors at a time.

Cardi B Rainbow HairCardi B Rainbow Hair
Nicholas Hunt via Getty Images

The rapper sure had the style matching and going for her, as if she had an ombre of a flame on her hair. Starting from the darker colors of pink and red to lighter yellows which match her two-piece. Looking so fierce, it scorched us. And we aren't even gonna comment on how great it matched her outfit!

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Katy Perry

Katy Perry showcased not only her infamed baby bump on this post, but her neon hair too. Captioning the shot as "Orange you glad TODAYS THE DAY! 🍊 Hope you enjoy my 🎪 (big) top-tier 🎪 performance." And garnering more than 1 million likes in the process.

Katy Perry Orange HairKaty Perry Orange Hair
Katyperry via Instagram

"Yes, we ARE glad, momma! Beautiful Orange!" Wrote a loyal fan, with many others joining the boat after the superstar performed at the Tomorrowland digital concert. Neon orange seems to have been the perfect match for this mommy-to-be-then's dress.

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Maddie Zeigler

Maddie Zeigler, the Dance Moms famed dancer showcased her new do' on her Instagram for all her followers. Prior to dancing to a Sia track, she uploaded the two-colored hairstyle as a backstage picture before performing. And yes, her fans definitely showed their love on Instagram.

Maddie Zeigler Blue HairMaddie Zeigler Blue Hair
@maddiezeigler via Instagram

The style is a duo of yellow and mint evenly separated in the middle, providing a unique color arrangement. Under a hot-pink bowtie the size of Maddie's head, and a similarly hued dress, the assortment looks much like a flowering bouquet. Looking fresh!

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Todrick Hall

Todrick Hall was seen fashioning a blue buzzcut that had his fans, and us in the wow-zone. He looked almost stellar with the jet-blue hue, many of his loyal following took to the comment section on how out-of-this-world the hair looked. We get what they mean!

Todrick Hall Blue HairTodrick Hall Blue Hair
Jonathan Leibson via Getty Images

With the Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels singer wearing suit adorning hues of purples, whites, and reds, the blue seems to be a balancing choice. That's at least what his fans were probably thinking, considering the praise he got for the bold move. Nice one, Todrick!

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Ava Max

"Missing London a little extra today ♥️," commented Ava Max on her Instagram post, as she posted this quirky-looking pic. But many fans took to comment about how her hair looked like the sharpest ombre ever instead. They might've been on to something back then!

Ava Max Ginger OmbreAva Max Ginger Ombre
@avamax via Instagram

It may be that the transition from orange to white is a sharp one, but it's still fabulous. The general consensus by the looks of it, according to the commenters, was that Ava pulled this one off flawlessly. And the red and blue pants? That's just the cherry on top.

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Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha uploaded this picture to her Instagram with the caption "Just a basic Insta glam pic. But damn I look good.. Ooooooooo 😮😮😮😮 shout out to my glam team. Tap on pic for their creds." Referring to her newly colored red hair, with a nice dark ombre finish.

Bebe Rexha Red HairBebe Rexha Red Hair
@beberexha via Instagram

With her fans almost all collectively showering her with hearts and adoring messages, we can understand why. Taking a fresh new approach to a red hairstyle for Bebe was pretty sudden. Nobody expected it from the looks of it, but she pulled it off wonderfully.

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Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg decided it was time to color her gorgeous locks in a new purple/blue shade. By the looks of it, she did it pretty on point. Having her hair shining for the gods, she uploaded this picture to show the world and her fans, her new unique look.

Amandla Stenberg Purple HairAmandla Stenberg Purple Hair
@amandlastenberg via Instagram

Her fans took to the comments section to express their gratitude and the near-consensus seems to be: "work it, queen!" With her fans clearly loving the new hairstyle, we can't help but agree with them. It's a bit of shame the straw hat hides the rest of it, though.

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James Charles

James Charles glammed up with his picture-perfect metallic pink hair. Looking flawless and seemingly pulling it off perfectly - he took to Instagram to show his fans what he did. After all, one would think that his loyal fans deserve a bit of love.

James Charles Pink HairJames Charles Pink Hair
@jamescharles via Instagram

With many fans confused as to whether it was a wig or not, because of the near-flawlessness. Whether it is or not, one thing was definitely agreed upon by his fans - the color looked simply perfect. We can surely understand where they came from. Nice one, James!

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Demi Lovato

Having a track record of colorful hair that she has shown the world, the post-Disney songstress managed to always keep her fans on their feet. As she walked down the red carpet in an almost jet-blue colored hairstyle, she probably turned some heads (as per usual).

Demi Lovato Blue HairDemi Lovato Blue Hair
Jason LaVeris via Getty Images

Almost looking like the perfect head-piece to complete her dark outfit, Demi also proved to her fans time after time that she knows how to style herself. Regardless, we think that this whole look suits her (quite literally). We are excited to know what the future holds for this popstar.

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