From Crickets To Canned Baby Food: 29+ Stars and Their Surprising Eating Habits


| LAST UPDATE 07/20/2021

By Genevieve Scott

It's not always Sugar Bear gummies and Skinny Teas when it comes to Hollywood's finest. From "life-changing" hacks to secret meals in the shower, here are some of the most surprising eating habits of our favorite stars...

Meghan Markle’s "Filthy Mush"

Ever wondered what's in this royal's pantry? Zucchini, a whole lot of it. The Duchess of Sussex revealed her favorite go-to dish, and we've got a feeling the "filthy, sexy mush" it calls for might raise a few brows.

Meghan Markle, diet, foodMeghan Markle, diet, food
Chris Jackson via Getty Images

Don't get too scared off, though - it's just a slow-cooked 'pasta' dish: "zucchini, water, and a little bouillon," as Markle put it. Simply slow-cook the ingredients for 4-5 hours, and voila! Get ready to eat like royalty. But she's not the only foodie over here. Keep scrolling…

Gwyneth Paltrow's Goat Milk Cleanse

They don't call Gwyneth "GP the guinea pig" for nothing. As the GOOP boss-lady revealed back in 2017, her adventurous ways once led her to gulping down nothing but goat milk and herbs for 8 days straight. Yes, really. As for her logic behind the bold choice?

Gwyneth paltrow, goop, cleanseGwyneth paltrow, goop, cleanse
Jason Merritt via Getty Images for LACMA

To lure parasites and trap them in their place: "the theory is that we all have parasites, and they love the milk protein," Paltrow explained. "So if you eat nothing else, they all come out of the intestinal wall, and then you kill them with the herbs." Talk about staying proactive...

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Victoria Beckham's Smelly Concoction

We'll tell ya what she wants, what she really, really wants: apple cider vinegar. That's right, the former Spice Girl took to Instagram to share her love for the notorious health hack. And while it might not smell as inviting as that morning cup of Joe, the benefits are actually pretty sweet.

Victoria beckham, diet, vinegarVictoria beckham, diet, vinegar
Stephane Cardinale/Corbis via Getty Images

As Beckham revealed, she starts each and every morning off with 2 spoonful's of the bitter concoction. Why? According to studies, apple cider vinegar can help boost the immune system and fight fatigue, among other benefits. Hey, if it gets the job done, right?

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Hailey Bieber’s Quarantine "Energy Hack"

Whether it was another recipe or DIY project, most of us found crafty new ways to keep busy during quarantine. As for Hailey Bieber, her time at home called for trying out a new meal plan. Only as she soon found out, "it was not for me," the model reflected.

Hailey bieber, quarantine dietHailey bieber, quarantine diet
Dave Benett via Getty Images for bareMinerals

"I tried a plant-based diet for two months," Bieber revealed. "I felt great and had a lot of energy." Eventually, though, she came to the decision that it wasn't for her. Instead, today, "I do still eat meat. I just don't eat a lot of it. I've picked up more fish, greens, and lentils."

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Kate Hudson's Breakfast Hack

She may have told us how to lose a guy in 10 days, but how does she keep that famous figure of hers? Believe it or not, it can actually all be traced back to breakfast - well, the lack thereof. Believe it or not, Kate Hudson doesn't do breakfast, ever.

Kate Hudson, breakfast, dietKate Hudson, breakfast, diet
Christopher Polk via Getty Images for Turner

"I'm not one of those people who wakes up hungry," the blonde beauty confessed to Self magazine. As for when she does decide to start her morning in the kitchen? "When I do [have breakfast], I eat less during the day." But while most of us prefer not to skip out on one of the most important meals of the day, to each his own, right?

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Jessica Alba's Salt Water

There's nothing better than gulping down a cold glass of water on a hot summer day, is there? Well, actually, let's hold that thought for a second. According to Jessica Alba, there is: water with salt added into it. And she's actually got good reason for it.

Jessica Alba, salt, dietJessica Alba, salt, diet
Gareth Cattermole via Getty Images

"I need to have salty water," the Good Luck Chuck actress revealed. Why? Unfortunately, Jessica suffers from both low blood pressure and low blood sugar. As a result, she adds a pinch of pink Himalayan into her H20 to prevent her from feeling "woozy."

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Shailene Woodley's Clay

There are many things about Shailene's meal plan that left us scratching our heads. But we're not just talking about her love for "semi-rotten" flavors (her words, not ours). We're talking about the actress's other food-staple, something most of us probably have yet to taste: clay.

Shailene woodley, clay, dietShailene woodley, clay, diet
Jason Merritt via Getty Images

After learning about the health benefits from a taxi driver, Woodley decided to add clay into her eating-plan. More specifically, she brushes her teeth with it and then swallows once she's done. "Your body doesn't absorb it, and it apparently provides a negative charge, so it bonds to negative isotopes," she explained.

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Jessica Biel's Meals in the Shower

Bite. Wash. Scrub. Repeat: This is our next star's shower routine. And while the thought of bringing our leftovers into the bathroom with us might not sound too appetizing, Jessica Biel does it all the time. And there's actually a pretty valid reason for it.

Jessica Biel, diet, showerJessica Biel, diet, shower
Theo Wargo via Getty Images for NBC

"This is just mom life," the actress joked. "I do not have time... I realize I haven't eaten, I just take it into the shower. You should try." Before you take her advice, we should warn ya: "What's a little tough is like a sandwich." Nonetheless, Mom of the Year award officially goes to Miss Biel.

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Serena Williams' Dog Food

Not familiar with the time Serena Williams ate dog food? Don't worry, something tells us it was the athlete's first and last time. While, unlike our other stars, her brush with the unique dish was less of an "eating habit" and more of a "curiosity," we had to include it in our round-up.

Serena williams, dog, dietSerena williams, dog, diet
Animal Fair Media via Getty Images

"So today I'm like, 'I might wanna taste this food,'" Serena shared after ordering room service to her Rome hotel room. No, she wasn't referring to any fancy pasta dishes. Instead, the $17 "salmon & rice mix" intended for her Yorkie left her racing to the toilet after her curiosity got the best of her. Please: don't try this at home.

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Chrissy Teigen's Dorito Dust

Chrissy Teigen's pantry only exists in our dreams. There, we said it. But should you ever find yourself in the Cravings mastermind's kitchen, consider this a friendly warning: please, stay away from her snack drawer - more specifically, the Doritos. Trust us on that one.

Chrissy teigen, diet, doritosChrissy teigen, diet, doritos
Michael Buckner/WireImage via Getty Images

"I lick off the nacho cheese seasoning and put the chips back in the bag," Teigen revealed of her favorite snack hack, licking Doritos. As she sees it, it's a win-win situation. "You still get all the flavor, not all the carbs!" While we respect her decision, excuse us while we continue crunching on our chips, whole.

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Angelina Jolie's Crickets

Much like Chrissy, Angelina Jolie's little ones love snacking on chips. Only their version of Doritos looks slightly different. And they've actually got their momma to thank for that one. "Crickets — you start with crickets," Jolie recalled of her love for insects. "Crickets and a beer, and then you kind of move up to tarantulas."

Angelina jolie, kids, bugsAngelina jolie, kids, bugs
Lester Cohen/KCA2015/WireImage via Getty Images

Sure enough, her kids have inherited her same taste buds. "They can eat a bag of crickets like a bag of chips," the actress proudly gushed. Their favorite? Scorpions. "Especially Shiloh. Shiloh loves a tarantula, loves a bug." Just think of how much protein they must be getting...

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Nicole Kidman Eats "Microlivestock"

"Two billion people in the world eat bugs, and I'm one of them!" Nicole Kidman proudly revealed to Vanity Fair. That's right: where there's Angelina and her little ones, there's also Nicole Kidman, dining on a plate full of "micro livestock." As for what exactly that includes?

Nicole kidman, bugs, dietNicole kidman, bugs, diet
Emma McIntyre via Getty Images for HFA

From "moist and chewy" hornworms, as Kidman put it, to "fruity" mealworms - a favorite of hers - the actress can't get enough of the little critters. And while most of us probably wouldn't opt for a six-legged insect for our next snack, we certainly admire her bravery.

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Snooki's Cookies

While we don't typically recommend trying fad trends that rhyme with your name, not everybody feels that way. Just ask our next star. Back in 2010, Snooki opened the lid (see what we did there?) on her cookie-eating ways. And she had nothing but rave reviews.

Snooki, cookie, diet, foodSnooki, cookie, diet, food
Noel Vasquez via Getty Images for Extra

"I thought, 'This has got to work,'" the Jersey Shore star explained upon testing out the Cookie Diet by Dr. Siegal. Sure enough, Polizzi's 6 cookies and 1 meal/day had her shedding pounds. But before we reach for that packet of Oreos, everybody is beautiful in their own way, and what works for one might not work for another.

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Stephanie Pratt's Baby Food

While many celebrities have been rumored to hop on our next unique fad, we don't recommend getting any ideas. But don't take our word for it. Back in 2010, this Hills star revealed she'd stocked up her pantry with a very interesting food choice - baby food.

Stephanie Pratt, baby foodStephanie Pratt, baby food
Dave Benett/WireImage via Getty Images

Sure enough, after testing out the Baby Food Diet (which calls for swapping meals for a jar of Gerber's), Pratt admitted she wouldn't do it again. Not only is it rumored to slow down metabolism, but it also poses many potential health risks. Of course, health comes first - always.

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Beyoncé's Cayenne Cleanse

While lemonade might be her drink of choice, Queen Bey was once sipping on something entirely different. Back in 2006, as the Lemonade goddess took to our screens for her role in Dreamgirls, she deployed a secret formula to get her feeling and looking like her best self.

Beyonce, cleanse, meal planBeyonce, cleanse, meal plan
Kevin Winter via Getty Images for The Recording Academy

As B revealed to Oprah, she followed a strict regimen, "The Master Cleanse," in preparation for her time on our screens. As for what that called for? Freshly squeezed lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and water - for 2 weeks straight. "I was very hungry, therefore I was evil," Bey joked of the restrictive meal plan.

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Ed Sheeran's Ketchup

Ed Sheeran likes ketchup. Like really loves ketchup. So much so, that the Shape of You artist even has it tattooed on his bicep. But forget his Heinz tattoo for a second. Not only does Mr. Sheeran slather the condiment on just about everything, but he even slid into Heinz's DM's with an offer they couldn't refuse.

Ed Sheeran, ketchup, heinzEd Sheeran, ketchup, heinz
Instagram via @heinz

After begging to become their brand ambassador, Heinz was certainly happy to oblige. The two went on to drop their very own limited-edition ketchup line, "Tomato Edchup." And while most of us won't ever get our hands on the special sauce, we can rest easy knowing we're not the only ones pouring Heinz on our eggs.

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Jay-Z's Vegan Lifestyle

Well, at least he once was. According to nutrition coach Marco Borges, the rapper was so impressed by the vegan lifestyle that he eventually came to a daring decision: "'I want to go for all the way,'" Jay allegedly revealed after gradually introducing the meal plan into his life. But that's not all.

Jay-Z, vegan, beyonce, dietJay-Z, vegan, beyonce, diet
Kevin Mazur via Getty Images for Roc Nation

Apparently, Carter's decision even rubbed off on his queen. "Bey decided she wanted to do it [too]," Borges recalled of her brief time began vegan. And while many people have since hopped on that same bandwagon, we can't quite picture the 4:44 rapper nibbling on celery or tofu.

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Queen Elizabeth's Surprising Breakfast

How does Queen Elizabeth start her mornings? No, there's no breakfast in bed involved - nor is there a fancy assortment of pastries or biscuits. Instead? The Queen opts for an All-American breakfast, something found on most of our kitchen tables each week.

Queen elizabeth, diet, chefQueen elizabeth, diet, chef
Samir Hussein.WireImage via Getty Images

A bowl of corn flakes. Yes, really. According to former royal chef Darren McGrady, Her Majesty loves cereal so much, she often ate it directly out of the container it was stored in. "Breakfast was very simple," McGrady explained. "Some Kellogg's cereal from a plastic container, which she'd serve herself. And some Darjeeling tea."

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John Legend's Roasted Chicken

Ever wondered how John Legend always manages to hit those high notes? The answer might just lie within a plate of perfectly roasted chicken. Yep. "I have a regimen," the artist revealed of the one meal he eats before he hits the stage each and every time.

John Legend, diet, meal planJohn Legend, diet, meal plan
Ian Gavan via Getty Images for Gucci

"It's just a roasted chicken with some vegetables. It's very simple," Legend explained. "I like it nice and juicy and flavorful." Not only does his tummy thank him, but so do his vocal cords. "It makes him ready me feel like, 'I'm ready to go sing now.'"

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Kourtney & Kim Kardashian Ate This Organ

Whether it's another salad or POOSH-approved avocado smoothie, the Kardashian sisters are all about keeping things clean. But bible, we never thought we'd catch them eating their own placentas. Back in 2015, that's exactly what happened, as Kimmy took to the 'gram to rave about the unique dish.

kourtney kardashian, diet, placentakourtney kardashian, diet, placenta
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage via Getty Images

"Every time I take a pill, I feel a surge of energy and feel really healthy and good," the KKW beauty gushed after having her placenta freeze-dried and encapsulated. "I totally recommend it!" Kourt, too, consumed hers - which she referred to as "yummy."

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Mariah Carey's Salmon and Capers

Mariah Carey is obsessed with a very specific dish. No, seriously - she eats it each and every day. "All you eat is Norwegian salmon and capers every day. That's it," the Obsessed artist revealed in 2016 of her meal plan. And suddenly we've got lots of questions.

Mariah carey, salmon dietMariah carey, salmon diet
Michael Stewart/WireImage via Getty Images

Does she eat the salmon raw? Are the capers served separately? Or perhaps does she nosh on both together? Perhaps we'll never know. What we do know, though, is that we don't recommend the restrictive meal plan. "It's really hard," Carey confessed. "My diet… you would hate it."

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Alicia Silverstone Fed Her Son Like a Bird

When it comes to our next celebrity, it's more what she didn't eat than what she did eat, that's earned her a spot on our list. "I can understand that it would make some people feel uncomfortable," Alicia Silverstone confessed of her unique eating habits.

Alicia silverstone, bear, foodAlicia silverstone, bear, food
Michael Hickey via Getty Images

It all started when the Clueless star shared a video of her feeding her son, Bear, back in 2012. The only catch? She had pre-chewed the food before having him eat it out of her mouth like a bird. Yep. "It's a part of the weaning process," the proud momma explained. "It's just a way to introduce him to food."

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Friends Stars Ate the Same Thing Everyday on Set

Just because she was a master chef doesn't mean she was always eating like one. As Courteney Cox (a.k.a Monica) eventually confessed, she and her Friends co-stars would eat the same salad. every. single. day. on set. As for what was so special about the "Jennifer Salad?" they'd scarf down?

Friends cast, jennifer, dietFriends cast, jennifer, diet
Gregg DeGuire via Getty Images for SAG-AFTRA Foundation

"Jennifer and Lisa [Kudrow] and I ate lunch together every single day for 10 years. And we always had the same thing — a Cobb salad," Cox revealed. But it wasn't really a Cobb salad. "Jennifer doctored [it] up with turkey bacon and garbanzo beans, and I don't know what." Could we BE any more intrigued?

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Jessica Simpson's Cauliflower

Fine, we may have jumped the gun here. But almost everything Jessica Simpson eats contains the tasty vegetable. And from the sound of it? She won't be changing that anytime soon. In fact, the actress credited cauliflower for getting herself into shape back in 2019.

Jessica simpson, diet, cauliflowerJessica simpson, diet, cauliflower
Theo Wargo/NBC via Getty Images for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

"Everything that I've been eating is mostly made with cauliflower," the blonde beauty revealed. Hey, can we blame her? Who doesn't love a cauli-pizza? But while it may have helped her shed those pounds, the actress no longer cares about reaching that "perfect" number: "It's really about just how you feel," she assured. Agreed.

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Paris Hilton's Pineapple Pizza

The stars might be blind, but Paris Hilton's taste buds certainly aren't. When it comes to ordering Domino's or Pizza Hut, the reality star likes to, um, spice things up a little bit. "I love Hawaiian pizza. I think it's really good," Hilton confessed to People. 

Paris hilton, pizza, dietParis hilton, pizza, diet
Mike Coppola via Getty Images for American Heart Association

But she's actually not the only one reaching for that pineapple when the pizza comes around. "Pineapple on pizza is good, you guys don't like that?" a surprised Justin Bieber asked Jay Leno back in 2011. No, Bieber, most of us don't (not that we're judging). But never say never, right?

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Bella Hadid's Pizza

While we can't say exactly how long it lasted, we can tell you what Bella Hadid's fridge looked like back in 2016: Lots of frozen pizzas. As the supermodel proudly revealed to WWG, she once had an obsession with pizza (which, can we really blame her?).

Bella hadid, pizza dietBella hadid, pizza diet
Jamie McCarthy via Getty Images for MTV

"Right now, my diet is pizza, so recently that's all I've been eating," Hadid confessed when asked what her meal-plan looked like. "I promise you, it's like every day." While we can't quite picture the supermodel scarfing down a pie of Domino's before the latest runway show, she's certainly a woman after our own heart.

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Vinny Guadagnino's Carbs

Vinny Guadagnino's come a long way since we watched him at the shore house. But while his gym-tan-laundry habits might be the same, his eating habits certainly aren't. As the Jersey Shore star proudly put it, he's a "keto guido" now. As for what that looks like?

Vinny guadagnino, keto guidoVinny guadagnino, keto guido
Kevin Mazur/2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards via Getty Images for MTV/ViacomCBS

The reality star now sticks to a "low carb, high fat" regimen - otherwise known as the ketogenic diet. In other words? Instead of topping off a pizza pie like Miss Hadid, he'll simply peel the cheese and sauce off to enjoy a carb-free cheat meal. Talk about self-control. Though, we prefer our pizza not dissected.

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Camila Cabello's Bananas

While her relationship with Shawn Mendes might be the latest gossip these days, this special señorita has another love interest that's raised our eyebrows: bananas. Camila loves them. Like, really loves them. In fact, "I eat banana... with literally every single thing that I eat," she revealed. 

Camila cabello, banana dietCamila cabello, banana diet
P. Lehman/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

That's right. But we're not just talking about an ice-cream sundae or fruit salad. She'll eat it with soup. She'll eat it with rice. She'll eat it with pizza - with spaghetti. "I eat the fruit banana with absolutely everything I eat. Breakfast, dinner, even dessert sometimes!"

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Kylie Jenner's Cereal "Hack"

Back in 2018, Kylie left the Twitterverse buzzing after sharing a "life-changing" hack with the rest of us. No, it wasn't the secret to perfectly plumped lips. Nor was it a guide to billionaire status. Instead? The Kylie Skin boss-lady revealed an inventive new way to eat cereal: with milk.

Kylie jenner, cereal, dietKylie jenner, cereal, diet
Michael Stewart/WireImage via Getty Images

"I had cereal with milk for the first time, life-changing," Jenner tweeted, after adding milk to her bowl of cinnamon toast crunch. Who's going to tell her that most people eat their cereal with milk? Nonetheless, we've got nothing but love for the reality star (though we can't help but wonder how Stormi takes her cereal).

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Lala Kent's Baby Bottle

While Kylie might have only now discovered the joys of drinking milk, Lala Kent's ten steps ahead of her. In fact, each night, as the Vanderpump Rules star makes her way to bed, you won't find her without a cup of warm milk. Oh, and by cup, we mean baby bottle.

Lala kent, baba, dietLala kent, baba, diet
Rich Fury via Getty Images

"I turn on my favorite show, and then I prop it up like this," Kent proudly explained of how she rests her plastic bottle against her chest before sipping from it. As Lala sees it, her "baba" helps soothe after a long, stressful day. And hey, we certainly stan a self-care queen (though we probably won't be trying this one out).

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Millie Bobby Brown's Coffee

Sure, we already know there's a good chance you'll find Eggos in Eleven's kitchen. But there's actually another item in the Stranger Things star's pantry that you probably wouldn't have expected to find - something her 12-year-old self once couldn't get enough of.

Millie bobby brown dietMillie bobby brown diet
John Phillips via Getty Images

Coffee. Lots of it. "I drink coffee. I drink lattes," the child-star gushed back in 2016. Granted, while we wouldn't find most pre-pubescent teens guzzling down a cup of Joe, well, Millie's not like most kids, is she? "Listen, let it stunt my growth. It tastes good," she quipped.

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The Rock's 6,000 Calorie Cheat Meals

Maybe it's a trip to In-N-Out. Or maybe it's your favorite pint of Ben & Jerry's. Point is, we all have our guilty pleasures. But when it comes to The Rock? His, um, indulgences look slightly different - we're talking almost 3x the daily calorie intake of an average person.

The rock meal planThe rock meal plan
Jason Kempin via Getty Images

Whether it's two bacon cheeseburgers or 18 large sushi rolls, The Rock takes cheat meals to a whole new level. Just how much are we talking? "Just between us, I know the cameras aren't rolling right now, it's into five and 6,000 [calories]," the actor confessed to Food & Wine magazine. 

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Channing Tatum's Cheesy PB&Js

When Channing Tatum told Reddit his favorite snack was "very complicated," he wasn't lying. No, it won't take an entire day in the kitchen to prepare. As for what makes it so "complex?" The special ingredients it calls for: Peanut butter, jelly… and Cheetos.

Channing tatum diet cheetosChanning tatum diet cheetos
Kelly Defina via Getty Images

But why don't we let the chef show you how it's done? "Bread, white. Peanut butter, not crunchy, creamy. Grape jelly, double portion, more than you think... Bread. And then some Cheetos shoved in there, and then you're good to go," as Tatum put it. (Yep, you may wanna have that glass of milk handy...)

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Adrienne Bailon's Tuna Salad Drink

Long before she told us to strut like we mean it, this Cheetah Girl was busy experimenting in the kitchen. In fact, that's exactly how her teen-aged self came to discover the most "amazing" food combination to date. Well, at least where she is concerned: tuna salad and fruit punch.

Adrienne tuna meal planAdrienne tuna meal plan
Noel Vasquez via Getty Images

"I was home one day in high school, I had to make myself an after-school snack," the actress explained. So, what'd she do? After making tuna fish that didn't "do much for her taste buds," she decided to add a secret ingredient: fruit punch. "No one can tell me that doesn't taste bomb." To each his own?

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Diddy's Apple Sauce

We now know you'll never find Ed Sheeran without a bottle of Heinz in tow. But when it comes to Diddy? He, too, has one staple that you'll never catch him without: apple sauce. But not just any apple sauce. "Mott's… The individual ones," the rapper confessed to Jimmy Kimmel.

Diddy apple sauce dietDiddy apple sauce diet
Gareth Cattermole via Getty Images

But that's not where his obsession ends. "I travel with Mott's, I have Mott's in the dressing room," the I'm Coming Home artist revealed. While most of us would probably opt for a Snickers bar or some Sour Patch instead, we're sure his doctor's really pleased about his snacking habits, so that's something.

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Rita Ora's Salmon Breakfast

It's the most important meal of the day. Just ask Rita Ora, who makes her way to the kitchen each morning to start the day off right. Only she's not reaching for that box of Lucky Charms or bowl of fruit when breakfast comes rolling around. Instead? The singer's meal calls for a very special ingredient.

Rita ora meal planRita ora meal plan
Christopher Polk via Getty Images for NARAS

Fish: "I always have egg whites with salmon every morning without fail, I don't eat anything else," Ora proudly revealed to People of her go-to breakfast. "Or I have like boiled eggs with salmon." Just think how much omega-3 the star must be packing in...

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Grimes' Spaghetti

While we might not be able to do the math when it comes to X AE A-Xii's name, his famous momma's meal plan was contrarily once very simple: Spaghetti... For breakfast. Lunch. And dinner. But while Lasagna or Ziti all day every day might sound like something out of our dreams, we wouldn't get any ideas.

Grimes spaghetti diet shockingGrimes spaghetti diet shocking
Vivien Killilea via Getty Images for Roc Nation

"I went to the doctor, and the doctor was like, you are actually malnourished," the singer recalled to Harper's BAZAAR of eating spaghetti for about 2 years straight during her last tour. Luckily, she's since learned her lesson and vows to "never make that mistake again."

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Saweetie's "Ranchghetti"

"[What] was yall eating growin' up??? Y'all must've had a boring... childhood," our next star hit back after her, um, unique eating habits left the internet scratching their heads. As for the rapper's questionable dish? Spaghetti, topped off with a very special sauce.

Saweetie ranch shocking dietSaweetie ranch shocking diet
Jerritt Clark via Getty Images for Warner Bros. Records

No, we're not talking about any fancy tomato pastes or cheese gratings. Instead? The My Type artist's pasta calls for ranch dressing - a whole lot of it. Interesting choice of sauce, we know. Though we can't help but wonder how Grimes would feel about this one...

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Selena Gomez's "Texas Popcorn"

She might be sick of the same old love, but there's one thing Miss Gomez can't get enough of: Popcorn. But wait, it's not what you think. Instead of a classic buttery topping, the artist opts for a special concoction she likes to call "Texas popcorn."

Selena gomez popcorn dietSelena gomez popcorn diet
Kevin Winter via Getty Images for iHeart

As for what that calls for? "Basically, you get Tabasco sauce… put a lot in the bag, and then you put salt in it," Gomez explained to Jimmy Fallon. But that's not all. "Then you mix it up, you eat it, and you dip it in pickle juice." Interesting. But hey, the heart wants what it wants - right?

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Ashley Iaconetti's Apple Cider Vinegar Smoothies

There's a lot of memorable moments when it comes to our next star's time on our screens. But we're not here to talk about her time in the Bachelor mansion. Instead, we're talking about the Bachelor star's unique eating habits - which, by the way, call for lots of apple cider vinegar. Did you hear that, Victoria Beckham?

Ashley iaconetti shocking dietAshley iaconetti shocking diet
Gotham via FilmMagic via Getty Images

"I've tried taking apple cider vinegar in every way," the reality star revealed of her eyebrow-raising daily routine. Her favorite hack? "I've been really trying to incorporate a lot more apple cider vinegar in smoothies." Hey, whatever gets the job done...

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Mila Kunis' Anchovies

Granted, ask any momma-to-be what they're in the mood for, and all odds are off. But when it comes to Mila Kunis? The That 70's Show actress's former pregnancy cravings back in 2014 were a bit more exotic than the usual pickles or chocolate hankerings.

Mila kunis pregnancy cravingsMila kunis pregnancy cravings
Jamie McCarthy via Getty Images

Sure, there were pickles involved because, well, how could there not be? But there was also "anchovies and ice cream," the actress confessed. And we actually have Ashton Kutcher to thank for that. "He assumed that I was going to have goofy cravings, so he stocked our secondary fridge with weird food," Kunis recalled of her loyal hubby.

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Scott Foley's Peanut Butter Eggs

Whether it's a Reese's cup or a PB&J, who doesn't like peanut butter? In fact, our next star loves it so much, he and his family add it to their breakfast all the time. "Attaboy," the Scandal star gushed on the 'gram as he documented his son slathering some Skippy on their scrambled eggs. Yep.

Scott foley shocking dietScott foley shocking diet
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage via Getty Images

"It's a family thing - it's a protein thing," the actor explained. "Give it a shot. Seriously." As much as we'd love to try this one out for ourselves, there's one thing we simply can't get past: Foley's preference of Creamy over Crunchy. We rest our case. Keep scrolling...

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Cardi B's Ketchup Cookies

Just like Ed Sheeran, Cardi loves ketchup. So much so, that you can also find her reaching for that bottle of Heinz each and every time she makes eggs. Only that's not where her obsession ends. The Bodak Yellow artist also adds the popular condiment to something else. Any guess?

Cardi b surprising dietCardi b surprising diet
Nicholas Hunt via Getty Images for NYFW The Shows

The unapologetic star likes slathering ketchup onto her chocolate chip cookies. Oh, and when we say ketchup, we mean room-temperature Heinz that's been sitting on top of her fridge. "People who put their ketchup in the fridge are not to be trusted," the rapper put it. If that's the case, consider us untrustworthy.

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Post Malone's Popeyes Obsession

Sure, we've all been there: the munchies hit and you can't get to your Postmates app quick enough. But when it comes to Post Malone, forget those In-N-Out animal-style fries or Chipotle burrito bowl - there's only one fast-food item calling his name.

Post malone popeyes dietPost malone popeyes diet
Matt Winkelmeyer via Getty Images for dcp

Popeyes - after all, who doesn't like their buttery biscuits? Not only did the Better Now artist shell out $8,000 on the popular menu item, but he actually had 10,000 of them delivered to his Coachella party back in 2017. A man after our own heart...

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Jennifer Lawrence's Chili Pizza Sandwich

Back in 2016, when J.Law promised she'd stumbled across the "greatest food invention," she left us with lots of questions. But perhaps the most important one: why hadn't we thought of it sooner? Though we should warn ya, it's not for the faint-hearted.

Jennifer Lawrence pizza dietJennifer Lawrence pizza diet
Pascal Le Segretain via Getty Images for Dior

"It's called a chili pizza sandwich," as the Hunger Games star revealed of her genius invention. Well, what makes it so great? "You have a piece of pizza, you put chili in it with noodles, like southern chili with noodles, and then another piece of pizza." A lot to digest, we know - may the odds be ever in your favor....

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