29+ Celebs Who Embrace Their Gray Hair


| LAST UPDATE 01/31/2022

By Genevieve Scott

In a world dominated by filters and fillers, several celebrities have opted to stick to their roots - literally. From Sarah Jessica Parker to Steve Carell, here are some stars who have openly embraced their natural, gray hair.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sure, she once told us we can never have too many pairs of shoes. But off-screen? Carrie Bradshaw's got bigger concerns than that famous closet of hers. In fact, this holiday season, the SATC star is eyeing something money can't buy...

sarah jessica parker nowsarah jessica parker now
James Devaney/GC Images via Getty Images/Gotham_GC Images via Getty Images

Self-love: "I make choices that make me feel comfortable and try not to worry too much about what other people think," Parker proudly revealed. Whether it's styling those golden blonde locks or sporting a silver updo, SJP will continue to do things her way. And we stan.

George Clooney

Remember a time when George Clooney wasn't sporting a full head of silver hair? The Hollywood charmer has been showing us how it's done for decades now - but going gray was actually never part of his plan. The truth? "It's never been an option," he confessed.

stars grey hair clooneystars grey hair clooney
S. Granitz/WireImage via Getty Images/Jason Merritt via Getty Images

But don't worry - the charming star has since come to embrace the change with open arms. "I'm a big believer that you can't try to look younger, you can just try to look the best you can at the age you are," Clooney confessed. And we couldn't agree more. 

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Jamie Lee Curtis

Swapping bodies with your teenage daughter is fun and all. But you know what's even better? Ask this Freaky Friday star, and there's a good chance she'll point to her head. See what we're getting at here? According to Jamie Lee Curtis, there's nothing more exciting than aging. And perhaps with good reason...

jamie lee curtis nowjamie lee curtis now
Kevin Winter via Getty Images/Matt Winkelmeyer via Getty Images for dcp

"Getting older makes you more alive," Curtis gushed to Interview Magazine. "More vitality, more interest, more intelligence, more grace, more expansion." While her time trading places didn't quite go down that way, this ageless beauty might have just been onto something...

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Taylor Kinney

Granted, he broke many hearts after his 2016 split with Lady Gaga. But this Vampire Diaries charmer is officially better than ever. Bad romances aside, the 40-year-old actor has gone from heartbreak to healing to slaying Hollywood. And honestly? We can see why.

actors grey hair nowactors grey hair now
Paul Morigi/WireImage for Capitol File Magazine via Getty Images/Presley Ann via Getty Images

Not only is he, um, easy on the eyes (an obvious, we know), but the silver-haired charmer has also proven he's got the talent to match. From Zero Dark Thirty to Chicago Fire to every role in between, we'd learn this actor's name if ya haven't already.

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David Beckham

We'll tell ya what we want, what we really, really want: David Beckham's aging secret. The football star is almost pushing 50, and yet he doesn't have a wrinkle to show for it. How does he do it? Has he been sharing Victoria's apple cider vinegar shots?

david beckham athletes nowdavid beckham athletes now
Chris Jackson via Getty Images/Tim P. Whitby/WireImage via Getty Images

Perhaps we'll never know... What we do know, though, is that from his ambassadorship deal with the 2022 World Cup, to the roster of football leagues under his belt, the retired athlete is still scoring goals. And we can't wait to see what comes next...

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Whoopi Goldberg

Safe to say, 2021 was a rollercoaster. Seriously, who would've thought we'd be talking to robots named Alexa or having billionaires race to outer space? Actually, Whoopi did. "I thought we'd have Jetson cars and stuff... Just all kinds of crazy stuff," the host revealed.

whoopi celebs grey hairwhoopi celebs grey hair
Steve Granitz/WireImage via Getty Images/Paras Griffin via Getty Images for Tyler Perry Studios

But that's not the only thing her younger self believed: "You think you're going to be so different when you get older. But basically I'm still the same person," Goldberg confessed. While her hair has certainly changed (a result of her role in Stephen King's The Stand, above), her youthful nature certainly hasn't!

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Andie MacDowell 

She might have lived the same day on repeat in Punxsutawney. But off-screen? This Groundhog Day star is all grown up. And the truth is that she wouldn't want it any other way. "We're beautiful at every age... glorious in our own way," MacDowell gushed of getting older.

actresses grey hair nowactresses grey hair now
Dominique Charriau/WireImage via Getty Images/Marc Piasecki/FilmMagic via Getty Images

Ever since debuting her silver locks at the Cannes Film Festival, this glowing beauty has never been happier. "I feel so much more comfortable. It's like I've taken a mask off or something," the 63-year-old actress confessed. We love to see her living her best life.

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Steve Carell

Steve Carell is definitely wise beyond his years. After all, he is the World's Greatest Boss. But we're actually not here to talk about his time at Dunder Mifflin. Let's talk about the Office star's silver locks - something the online world (us included) can't get enough of.

steve carell now greysteve carell now grey
Jon Furniss/WireImage via Getty Images/GP Images via Getty Images for TIFF

After stepping out on the 2017 red carpet with the new look, it wasn't long before he got our attention. Just don't tell him we said that. "I am so sick of people just looking at me for my physical attributes. It's just genetic. There's nothing I can do," the funny guy joked to ET of his new "silver fox" status.

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Andy Cohen

It's not easy keeping up with feuding housewives. Just ask Andy Cohen. The Bravo host has been spilling the tea for well over a decade now. But according to him, it's called for lots more than keeping a Kleenex on hand or having those champagne glasses topped at all times.

andy cohen 2021 newsandy cohen 2021 news
Andrew H. Walker via Getty Images/Noam Galai via Getty Images for Global Citizen

"I'm not saying the Housewives turned my hair entirely gray, but they did," the Watch What Happens Live star joked of the Real Housewives cast. Heard that, Teresa? All jokes aside, we love to see the king of reality tv embracing his roots - literally.

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Eric Dane

They don't call him "McSteamy" for nothing. Whether he's rocking those blue scrubs at Seattle Grace or flaunting those silver locks, Eric Dane certainly knows how to get hearts racing. But the Grey's Anatomy star never intended for things to go this way...

grey's anatomy cast nowgrey's anatomy cast now
Frazer Harrison via Getty Images/Jim Smeal/BEI via Shutterstock

"My hair is naturally gray," Dane explained. "That just happened because of my age." Call it genetics or a good dye job, this silver fox makes aging look so, well, good. We can see why his coworkers at Mercy West Hospital were so sad to see him go. (Talking to you, Shonda Rhimes.)

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Matt LeBlanc 

How you doin'? It may have been 15+ years since we said goodbye to Joey Tribbiani, but the charming goofball will always have a special place in our hearts. After all, the Friends icon's time on our screens left us with lots of valuable life lessons...

friends cast now greyfriends cast now grey
Vera Anderson/WireImage via Getty Images/Michael Tran/FilmMagic via Getty Images

For starters, meatball subs are always a good idea. But perhaps more importantly? He taught us that age is just a number. After all, from his time jumping on the bed (please, don't try this one at home) to playing foosball in the kitchen, the Italian charmer is, no doubt, a child at heart.

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Meryl Streep 

Sure, she played a big name editor-in-chief on our screens, but off-screen? Meryl Streep and Miranda Priestly are like night and day. The truth is that the Devil Wears Prada diva could care less about keeping up with the latest trends or wearing designer brands. Instead? She's playing by her own rules.

meryl streep stars greymeryl streep stars grey
ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images/Daniele Venturelli/WireImage via Getty Images

And she's actually got her age to thank for that: "the good thing about getting older is that you find your own way," she mused. "You have your own rules. You have your own understanding of yourself, and that's what you're going to count on… Not what your mother told you. Not what some actress told you… but the still, small voice."

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Eric Stonestreet

He might be 50-years-old, but Eric Stonestreet is just a child at heart. No, really: "I'm a big baby," the Modern Family legend joked. But we're not even talking about his youthful appearance. We're talking about the legendary pranks this joker pulled on his co-stars during filming...

modern family cast nowmodern family cast now
Frazer Harrison via Getty Images/Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic via Getty Images

"I would write things with my finger on the back window of his car, like 'I'm the redheaded guy from 'Modern Family,'" Stonestreet revealed of co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson. "I tormented him." Safe to say, humor has no age limit. And we'd suddenly kill to be a fly on those Pritchett-Tucker walls...

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Stacy London

Sure, she taught us the do's and don'ts of fashion. But this What Not To Wear icon actually did so much more than teach us we can wear white after labor day (you're welcome). Of course, we're talking about Stacy London's signature white streak - something deeply rooted in her identity.

stacy london grey hair stacy london grey hair
Bennett Raglin/WireImage via Getty Images/Robin Marchant via Getty Images

Believe it or not, the fashionista's been rocking the gray locks ever since she was in the 6th grade. "Nobody else in my family has it," London recalled of the mysterious trait, something she's grown to love. "When I notice more gray hairs, I'll say little things to myself in the mirror, like, 'I can't wait to see more of you.'"

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Hilarie Burton

This star doesn't want to be anyone other than who she's been trying to be lately. The One Tree Hill goddess has been embracing her authentic self for as long as she can remember - silver strands and all. And she won't be making any trips to the salon anytime soon.

child stars now greychild stars now grey
Ilya S. Savenok/FilmMagic via Getty Images/Instagram via @hilarieburton

"It's a small, silly symbol. Gray hair. Who cares, right?" the 39-year-old actress explained. From her time advocating for women's rights to her filterless selfies, we can't help but admire just how far this child star has come. Lucas would be so proud...

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Patrick Dempsey

When everyone knows you as "McDreamy," well, how can you not let it get to your head? But when it comes to this Grey's Anatomy heartthrob, he actually hasn't. Despite Dempsey's army of fans and equally favorable amount of hair, the 55-year-old charmer is just your everyday guy.

patrick dempsey grey nowpatrick dempsey grey now
KMazur/WireImage via Getty Images/Matthias Nareyek via Getty Images for GQ Germany

Well, according to his kids, at least. "Oh yeah, they make fun of me," the actor joked of his 3 little ones. "They don't let me take myself too seriously." Safe to say, with a smile like Dempsey's, we can only hope he continues to take life lightly...

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Ben Affleck

#Bennifer 2.0 is officially here to stay - but so is Ben Affleck's gray locks. The Hollywood hunk first showed off the new look at 2010's Venice Film Festival. And aside from a few dye jobs here and there, the 49-year-old star has since seemed to embrace his silver strands.

ben affleck age greyben affleck age grey
JOHANNES EISELE/AFP via Getty Images/Steve Granitz/WireImage via Getty Images

But while we can't wrap our heads around how youthful he still looks, Affleck is busy admiring a different ageless celeb: "Where are you keeping the fountain of youth?" the actor joked of his girlfriend J.Lo. (Which, btw, Ben - let us know when you get the answer to that one.)

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Tia Mowry

Sure, sneaking out past curfew and skipping out on chores might have once been her forte. But as far as this Sister, Sister actress is concerned? Her mischievous days are long gone. In fact, fast forward to today, and she's "all about authenticity," as she'll proudly remind ya.

child stars now greychild stars now grey
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic via Getty Images/Instagram via @tiamowry

From flaunting her silver strands to embracing her postpartum weight journey, this natural beauty is unapologetically herself. And she hopes to teach a thing or two in the process. "I'm all about wanting to change the narrative that people think they need to be perfect. Growing older is a blessing." Agreed.

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Gwyneth Paltrow

From "vampire repellent spray" to 24-carat gold playing cards, this Goop boss lady knows a thing or two about standing out. But her company's array of (slightly questionable) products isn't the only reason she's got our attention. Of course, we're talking about Paltrow's view on aging - something she's welcomed with open arms.

gwyneth paltrow beauty secretsgwyneth paltrow beauty secrets
Theo Wargo/WireImage via Getty Images/Daniele Venturelli/WireImage via Getty Images

"I would never want to go back to my 20s, or even my 30s for that matter," the blonde beauty confessed. Despite the stubborn gray strands or wrinkles now making a debut (her words, not ours), Gwyn couldn't be happier. "I know myself, I like myself, and I am so grateful for the wisdom that comes with age."

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Cynthia Nixon

They say age and wisdom go hand in hand - and this queen might just be living proof. Whether she's putting her Harvard education to good use on our screen or running for governor off-screen, the Sex and The City star has learned lots over the years. But don't quote us on that one.

satc cast then nowsatc cast then now
Brian Ach/WireImage via Getty Images/Jason Howard/Bauer-Griffin_GC Images via Getty Images

"As I got older - I could feel younger people looking up to me in a certain way and wanting to know things that I knew," she proudly revealed. "Now? When I meet women in their sixties and their seventies, I'm really interested in hearing from them. Because I understand in a way that I didn't... how much they know."

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Karl Lagerfeld

The white ponytail, crisp suit jacket, and black shades: Karl Lagerfeld's reputation practically preceded him, and we can see why. The late designer was never one to play things safe, something that reflected both on and off the runway. "Fashion is about change, and I like change. I'm not attached to anything," he once noted.

karl lagerfeld grey hairkarl lagerfeld grey hair
Daniel SIMON/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images/Bertrand Rindoff Petroff via Getty Images

And he certainly lived by those words. From paving the way for modern-day designers to his affinity for pushing boundaries, the fashion legend's legacy is bound to live on forever. Not to mention, how many people can say they've managed to make an icon out of themselves? We rest our case.

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Billy Porter

Billy Porter certainly knows how to slay. Whether it's another pair of platform pumps or a bubblegum ballgown, this Pose star is always dreaming big. As he put it, "For years I tried to put myself in a box, and it frustrated me, so I had to let go and let the universe take its course."

billy porter grey hairbilly porter grey hair
John Lamparski/WireImage via Getty Images/Noam Galai via Getty Images for Global Citizen

And we're certainly glad he did. From daring to go where no other artist ever has to breaking taboos in the process, the 52-year-old has made major waves in Hollywood - and might just be the trendiest to ever do so. (But we'll let ya be the judge of that one...)

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Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Speaking of making waves in Hollywood, remember when this bachelor took us on perhaps "the most dramatic season yet?" Sure, he's always been living life in the fast lane. But the former race-car driver's time in the Bachelor mansion was truly like no other.

celebrities then now greycelebrities then now grey
Joe Scarnici/WireImage via Getty Images/Instagram via @ariejr

Fast forward to today, though, and this Bachelor star is exactly where he needs to be. From finding love with Lauren to fatherhood, it appears Luyendyk Jr. finally got his happily-ever-after. And we couldn't be happier for him and his growing family.

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Blake Shelton

This country star's aging secret? Kissing Gwen Stefani. "Love must look good on me. I feel like that does show through - it really does," Stefani explained in an interview of her and her hubby's youthfulness. If that's the case, consider us inspired.

country stars then nowcountry stars then now
Christopher Polk via Getty Images for NBCUniversal/Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic via Getty Images

Ever since debuting his silver locks a few years back, Shelton has continued to make aging look easy - all with that massive smile plastered on his face, of course. We'd say this is bananas (b-a-n-a-n-a-s), but hey, all odds are off when it comes to love. Right?

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Lisa Bonet

She's always been too cool for school, but this child-star is officially ahead of the class. Seriously. It's been over 30 years since we first kept up with Denise Huxtable, and yet she looks the exact same. How does she do it? It's actually quite simple: oil, lots and lots of oil.

ageless stars lisa bonetageless stars lisa bonet
Todd Williamson via Getty Images/Tommaso Boddi/WireImage via Getty Images

"I was using coconut oil before the current craze," the ageless beauty confessed of keeping her skin in check. But there's also another secret to her youthful glow. "Beauty starts from the inside," as she taught her daughter, Zoë Kravitz. "Not only in terms of health but also in terms of keeping that light inside of us alive."

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Seth Rogen

"There are certain jokes that for sure have not aged well, but I think that's the nature of comedy," this funny guy once explained. But while the actor's raunchy on-screen adventures might not have aged gracefully, we definitely can't say the same about him.

seth rogen now greyseth rogen now grey
Matt Winkelmeyer via Getty Images for SXSW/ Instagram via @sethrogen

Despite recently shedding his signature brown locks, the Hollywood comedian will always remain youthful in our eyes. And perhaps with good reason. Mr. Rogen might just be living proof that laughter is the best medicine, and we don't see that changing anytime soon.

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Simon Cowell

No, he might not have been the um, nicest when it came to his search for the next Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood. But this American Idol legend is actually all smiles when it comes to embracing all of life's chapters - fatherhood, gray hairs, and everything in between.

simon cowell then nowsimon cowell then now
Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage via Getty Images/Steve Granitz/WireImage via Getty Images

But according to Amanda Holden, Cowell's Britain's Got Talent co-star, there's one thing that's kept him going all this time: "He's into these health smoothies and is always giving away recipes," she confessed of his newly vegan diet. While we can't quite picture Simon sipping on kale juice, we certainly applaud his efforts.

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Josh Duhamel

If there's anyone who can pull off dating a model 21 years his junior? It's obviously this guy: Josh Duhamel's charm and talent will, no doubt, always keep him ahead of the game. But forget his relationship with former Miss World America for a second...

actors then now greyactors then now grey
Bryan Bedder via Getty Images/Jerritt Clark/WireImage via Getty Images

Pushing almost 50, the 48-year-old star is still just as suave as he was when we watched him woo Katherine Heigl years ago. From the silver hair to the subtle scruff, we salute the actor for embracing his age with open arms. Then again, so would we if we looked like that...

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Salma Hayek

This Mexican goddess has been spicing things up for as long as we can remember. But we're not just talking about her exotic beauty. At 55-years-old, let the actress serve as a reminder that age does not define anybody. But don't quote us on that one...

celebrities grey hair instagramcelebrities grey hair instagram
VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images/Instagram via @salmahayek

"You can kick [butt] at any age," Hayek proudly assured. "You can hold your own at any age, you can dream at any age, you can be romantic at any age. We have the right to be loved for who we are at the place that we are." Clearly, age has nothing on this firecracker.

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Gillian Anderson

We already know raging hormones and rebellious teens don't scare off this firecracker. But neither does aging. The Sex Education goddess has been nothing but transparent about her journey through adulthood, something she's come to embrace with open arms.

celebs grey hair nowcelebs grey hair now
David M. Benett via Getty Images/Michael Kovac via Getty Images for Moet & Chandon

"The thing to remember is, how one looks in the mirror is the youngest one will ever look again. So you can't do anything but celebrate it!" the blond beauty explained to Vogue. Clearly, her words of wisdom go beyond those clinic doors. (Even if Otis might not agree with that one...)

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Selma Blair

What, like it's hard? Selma Blair's effortless charm and confidence are exactly why fans (us included) can't get enough of her. Not only has the Legally Blonde star proven that silver might just be the new pink (sorry, Elle), but Selma Blair will continue to do things her way.

selma blair age nowselma blair age now
George Pimentel via Getty Images/Frazer Harrison via Getty Images

From speaking out about her health struggles to serving as a source of inspiration for others, this silver-haired goddess is as beautiful as she is bold: "I've loved every minute of this Hollywood... and I would love to see it be a changemaker, almost imperceptibly," the 49-year-old actress confessed. And so would we.

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Wentworth Miller

This Prison Break star's taught us a lot throughout the years. 1) It's gonna take a whole lot more than a 4x4 cell to keep this guy behind bars. 2) Age - more specifically, change - is something that should be embraced, a concept Mr. Miller will happily remind us himself...

actors now gray hairactors now gray hair
Toni Anne Barson/WireImage via Getty Images/D Dipasupil via Getty Images for Extra

"Deserve more respect. Nuance. Intention. Better representation," Wentworth preached to his 2+ million Insta followers. Whether he's acknowledging his voice in Hollywood or advocating for the LGBTQ+ community in the process, this Prison Break heartthrob will continue breaking down barriers (pun intended).

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Richard Madden

They don't call him Prince Charming for nothing: this Cinderella heartthrob has been charming his way through our screens for years now. But believe it or not, his time sweeping Cinderella off her feet was no fairytale. At least where the actor's precious locks were concerned.

richard madden gray hairrichard madden gray hair
Kevin Winter via Getty Images/Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

From having his hair chemically straightened to the extensions it called for, Richard Madden certainly went all out to bring the Disney classic to life. Charming, right? But let's talk about his hair off-screen. The silver fox has come to embrace his strands of gray - and one look at that photo above? And well, we can see why.

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Jane Fonda

This silver-haired beauty has had no problem making her voice known in Hollywood. Whether she's giving Frankie a mouthful on our screens or advocating in the streets for human rights, this actress-turned-activist is truly like no other. And at 83-years-old? She's not done just yet.

celebrities gray hair fondacelebrities gray hair fonda
Amanda Edwards via Getty Images/Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic via Getty Images

"Let all of us make an effort to expand that tent so everyone rises and everyone's story has a chance to be seen and heard," the Grace & Frankie actress explained of making change. Safe to say, 83 has never looked better. And with her birthday right around the corner? We can't wait to see what 84's got in store...

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Alec Baldwin

Whether ya know him from his time on SNL, or simply as "Hailey's uncle," Alec Baldwin had made quite the name for himself over the years. And we can see why. When he's not busy making us laugh, the Hollywood actor is a proud advocate for animal rights.

alec baldwin movie actors alec baldwin movie actors
George Pimentel/WireImage for Turner via Getty Images/ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Not only has he teamed up with PETA on several occasions, but Baldwin and his wife have continued to become known for their charitable ventures. And while he might be caught up in some legal drama as of recently, we wish nothing but the best for this silver fox.

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Rob Lowe

Remember when Chris Traeger suddenly sported a full head of hair back in 2011? No surprise, Parks & Recreation fans had lots of questions. But the truth is that Rob Lowe's hair has always been evolving, something the actor's kept secret since he was 24.

rob lowe gray nowrob lowe gray now
Noel Vasquez via Getty Images/John Lamparski via Getty Images

As Lowe himself revealed, that's exactly how old he was when he began dying his prematurely graying roots. Safe to say, a whole lot has changed since then. Not only has he come to embrace his silver strands, but he's learned a valuable lesson in the process: "Never compare your insides to someone else's outsides," as he put it. Agreed.

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Nicole Kidman

From Russian health guru to haunted housewife to every role in between - is there anything Nicole Kidman hasn't done? The award-winning actress has been dominating our screens since 16-years-old. But in doing so, she's come to embrace the changes growing up in the spotlight have called for.

nicole kidman today hairnicole kidman today hair
Jeff Vespa/WireImage via Getty Images/James Devaney/WireImage via Getty Images

Sure enough, several years, endless awards, and a few gray strands later, the ageless beauty hopes to teach a thing or two in the process: "sometimes things will work out, and you'll shine for a moment - and sometimes they won't. But that slow and steady is a good way to approach life," she assured.

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Brooke Shields

Sure, Taylor Swift is all about revisiting her 20's (which, well, fair). But not everyone feels the same as the 22 hitmaker. Of course, we're talking about Brooke Shields, who is exactly where she needs to be. "I would not go back to 25," the 56-year-old bombshell confessed.

brooke shields gray hairbrooke shields gray hair
Jon Kopaloff via Getty Images/John Lamparski via Getty Images

Why? Despite the success she may have welcomed at an early age, the former supermodel is actually "so much more relaxed now." "I'm in my own life... in my own skin and in my own happiness," Shields proudly explained. We love to hear it (though we're still waiting on that eyebrow tutorial, ahem...)

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Brad Pitt

From Jennifer Aniston to Gwyneth Paltrow to, of course, Miss Jolie, let's face it: Brad Pitt's red-carpet evolution has been one for the books. Just ask Daily Express, who once dubbed the actor, "the man who likes to look like his girlfriend." Safe to say, though, a whole lot has changed since then.

Daniele Venturelli/WireImage via Getty Images/Pascal Le Segretain via Getty Images

Several years, breakups and hair-dyes later, this Hollywood charmer has come to embrace his natural roots. And we're definitely here for it. But with the eligible bachelor now back on the market? We can't help but wonder if another trip to the salon is in his near future... Stay tuned.

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Timothy Olyphant

Our next silver fox is pretty happy with how things have panned out for him. And can't say we blame him. From award-winning blockbusters to Netflix hit-series, the charming actor has just about done it all. As for what's next? His guess is as good as ours.

actors now gray hair actors now gray hair
GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP via Getty Images/Rich Fury via Getty Images

"The last 15 years, I was very unwilling to leave L.A.," he confessed. But now that he - and his children - has grown older? "If someone says, 'It shoots in Budapest,' I say to my wife, 'Honey, you want to go live in Budapest for a while?' And why not?" the actor revealed of his newfound "freedom." We'd keep an eye out for this guy...

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Caroline Manzo

Sure, her time on Bravo has taken us on quite the ride. But forget the tears and family drama we've watched go down in the Manzo household. Let's talk about the Real Housewives of New Jersey's hair, something that also stole our attention back in 2020.

real housewives caroline manzoreal housewives caroline manzo
Matthew Eisman via Getty Images/Instagram via @carolinemanzo

"I decided to embrace the gray," the reality star revealed to her Instagram followers. Flashing a massive smile and her signature shades, Manzo's selfie was noteworthy in more ways than one: not only did Caroline slay, but she even earned praise from her rivaling co-stars. Hear that, Andy Cohen?

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Mark Ruffalo

He might not be 30, but this 53-year-old is certainly flirty and thriving. While it's crazy to think it's been almost 20 years since we fell in love with Matty ("Beaver" to some), the 13 Going on 30 hunk is officially living his best life. But why don't we let him do all the talking?

actors gray hair nowactors gray hair now
George Pimentel via Getty Images/Desiree Navarro via Getty Images

"You know, conceivably, if I'm still alive, and they don't mind a gray-haired Hulk, I could be in this universe for another 10 or 15 years," Ruffalo joked to Rolling Stone of his iconic role in the Marvel Universe franchise. Trust us, Mark, we certainly don't mind.

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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Keeping 7 kingdoms happy is no easy task - but leave it to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau to make it look easy. The Game of Thrones star, along with that familiar charm, has been showing us how it's done since 2011. But we're not the only ones Jamie Lannister's managed to impress along the way.

game of thrones castgame of thrones cast
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage via Getty Images/Marc Piasecki/WireImage via Getty Images

Not only has the actor nabbed not 1 - but 2 - Emmy nominations for his time in Westeros, but he doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. From his 2020 thriller, The Silencing, to his upcoming on-screen endeavors, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau's reign is far from over.

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Kate Moss

From smokey eyes to behead hair, this '90s it-girl has, no doubt, earned her reputation as a trendsetter. But if there was one look we didn't see coming? It was the moment the supermodel pulled up to the Longchamp red-carpet with silver roots. Remember that?

kate moss now hair kate moss now hair
Julien M. Hekimian via Getty Images/Stephane Cardinale/Corbis via Getty Images

It's okay if ya don't, considering it was never supposed to happen. According to Daily Mail, Moss's gray streaks were actually the result of a dye-job gone wrong. But while she might not be rocking silver anytime soon, we're certainly not mad about this look. In fact, we're suddenly feeling very inspired...

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Chad Michael Murray

Chad Michael Murray might just be the epitome of teenage heartthrob (sorry, Bieber). But that doesn't mean the One Tree Hill actor looks back at his time on our screens with fond memories. As a matter of fact, he doesn't. "I look at my photos of myself and think, 'What a dweeb,'" Murray joked.

child stars now graychild stars now gray
Frederick M. Brown via Getty Images/Instagram via @chadmichaelmurray

Despite the endless bedroom posters he once found himself plastered on, Chad will never forget his roots. "I'm just a kid from Buffalo, moved out here, took a chance, and I fell headfirst into it," the 40-year-old reflected. Humble and easy on the eyes...

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