Celebrities Who Were and Are Expecting Babies in 2020

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While it's been a pretty slow year for Hollywood, many of our favorite stars have managed to keep us on the edge of our seats with their exciting pregnancy announcements. So, let's check out the fabulous celebs who are or were sporting the baby bump glow in 2020.

Katy Perry

One of the biggest pregnancy stories of 2020 came from international pop star Katy Perry. She broke the happy news to fans when she released her single, Never Worn White. In the music video for that song, she was proudly rocking a beautiful baby bump. Understandably, fans couldn't contain their excitement.

Katy Perry Baby Bumps
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Katie shared on Instagram, "Let's just say that it's going to be a jam-packed summer…" Katie is engaged to Orlando Bloom, and in September, the artist gave birth to their first daughter, Daisy Dove. We're still over the moon for the couple.

Sharon Fonseca

Back in May, Sharon Fonseca and her beau, Gianluca Vacchi, announced their pregnancy. The couple had dated for two years before making their relationship official in 2018. They seem as loved up and happy as ever, especially after they broke the news to their followers.

Sharon Fonseca Baby Bumps
Instagram via sharfonseca

Sharon, the 25-year old model from Venezuala, is still awaiting the arrival of her child. The couple later announced that they are expecting a baby boy. We're sure the baby will be just as gorgeous as its parents and that Sharon will make an incredible mom.

Pilar Rubio

Earlier this year, Pilar Rubio proudly shared the news that she and her football star husband, Sergio Ramos, are expecting their fourth child together. The couple have been together for a few years, and already have three sons, but they only tied the knot a year ago.

Pilar Rubio Baby Bumps
Instagram via pilarrubio_oficial

Spanish reporter and T.V. personality, Pilar posted some adorable photos on Instagram to show her bump to the world. At the end of July, Rubio and her husband welcomed their fourth child together. The fourty-four-year-old mother still looks as fabulous as ever.

Karla Souza

In 2018, the How To Get Away With Murder star, Karla Souza gave birth to her first child. Then, in 2020, the actress shared a photo on Instagram hugging her adorable daughter and sporting a huge baby bump. She was glowing with happiness, and that photo sent fans into overdrive.

Karla Souza baby bumps
Instagram via KARLASOUZA

Then just one month after that social media share, Karla gave birth to a baby boy, named Luka. We're pretty sure that for Karla and her husband, Marshall Trenkmann, 2020 will be a year to remember, filled with plenty of unforgettable memories.

Hilaria Baldwin

In April 2020, Hilaria Baldwin and her husband, Alec Baldwin, announced that they were expecting their fifth child. The news was even more heart-warming as Hilaria had suffered a miscarriage a few months before. Thankfully, Hilaria reassured us on Instagram that she was four and a half months along, and everything was going well.

Hilaria Baldwin Baby Bumps
Instagram via hilariabaldwin

Hilaria also posted a photo with her daughter, and she was rocking a very noticeable baby bump. Then in September, Hilaria posted another photo on Instagram with the caption, "We would love to introduce you to Eduardo Pau Lucas BaldwinHis name means 'wealthy guardian of peace and light." We're still thrilled for the couple!

Nicki Minaj

In July 2020, hip-hop mogul Nicki Minaj dropped the news of her pregnancy on Instagram. The legendary rapper shared a photo of herself sporting a floral bikini and cradling her baby bump. She simply said in the caption "#Preggers" and looked as fabulous as ever.

Nicki Minaj Baby Bumps
Instagram via Nickiminaj

Nicki recently tied the knot with her beau Kenneth' Zoo' Petty, and the pair have been together for almost a year. This is the first child for the couple, and they seem to be going as strong as ever. We couldn't be more excited for Nicki and Kenneth, and we're sure Nicki will be an incredible mom.

Africa Zavala

Mexican actress Africa Zavala is another star to announce her pregnancy this year. However, instead of simply posting the news on social media, the thirty-five-year-old star agreed to share the news by featuring on the cover of the Spanish magazine, Hola! 

Africa Zavala Baby Bumps
Instagram via zavala_africa

Of course, Africa and her Venezuelan boyfriend both took to Instagram to share the happy news as well, and both said that they were delighted. Then, in September 2020, the beautiful actress shared a video of her baby boy's birth, named Leon. We're still over the moon for the happy couple.

Ana Layevska

Another fabulous star to join the pregnancy club this year was Ana Layevska. The Russian actress and singer also took to Instagram to share the happy news and posted an adorable photo of her rocking a bikini and a visible baby bump.

Ana Layevska Baby Bumps
Instagram via analayevska1

The photo was even more adorable, as Ana posed with her daughter, Masha. What's more, Ana copied her mother's pose and showed her own stomach for the camera. The caption read, "Masha is ecstatic to meet her baby brother." In March, Ana then welcomed her second child into the world.

Bekah Martinez

Bekah Martinez shot to fame after featuring in the hit T.V. show, The Batchelor. The star later found love and had her first child with her partner, Grayson Leonard, in February 2019. Bekah then wowed everyone with her pregnancy announcement soon after this.

Bekah Martinez Baby Bumps
Instagram via bekah

In June 2020, the T.V. personality gave birth to her second child, named Franklin James, and shared some adorable photos on social media. The couple now look happier than ever with two small children, and it seems that parenthood suits both of them.

Anna Kournikova

In January 2020, tennis champion Anna Kournikova and international pop star Enrique Iglesias welcomed a baby girl into the world. Interestingly, the pair didn't officially announce they were expecting. Fans just became suspicious when Anna was spotted on a boat ride in 2019, sporting a noticeable baby bump.

Anna Kournikova Baby Bumps
Instagram via annakournikova

Anna and Enrique have always been very private about their relationship, so it seems natural that Anna has been just as secretive about her pregnancy. In fact, you might be surprised to know that the couple now have three children together. We're just happy that the loved-up couple are still going strong.

Nikki Bella

In January of 2020, Nikki Bella and her fiance, Artem Chigvintsev announced that they were expecting their first child together. The WWE star seemed thrilled about the news, and they welcomed their first child, Matteo Artemovich, in August. 

Nikki Bella Baby Bumps
Instagram via thenikkibella

Nikki shared the happy news on Instagram with the caption, "Our baby boy is here, and we couldn't be HAPPIER and more in LOVE!" The news was even more emotional for Nikki because she had ended her previous relationship with John Cena, after he revealed he didn't want to be a father. We can only imagine how much this baby means to her!

Brie Bella

At the same time that Nikki Bella was expecting her first child, her twin sister, Brie Bella was also pregnant with her second child. We're sure this made the news even more special to both of them. The wrestler, Brie, first announced that she was expecting in January 2020 and looked glowing with happiness. 

Brie Bella Baby Bumps
Instagram via thebriebella

Brie gave birth to her first daughter, named Birdie back in 2017. Then Brie and her husband, Daniel Bryan welcomed their second child into the world in August 2020. Since Brie and Nicki's children were born within a few days of each other, the sisters celebrated with an adorable photoshoot of the baby cousins together! 

America Ferrera

At the beginning of 2020, actress America Ferrara announced that she was expecting on Instagram. She then shared some insanely adorable photos of herself, sporting her beautiful bump. In the same post, she also shared the name of her future baby girl, Lucia Marisol Williams. 

America Ferrera Baby Bumps
Instagram via americaferrera

In May 2020, just in time for mother's day, Lucia Mariso Williams arrived into the world. This is America's second child with her husband, Ryan Piers Williams, and we're sure they were both over the moon at how the year has turned out for them.


This year singer Grimes also shared the news of her pregnancy on social media. Grimes wowed fans with a very alternative and artsy photo of her and her baby bump, and fans were thrilled for her and her beau, Elon Musk.

Grimes Baby Bumps
Instagram via grimes

The singer didn't even post a caption with the photo, but it was soon flooded with messages of congratulations, support, and love from fans. In May, Grimes and Elon Musk shared the news of their baby with the world. They also garnered a lot of attention for their interesting choice of name, X Æ A-12, which we're still trying to pronounce.

Ashley Graham

At the start of 2020, supermodel Ashley Graham gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Throughout her pregnancy, she was sure to document every special moment and shared plenty of photos of her bump on Instagram. This made it even more special for her fans and showed just how excited she was to become a mom.

Ashley Graham Baby Bump
Getty Images via Jamie McCarthy 

On January 18th 2020, Ashley and her husband, Justin Ervin, announced their baby boy's arrival. They named their baby Isaac Menelik Giovanni Ervin, and the proud parents couldn't wait to share some adorable photos on social media. We're sure they'll be incredible parents.


Mexican actress and singer, Ahahi is another star that shared her pregnancy journey on social media. She was clearly so excited about her second child's arrival that she wowed fans with plenty photos of herself and her growing baby bump.

Anahi Baby Bump
Instagram via anahi

At the start of the year, on New Year's Day, Ahani celebrated the arrival of her new baby girl, Nicole Anahi Estupinan. She said that the baby was three weeks earlier than expected, but that the birth went smoothly. We're sure Anahi and her husband Manuel Velasco Coello are settling into parenthood well, and the year has been full of precious memories.

Kenia Ontiveros Hernandez

When Kenia Ontiveros Hernandez shared the news of her pregnancy on Instagram, she was clearly thrilled. So, like alot of stars, she also couldn't wait to document her experiences on social media and posted plenty of heartwarming and glowing photos of herself and her bump.

Kenia Ontiveros Hernandez Baby Bump
Instagram via keniaontiverosoficial

Just by looking at the photos, you can see how much the pregnancy meant to her. Then in May 2020, Kenia welcomed her new bundle of joy into the world, named Dalett. Once she became a proud mother, she continues to document her journey and still shares plenty of adorable photos of her gorgeous child on social media. 

Jenna Dewan

Actress and dancer Jenna Dewan is another celebrity to share the news of her pregnancy on social media. Jenna shared a beautiful photo of herself and her bump on Instagram and announced that she and her partner, Steve Kazee, were expecting.

Jenna Dewan Baby Bump
Instagram via jennadewan

On March 6th 2020, Jenna and Steve welcomed their new baby boy Callum Michael Rebel Kazee. They shared the news of the birth on Instagram and wrote how they were ecstatic and couldn't wait to raise him. Jenna also has a child from a previous relationship, and we're sure the couple are already incredible parents.

Hope Solo

In 2019, soccer star Hope Solo wowed fans with the news that she was pregnant. She announced on Instagram that she would be 'doubling the size of her family' and was expecting twins. She also shared a few photos of herself looking radiant with her growing bump. 

Hope Solo Baby Bumps
Instagram via hopesolo

On March 4th 2020, Hope Solo and her beau Jeremy Stevens welcomed their babies into the world. They called their new bundles of joy, Lozen Orianna Judith Stevens and Vittorio Genghis Stevens, which are pretty unique names. We couldn't be happier for the couple, and we can't wait to see more photos of their adorable babies.

Michelle Williams

It's fair to say that Michelle Wiliams has had a lot of reasons to celebrate in 2020. The actress received numerous awards for her acting work. However, it's safe to say that her most significant achievement of all was giving birth to her new child.

Michelle Williams Baby Bump
Getty Images via Jeff Kravitz / Contributor

Michelle looked radiant on the red carpet earlier in the year, sporting her baby bump. Then in June 2020, Michelle and her husband Thomas Kail welcomed their newest arrival. Michelle has a daughter from her previous relationship with the late Heath Ledger, and was over the moon with the latest addition to her family.

Erica Mena

Hip hop star Erica Mena has always been a fashionista. So, when she announced her pregnancy on social media, she posted a series of photos of herself posing with her baby bump in stylish outfits. She looked like a true fashion icon and showed us all how to rock pregnancy fashion.

Erica Mena Baby Bump
Instagram via iamerica_mena

Erica continued to share and document her journey on social media throughout her entire pregnancy. Then in February 2020, Erica gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl. We're sure Erica and her husband Safaree Samuels are still over the moon about the latest addition to their family.

Christina Milian

Singer and actress Christina Milian first shared the news of her pregnancy to her followers on social media in 2019. Actually, she teased her followers in the post by saying that she was expecting a "new release" with her boyfriend, Matt Pokora.

Christina Milian Baby Bump
Instagram via christinamilian

Throughout her pregnancy, Christina continued to showcase her baby bump on social media. In January 2020, she then gave birth to a beautiful baby named Isaiah Pokora. Christina has one child from a previous relationship, and we're sure that she and her partner are thrilled with their new bundle of joy.

Milla Jovovich

Fifth Element actress Milla Jovovich was another star to announce that she was expecting on social media. In fact, this was her third pregnancy, and she shared a gorgeous announcement photo. She also revealed in the post how she was "blessed with another girl" and promised to keep fans "posted on my progression!"

Milla Jovovich Baby Bump
Instagram via millajovovich

In February 2020, Milla then welcomed her new baby daughter into the world. She named her Osian and shared a precious photo of her newborn on Instagram. Both Milla and her husband, Paul W. S. Anderson, couldn't hide their excitement about being a family of five.


Mexican actress and singer, Sherlyn was another celebrity to show off her baby bump to her followers on Instagram. She shared a photo of herself in late 2019, rocking a gorgeous green gown, a beautiful baby bump, and a glowing smile. 

Sherlyn Baby Bump
Instagram via sherlyny

On May 30th 2020, Sherlyn gave birth to an adorable baby boy. She called him Andre, and he has become a regular feature of his mom's social media pages. We're sure Sherlyn is enjoying every moment of being a new mom and we can't wait to see more adorable photos.

Laura Prepon

American actress Laura Prepon was another star to follow the trend of announcing her pregnancy on Instagram. She shared a photo in 2019, looking radiant and said, "Heading into the new year with a bundle from the farmers market and a bundle on the way."

Laura Prepon Baby Bump
Getty Images via Paul Morigi 

Laura then welcomed her second child on February 27th 2020. She already has a daughter named Ella and shared how she and her husband, Ben Foster, were thrilled about their family's latest addition. We're just as thrilled for the couple too!

Rachel Bloom

American actress, comedian, and producer, Rachel Bloom chose a unique way to reveal her pregnancy to the world. In September 2019, she shared a photo on Instagram of herself rocking the red carpet at a premiere with a baby bump accessory. She captioned the post, "WE WON AN EMMY!!!!!!! also btw I'm pregnant." 

Rachel Bloom Baby Bump
Getty Images via Andrew Toth / Contributor

As you can imagine, fans were overjoyed at the news, and the actress continued to share glowing photos throughout her pregnancy. Then on April 1st 2020, Rachel announced the birth of her baby girl, with the caption, "She's here. She's arrived." We can't wait to see more photos!

Malika Haqq

Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, Malika Haqq shared some fabulous pictures of herself and her gorgeous baby bump during her pregnancy. She first announced that she was expecting in late 2019 and seemed thrilled with the news.

Malika Haqq Baby Bump
Instagram via malika

In March of 2020, Haqq announced that she had given birth to her first son. She named him Ace Flores and continues to share updates with her followers on Instagram. Maliq has also recently announced her new fashion line of mama and baby matching basics, and her adorable son has become the star of the new collection. 

Camilla Luddington

Actress Camilla Luddington also broke the news of her second pregnancy on Instagram. She posted how she and her husband Matthew Alan, "are beyond excited to add to our little family and give Hayden a sibling." She added, "And yes, I've been away a lot from social media the past few months because OMGGGG the exhaustion."

Camilla Luddington Baby Bump
Instagram via @camillaluddington

Amazingly, Camilla tried her best to hide her pregnancy, as she was filming the last series of Grey's Anatomy, but said, "We feel so lucky, and I can't wait to bring you guys along for the remaining months of this baby #2 journey!" In August 2020, she gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy named Lucas.

Keyshia Ka'Oir

In August 2020, Keyshia Ka'Oir shared the news that she and her husband, rap-star Gucci Mane, were expecting a baby. Keyshia wowed fans with a photo from the sonogram on Twitter and gushed how, "Our hearts can't take it." Both Gucci and Keyshia have kids from other relationships, but this will be their first child together.

Keyshia Ka'Oir Baby Bump
Instagram via @keyshiakaoir

Keyshia continued, "I'm proud to be a mother, but I need it to be private." Gucci also shared on Instagram, "My wife is pregnant, my life is great." We're sure the happy couple are cherishing every moment privately, and can't wait to welcome another bundle of joy into their lives. 

Leighton Meester

Actress Leighton Meester also announced that she is expecting her second baby with her husband, Adam Brody. The celebrity couple are also very private about their personal lives, but they confirmed the news in April. We're sure the adorable couple are just thrilled to be expanding their family.

Leighton Meester Baby Bump

When Leighton and Brody welcomed their first baby into the world, Brody said that being a father was "the best in every way." Leighton has since been spotted out and about in L.A with Brody and their 4-year-old daughter, Arlo Day, sporting a gorgeous pregnancy bump. 

Ashley Hinshaw

True Blood actress Ashley Hinshaw is another pregnant celebrity to add to our list. In January, she announced that she and her husband, Topher Grace, were expecting baby number two and continued to share snippets of her pregnancy journey on social media.

Ashley Hinshaw Baby Bump
Instagram via @ashley_hinshaw

In an interview, Ashley said that she was both "nervous" and "excited" about being a mother of two children. She also revealed she was excited to "not being pregnant anymore." Topher said he was thrilled, but was less excited about having "less sleep." In August, the happy couple welcomed their newest gorgeous addition into the world.

Emma Roberts

In August 2020, Emma Roberts confirmed to her fans on social media that she was also expecting. She shared a sweet post on Instagram of herself looking fabulous with her beau, Garret Hedlund. She also cradled her growing bump in the photo and looked glowing with happiness.

Emma Roberts Baby Bump
Getty Images via BG010/Bauer-Griffin

The mom-to-be captioned the post, "Me...and my two favorite guys," hinting that she was expecting a baby boy. A source close to the couple confirmed how, "They are surprised, shocked, and happy at the same time, and so are their families." We can't wait to see their newest addition!

Vanessa Morgan

Canadian actress Vanessa Morgan wowed her fans in July when she posted on Instagram, "Exciting news… I am overjoyed to be welcoming my baby boy into the world this January." She continued, "This little guy has already brought me so much happiness and a feeling of such a greater purpose."

Vanessa Morgan Baby Bump
Instagram via @vanessamorgan

The actress continued to share her pregnancy journey on social media. She also shared her gorgeous video on Instagram of her gender reveal party and is expecting a baby boy. Vanessa gushed, "Lil one you were already made with so much love & already exclude a light so strong it warms my belly." 

Hannah Ferrier

TV star Hannah Ferrier also revealed her pregnancy on Instagram. She said, "I always thought people were crazy when they said they enjoyed being pregnant, but I totally get it now!! From the changes in my body to the closeness in my relationship to feeling kicks and movement, I'm especially loving falling head over heels in love."

Hannah Ferrier Baby Bump
Instagram via @hannahferrier234

The star also shared a photo recently on Instagram from her last ultrasound. She added, "Is she not like the cutest baby you have ever seen in your life?" Hannah and her beau Josh are both awaiting to welcome their baby girl into their lives in October, and we can't wait either!

Katie Lee

Culinary star Katie Lee also announced that she is expecting her first baby with her husband, Ryan Biegel. The couple revealed that they were expecting a girl and Katie said, "I am so excited to meet this baby, but I also want to savor these last few months of pregnancy." 

Katie Lee Baby Bump
Instagram via @katieleekitchen

Katie added how, "Our original plan was to wait and be surprised at birth, but we decided at a time like this, some good news for us to be excited about right now outweighed a surprise in September." Then in September, Katie shared an adorable photo of her new addition, with the caption, "Welcome, baby Iris Marion Biegel. 

Rachel McAdams

When actress Rachel McAdams gave birth to her first baby two years ago, she expressed how, "It's the greatest thing that's ever happened to me, hands down." Rachel continued how, "I had 39 years of me, I was sick of me, I was so happy to put the focus on some other people."

Rachel McAdams Baby Bump

In August, Rachel confirmed to fans that she is pregnant again and was spotted with a growing bump. We can only imagine how thrilled the actress is to be expecting her second baby with her boyfriend, Jamie Linden. We're also just as thrilled for the loved-up couple.

Iskra Lawrence

In April 2020, British model Iskra Lawrence welcomed her first child into the world with her boyfriend, Phillip Payne. Just before she gave birth to her baby girl, Iskra explained on Instagram, "It's not just the two of us anymore, we're soon to be a family of 3." 

Iskra Lawrence Baby Bump
Getty Images via Gonzalo Marroquin

Since this is her first baby, Iskra has also been asking for parenting advice from her loyal fans. She shared how, "A little joy for your feed… this lil bubba is 3 weeks old today, and thanks to YOU, our amazing I.G. fam, I took ALLLL your incredible advice, and it's working."

Jodie Turner-Smith

British model and actress Jodie Turner-Smith was another star to welcome a baby into the world in April with her husband, Joshua Jackson. Jodie shared how motherhood is "a fantastic voyage that begins in wonder and transformation." 

Jodie Turner-Smith Baby Bump
Getty Images via NurPhoto

Jodie also expressed her experience of having a baby during the pandemic. She said, "Obviously, it's a bit stressful right now, and we're just trying to figure out how to be smart about being quarantined." 

Sabrina Bryan

In March 2020, Cheetah Girls star, Sabrina Bryan wowed fans on Instagram with the proud news that "Our love story continues." The star explained to her followers that, "The adventure of Baby Lundberg #cheetahclub #imgoingtobeamommy." 

Sabrina Bryan Baby Bump
Instagram via @sabrina.bryan

Sabrina has been with her husband, Jordan Lundberg for nine years, and they were clearly over the moon with the news. Sabrina explained, "We realize becoming parents is a gift that we have been blessed with and are excited to share our love of our first baby!" 

Romee Strijd

Victoria Secret's model Romee Strijd was another celebrity to join the pregnancy club in 2020. In June, she revealed that she and her beau, Laurens van Leeuwen were expecting on social media and said, "We can't wait to meet our little girl." 

Romee Strijd Baby Bump
Instagram via @romeestrijd

A few years ago, Romee was diagnosed with PCOS, which meant she had some concerns about having a baby. So we can only imagine how thrilled she and her husband were when they discovered the happy news. We're sure they're soaking up every moment of their pregnancy journey.

Remy Ma

In 2018 American rapper Remy Ma gave birth to her first child. Then, in July 2020, she shared the happy news that she and her husband, Papoose, were getting ready to do it all over again. Remy excitedly posted on social media, "We're going to have another child real soon."

Remy Ma Baby Bump
Getty Images via Raymond Hall

We're sure quarantine has given the couple the chance to spend some quality time with their daughter. It has also given the couple plenty of time to prepare for their upcoming arrival, and they are looking forward to expanding their adorable family very soon.

Stassi Schroeder

Former Vanderpump Rules star and podcast host, Stassi has developed a reputation for telling it how it is. So, when she discovered that she was expecting, she didn't disappoint her fans. She simply shared some random facts like, "So, this is fun: 93% of my shoes don't fit anymore."

Stassi Schroeder Celeb Baby Bumps
Instagram via @the bigthebadthebogie

The reality star and fashionista continued to wow her fans with a series of photos, dressed in fabulous pregnancy outfits. Stassi and her fiancé Beau Clarke, are excited to meet their baby daughter in January, and she declared, "She will be great, powerful, humble, kind, loving, compassionate, and a dash from Kesha."

Ashlee Simpson

In April 2020, Ashlee Simpson also revealed to the world that she is expecting baby number three with her husband, Evan Ross. She shared a selfie of herself and her bump on her Instagram story on the set of the music video of her song, Can't Take My Eyes Off You. She captioned the story, "Love carrying you around." 

Ashlee Simpson Celeb Baby Bumps
Instagram via @ashleesimpsonross

Ashlee then confirmed the news that "We are pregnant, and we are so excited to share it with everyone. Baby #3." The singer also showed her support for other mothers and said, "During this unprecedented time, we know pregnant women may be under greater stress, which is why we are supporting @marchofdimes." 

Maren Morris

In May 2020, country singer Maren Morris gave birth to her first baby with her husband, Ryan Hurd. Before giving birth, the singer said, "The irony is just too rich after a year of living in the GIRL headspace, the universe would give us a baby boy to even things out. See you in 2020, little one."

Maren Morris Celeb Baby Bumps
Getty Images via Terry Wyatt

Maren Morris was sure to document her pregnancy journey on social media for her fans. She has since continued to capture the special moments with her baby for her followers, and said, "It's kind of cool to think that we can look back on his footage when he's old enough and be like, 'You were in there!'" 

Morgan Stewart

In July 2020, T.V. star Morgan Stewart announced that she and her fiance, Jordan McGraw, were engaged. Then in August, she dropped the bombshell that they were expecting their first child together. Morgan revealed the gender on Instagram and said, "She may not be great at math, but at least she'll be well-dressed."

Morgan Stewart Celeb Baby Bumps
Instagram via @morganstewart

Evidently, the E! host is over the moon to share her fashion sense with her daughter. Morgan explained that "I'm so happy that we can now say that out loud, and it's no longer a secret. The secret-keeping for that long, for me, has been one of the hardest things I've ever had to go through."

Chloe Sevigny

In 2019, actress Chloe Sevigny announced that she was expecting her first baby with her beau, Sinisa Mackovic. She couldn't hide her excitement of becoming a mother and said that the couple were simply "trying to enjoy the moment."

Chloe Sevigny Celeb baby Bumps
Instagram via @chloessevigny

Then in May 2020, Chloe gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy. The actress said, "When I found out I was having a boy, I had to wrap my head around that, as I am so girly." Now the new mom is adjusting to parenthood like a pro, and we're loving seeing photos of this picture-perfect family.

Gigi Hadid

In May 2020, the American fashion model Gigi Hadid sent shockwaves through the media when she announced that she was pregnant with her first baby with pop star Zayn Malik. Interestingly, at the start of her pregnancy, the model chose not to share photos as she didn't want to distract attention from all the world's issues.

Gigi Hadid Baby Bumps
Instagram via gigihadid

Gigi initially said that her pregnancy was personal and only wanted to share her journey with those close to her. However, she has since had a change of heart and recently wowed fans with a gorgeous maternity shoot. The arrival is expected in September, and we're at the edge of our seats!

Lea Michele

In May 2020, Glee star Lea Michele announced to her followers that she was expecting baby number one with her husband, Zandy Reich. She shared a gorgeous snap on Instagram, sporting a bohemium blue dress, and smiling at her fabulous baby bump. 

Lea Michele Baby Bumps
Instagram via leamichele

Alongside the post, Lea gushed how she was "so grateful" to be pregnant. Then just three months later, in August, their newborn son, called Ever, made his social media debut. Lea posted an adorable photo of her son's tiny foot and said, "ForEver grateful for this true blessing."

Sophie Turner

In February 2020, Sophie Turner was spotted in public with her husband, Joe Jonas, and a growing baby bump. The actress radiated happiness, and the couple seemed filled with excitement about the upcoming addition to their adorable family.

Sophie Turner Baby Bump
Getty Images via GeBG026/Bauer-Griffin

Soon after, in July 2020, Sophie and Joe welcomed their gorgeous baby daughter into the world, called Willa Jonas. So far, the couple have preferred to keep the photos of their precious daughter private. However, Sophie did tease fans by posting a photo of her and Joe on Instagram and called him her "baby daddy."

Catherine Paiz

In June 2020,  ACE Family's Catherine Paiz welcomed her third child into the world with her husband Austin McBroom. The couple have always been very open about their personal lives, but Catherine chose to keep this pregnancy more private. However, Austin couldn't wait to share the news on Instagram and gushed how "our family is now complete." 

Catherine Paiz Celeb Baby Bumps
Instagram via @catherinemcbroom

During her pregnancy, Catherine said, "I wanted to keep you to myself for as long as I could, and now, after all these months of privately enjoying some time with our family, I am filled with so much joy to share you with the world." She added, "You were the missing puzzle piece, I can't wait to meet you son."


In January 2020, Ciara almost broke the internet when she shared a photo of herself in a bikini, sporting a glowing pregnancy bump. She captioned the photo, "Number 3," and continued to gift her followers with adorable photos throughout her pregnancy.

Ciara Baby Bump
 Toni Anne Barson 

In July 2020, Ciara celebrated the arrival of her second child with her husband Russell Wilson, and we couldn't be happier for the adorable couple. Ciara already has a child from a previous relationship, and the latest addition has truly made their gorgeous family complete.