29+ Celebrities With Unique Physical Features


| LAST UPDATE 05/23/2023

By Genevieve Scott

Nobody's perfect, and we all have unique traits that make us stand out. Some celebrities were once even embarrassed by their unique physical features but eventually learned to embrace them, serving as a reminder that we should too!

Megan Fox's Thumbs

Whether she's starring in an action movie or strutting down the Red Carpet, it's pretty hard not to recognize Megan Fox for her radiating beauty. You may not have noticed before, but the Hollywood hotshot's thumbs are actually clubbed.

Megan Fox Celeb Unique Body PartsMegan Fox Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

This means that they're shorter than most, which could be caused by a condition called Brachydactyly, meaning the thumbs have unusually short bones. No matter how short or long her thumbs are, though, Megan looks stunning no matter what!

Slick Woods' Teeth

Simone Thompson, commonly known as Slick Woods, has a smile that most definitely sets her apart from the rest. One of the first things people notice about this model is her smile, as she has a pretty noticeable gap between her two front teeth. This condition is often called Diastema.

Slick Woods Celeb Unique Body PartsSlick Woods Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Thaddaeus McAdams

This is something that Slick was once insecure about, which might be hard to believe considering how frequently the beauty flashes her teeth. As for today? The model's confidence level is higher than ever, and she can't stop showing off her unique smile for the camera.

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Kate Bosworth's Eyes

If you look closely at Kate Bosworth's face, you'll notice that her eyes are two different colors. One is crystal blue, while the other has a spot of brown. It is possible that the actress has a genetic mutation known as Heterochromia, meaning a sector of the iris on one eye is a different color.

Kate Bosworth Celeb Unique Body PartsKate Bosworth Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via John Shearer

The condition is quite rare, and it's typically hereditary. Luckily for all "sufferers," it's usually pretty harmless, so if Bosworth is a carrier of the condition, she has nothing to worry about. While this trait is considered a mutation, Kate's unique eyes make her even more stunning.

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Denzel Washington's Pinky

It's no secret that Denzel Washington's a sight for sore eyes, as People Magazine once named him the Sexiest Man Alive. Aside from being an incredible actor and having outstandingly good looks, Denzel has a hand that resembles no other since his pinky sticks out from the rest of his fingers.

Denzel Washington Celeb Unique Body PartsDenzel Washington Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via KMazur/WireImage

The award-winning actor reportedly broke his right pinky while playing basketball as a child. The finger was never set correctly, and when it healed, it was left at a 45-degree angle. Now that makes for a one of a kind pinky promise. Do you think it's even more meaningful that way?

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Jonah Hill's Arm

Jonah Hill's clearly not shy when he's cracking jokes in front of the camera, but one thing he's kept more on the down-low is the large scar on his right arm. When he was 15-years-old, Jonah started acting out while his mom was ill, and one night, he got into a car accident.

Jonah Hill Celeb Unique Body PartsJonah Hill Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Gotham/GC Images

His parents were extremely frightened by the crash, and "I said to myself, 'I'll never let them down again... I'm going to be f***ing successful,'" Hill revealed. But ever since then, "I look at this scar every day. That reminds me to work hard," the actor shared.

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Natalie Portman's Mole

You might not have noticed before, as it's often covered by makeup or airbrush, but Natalie Portman has a mole on her left cheek. Of course, the actress is absolutely beautiful, but she used to be self-conscious about this facial feature. "When I did photoshoots, they would photoshop it out," Portman revealed.

Natalie Portman Celeb Unique Body PartsNatalie Portman Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Dimitrios Kambouris

"No one ever wanted to say anything to my face, but I felt like I was being told it was ugly," she added. "Finally, I had to say, 'No, this is part of me.'" And it's a good thing she did because Natalie is one of Hollywood's most stunning stars, and has no reason to be ashamed of any part of her!

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Vince Vaughn's Thumb

Vince Vaughn's full of surprises in all of the incredible comedies he stars in, but the actor has another surprise in store, and it has nothing to do with his Hollywood career. If you take a closer look at his right hand, you might notice that his thumb is missing the tip.

Vince Vaughn Celeb Unique Body PartsVince Vaughn Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

That's because when Vince was 17-years-old, he was involved in a car accident, which thankfully wasn't too serious, but it caused him to lose the tip of his thumb. But don't worry, Vaughn's not self-conscious about his unique feature; He's definitely learned to just roll with it.

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Karolina Kurkova's Belly Button

If you've ever watched the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, then you've probably seen this model before. Karolina Kurkova never fails to blow us away with her breathtaking beauty, and she has a rare feature that sets her apart from the rest of the models. Kurkova essentially has no belly button.

Karolina Kurkova Celeb Unique Body PartsKarolina Kurkova Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Arun Nevader/ Stringer

The area where it would typically be is smooth possibly because of an operation she had a while ago. According to BBC, it's likely the "result of the surgery needed to correct abdominal problems at birth." But clearly, Karolina's missing belly button hasn't made her any less stunning.

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Matthew Perry's Finger

This Friends star never fails to make us laugh our hearts out with his dry humor, and evidently, Matthew Perry has another feature that sets him apart from the rest. His middle finger on his right hand is significantly shorter than most, due to getting his hand slammed in a door as a child.

Matthew Perry Celeb Unique Body PartsMatthew Perry Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Gregg DeGuire

The accident caused Perry to lose a section of the bone, leaving him with a relatively short middle finger. But hey, at least his hand's still intact! There's no harm in having a unique feature, and he might even use it to his advantage. Have you ever noticed while watching Friends?

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Seal's Facial Scars

When looking at this British singer's face, you probably notice his scar at first glance, something he kept private for quite a while. However, Seal eventually revealed the story behind his unique facial feature. It resulted from a disease called Discoid Lupus Erythematosus.

Seal Celeb Unique Body PartsSeal Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Matt Winkelmeyer

It's a chronic autoimmune disorder that affects the skin and causes "butterfly rashes" across a person's cheeks and the bridge of their nose. While Seal once tried to hide these scars, today, he proudly embraces them as a part of his identity. Just look at him; This guy's as handsome as ever!

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Gigi Hadid's Moles

Without a doubt, this supermodel and new mother radiates natural beauty. However, there was a time when Gigi Hadid was embarrassed by her moles, and she was quite insecure about wearing a two-piece. But she eventually learned to accept this part of her and see that the moles only add to her beauty.

Gigi Hadid Unique Body PartsGigi Hadid Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Johnny Louis/FilmMagic

In Gigi's case, these birthmarks multiplied as she got older, making it more difficult to hide them. Luckily, she eventually started to embrace that they'll always be a part of her. Every aspect of Gigi is beautiful; We're just glad she finally agrees!

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Padma Lakshmi's Arm

Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi is always dressed to impress in front of the camera. The stunning model's had quite a journey to a successful career, including an accident that caused the large scar on her right arm. Years ago, Padma was in a severe car accident, leaving her with a seven-inch scar.

Padma Lakshmi Celeb Unique Body PartsPadma Lakshmi Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Michael Loccisano

"When I was young, I tended to be more self-conscious about my stretch marks from growing or the scar from my car accident," she admitted. "But now, after being a mother, after living a life, after being a model for so many years, I'm proud of my scars because they mean that I've had a life... An interesting one."

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Jane Seymour's Eyes

Like Kate Bosworth, Jane Seymour also has a unique set of eyes, as one is greenish-blue eye and the other is brown. Jane revealed that she was embarrassed about her differing eyes when she was younger and looked at it as a flaw rather than an incredible feature.

Jane Seymour Unique Celeb Body PartsJane Seymour Unique Celeb Body Parts
Getty Images via Steve Granitz

But today, her perspective has completely changed, and Seymour recognizes the beauty of her unique eyes. And let's be real here, they complement her gorgeous red hair perfectly! After just one glance at this actress, it's hard to look away, given her radiant and beautiful eyes.

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Ashton Kutcher's Feet

Ashton Kutcher practically grew up on camera, making him far from shy. However, the actor has one hidden feature that's impossible to see unless he takes his shoes off. So yes, we're referring to his feet, which appear different than most; Just check out his toes.

Ashton Kutcher Unique Celeb Body PartsAshton Kutcher Unique Celeb Body Parts
Getty Images via Andy Butterton - PA Images

He's one of the rare gems with webbed feet, but don't worry, it's harmless! Kutcher revealed that he didn't know there was anything unique about his feet until he saw his friends without shoes. He noticed that their toes looked a lot more "free" than his. His only major struggle seems to be wearing flip flops!

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Cassandra Naud's Birthmark

This professional dancer's had a uniquely beautiful appearance since the day she was born. Cassandra Naud was born with a distinct birthmark under her right eye, and for a while, she was embarrassed to go out in public because of it. She even considered undergoing risky procedures to have it removed.

Cassandra Naud Celeb Unique Body PartsCassandra Naud Celeb Unique Body Parts
Instagram via @cassandranaud

After years of begging her parents to have the birthmark removed, Cassandra eventually learned to embrace it. If you ask Naud about getting rid of it today, she'd immediately decline, as she now sees it as a way of making her stand out, especially on the stage as a dancer.

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Mekhi Alante Lucky's Eyes

Talk about getting lost in a person's eyes! This model is certainly a magnificent sight, especially if you take a look at his different colored eyes. Mekhi Alante Lucky is another gorgeous star with Heterochromia-like traits, as one eye is crystal blue and the other appears to be a deep brown.

Mekhi Alante Lucky Celeb Unique Body PartsMekhi Alante Lucky Celeb Unique Body Parts
Instagram via @officialmekhilucky

"People stare at me all the time," he shared. And can you blame them? It's hard not to admire Mekhi's one of a kind set of eyes. His children inherited the same unique trait, and trust us, they're just as beautiful as their dad; Now those are some good genes!

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Angelina Jolie's Knees

There's no question that Angelina Jolie instantly turns heads on the Red Carpet with her beauty. At the Kung Fu Panda 3 premiere in 2016, she wore a stunning black dress, giving fans a glimpse of her knees, which appear to be more prominent than her other bones.

Angelina Jolie Celeb Unique Body PartsAngelina Jolie Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Alberto E. Rodriguez

Her knees tend to pop out more at some times than others, depending on her stance. But this feature clearly hasn't stopped the actress from strutting her stuff on the carpet or from winning countless awards for her movie roles. No matter what, Angelina will always be a showstopper!

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Joaquin Phoenix's Lips

When Joaquin Phoenix isn't covered head to toe in makeup as the Joker, you might notice there's something unique about his smile, specifically on his upper lip. "While pregnant with me, my mother felt a sharp pain one day, and I was born with a mark on my lip," he revealed.

Joaquin Phoenix Celeb Unique Body PartsJoaquin Phoenix Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Francois G. Durand/WireImage

But not to worry, the scar on Joaquin's lip hasn't affected him in the slightest; It just gives him his own unique marking, and there's no reason to be embarrassed about that! And when he's in full makeup or sporting his usual mustache and beard, you can't even see the scar!

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Moffy Gathorne-Hardy's Eye

Like many of our other beloved stars, this model has a unique facial feature, which only adds to her beauty. Moffy Gathorne-Hardy has a condition called Strabismus, which causes her to appear cross-eyed. But not to worry, Moffy's eye hasn't stopped her from pursuing a successful modeling career.

Moffy Gathorne-Hardy Celeb Unique Body partsMoffy Gathorne-Hardy Celeb Unique Body parts
Instagram via @moffygathornehardy

"I think that the term 'Strabismus' is too scientific and makes it sound as if I have a condition that affects other aspects of my life," she explained. "I have never seen it in those terms, as far as I'm concerned, I've just got a funny eye!" And we have to say, Moffy's incredibly beautiful, with her own unique feature.

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Mark Wahlberg's Nipple

This photo of Mark Wahlberg from his younger years not only takes us back in time, but it also highlights one of his unique features that not all of his fans know about. Like some of our other stars, Wahlberg was born with a third nipple, and he's certainly not shy about it.

Mark Wahlberg Celeb Unique Body PartsMark Wahlberg Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Ron Galella

This unique trait only pops out when the Hollywood icon's without a shirt, and it's pretty tiny, so you'll have to look closely to see it within those rockhard abs, as Mark revealed that it's "the size of an infant's nipple." No matter how many nipples this hotshot has, he'll always be one of the most handsome men in Hollywood.

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Elizabeth Berkley's Eyes

It's not hard to get lost in Elizabeth Berkley's glowing eyes, and if you look closely enough, you'll probably see that they're two different colors, making her even more stunning. The actress was born with this unique feature, causing a section of one eye to appear brown.

Elizabeth Berkley Celeb Unique Body PartsElizabeth Berkley Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

While this trait is quite rare, it's typically harmless. All it's done for Elizabeth is give her one entirely green eye and one with some brown, giving her a more unique appearance. According to a study by World Atlas, people with green eyes only make up 2% of the population, making Berkely even more of a rare gem.

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Harry Styles' Nipples

While most of the population has two nipples, Harry Styles has been blessed with not one but two extras, giving him a total of four nipples. A few years ago, the artist claimed that he wasn't shy about showing his unique feature, as it's certainly nothing to be embarrassed about!

Harry Styles Celeb Unique Body PartsHarry Styles Celeb Unique Body Parts
Pinterest via camie2013

"I've got four nipples!" Styles proudly shared. "I think I must have been a twin, but then the other one went away and left its nipples behind. I feel so free. I think you could safely say I'm not shy." Harry's recently covered his torso with tattoos, which complement his unique trait quite nicely.

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Daryl Hannah's Finger

Like Matthew Perry, Daryl Hannah's also missing a piece of her finger, and it's not because she was born that way. The actress revealed that as a child, she got her index finger stuck in the pulley of a well at her grandmother's house, and she ultimately lost the tip.

Daryl Hannah Celeb Unique Body PartsDaryl Hannah Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Lalo Yasky

Chances are, you've never noticed Daryl's short finger in any of her movies because she typically wears a prosthetic. Daryl said that she used to be somewhat self-conscious about it, but after a while, she embraced this unique finger, and she has no problem showing it off to the world!

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Winnie Harlow's Skin

There's no doubt that Winnie Harlow is one of the most beautiful women out there, both inside and out. The model was diagnosed with a rare skin condition called Vitiligo at the age of four; "My immune system feels that my melanin (what makes color in your skin), is a disease," she explained. "So, it fights it off."

Winnie Harlow Unique Celeb Body PartsWinnie Harlow Unique Celeb Body Parts
Instagram via @winnieharlow

Winnie shared that she was bullied because of her skin for many years, but she started to embrace her uniqueness once she got older. "Vitiligo is a blessing in disguise," she revealed. Harlow said that once she learned how to love herself for it, "Opportunities just started falling in my lap."

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Tom Hardy's Pinky

It's no secret that the English actor and producer is somewhat prone to injuries, and he has quite a few scars to prove it. If you've paid close attention to his movies, then you may have noticed that his right pinky never seems to straighten out, and it's not on purpose.

Tom Hardy Celeb Unique Body PartsTom Hardy Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Oleg Nikishin/Epsilon

Hardy explained that he injured his finger in a little "kitchen mishap" when he was younger. He accidentally cut his pinky with a knife, which damaged the tendon, causing it to stay permanently curled. Luckily, his hand's still functional; He just has a one of a kind little pinky to show off!

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Mila Kunis' Eyes

Mila Kunis has graced our TV screens since she was a teenager and seems to get more beautiful by the day. Have you ever looked deeply into the star's eyes? If you look closely, you'll probably notice that they're two different colors, making her even more breathtaking to look at.

Mila Kunis Celeb Unique Body PartsMila Kunis Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Michael Tran

But Mila wasn't born with these eyes; The color changed because "I was blind in one eye for many years, and nobody knew," she revealed. "I'm not blind anymore. I had surgery a couple of months ago. They cut it open and dropped a new lens in there," Kunis shared about a decade ago.

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Forest Whitaker's Eyelid

Black Panther star Forest Whitaker's known to be an incredible actor, but one trait that he's not too crazy about is his left eye. Whitaker's left eyelid tends to hang slightly lower than the other. Some film critics have even said this feature makes him more appealing in the industry.

Forest Whitaker Celeb Unique Body PartsForest Whitaker Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via John Shearer/WireImage

Various critics have expressed that Forest's eyelid is quite "intriguing" and gives him "a lazy, more contemplative look," which has helped with some movie roles. But the actor's thought about having it corrected, simply because the drooping eyelid sometimes interferes with his eyesight.

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Sanaa Lathan's Thumbs

The beautiful Sanaa Lathan always has a way of impressing us in her movies. But she revealed that one major insecurity she has about herself is her thumbs. Like Megan Fox, this actress has particularly short thumbs, and she doesn't typically show them off in front of the camera.

Sanaa Lathan Celeb Unique Body PartsSanaa Lathan Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Kevin Winter

These days though, Sanaa doesn't let this feature bother her, and why should she?! Having a unique trait like this only adds to her one of a kind beauty, and clearly, it hasn't stopped her from doing what she loves. No matter what size, a thumb is a thumb, and they're all different!

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Jessica Cauffiel's Eyes

Legally Blonde actress Jessica Cauffiel is another gorgeous star diagnosed with rare eyes, as hers are also two different colors. While they're both bright and dreamy, one eye is entirely blue, and the other has a touch of brown, making an exquisite combination!

Jessica Cauffiel Unique Celeb Body PartsJessica Cauffiel Unique Celeb Body Parts
Getty Images via Kevin Mazur

Thankfully, Jessica's case hasn't impacted her vision, but it's certainly caused others to take a closer look at her beauty. She only has partial Heterochramia since there's just a small brown section, meaning it's most likely genetic. If so, her children could inherit the same trait and end up just as stunning!

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Tina Fey's Scar

Tina Fey is an extremely recognizable face in Hollywood, and one feature that often stands out is the scar near her lip. When Tina was a child, a stranger marked her face with a sharp object, and the scar's been there ever since. But don't worry, she didn't suffer much, "I proceeded, unaware of it," Fey revealed.

Tina Fey Celeb Unique Body PartsTina Fey Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Jeffrey Ufberg

"It's really almost like I'm kind of able to forget about it until I was on camera," she shared. Fey doesn't seem too bothered by the scar or the incident, but being such a famous actress, "It's impossible to talk about it without somehow seemingly exploiting it and glorifying it," Tina explained.

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Gerard Butler's Ear

At first glance, you might not notice anything unique about Gerard Butler, other than his impeccably good looks. But if you look closely, you'll probably see that his left ear sticks out significantly more than the right. But don't worry, this feature hasn't impacted the actor one bit.

Gerard Butler Celeb Unique Body PartsGerard Butler Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Alberto E. Rodriguez

Butler didn't even notice the difference in his ears until he started filming Tomb Raider. "I didn't realize it until I had to shave my head for that movie," he revealed. "Everyone went, 'Holy f***, one ear sticks out way more than the other one!'" Who knows, maybe this unique trait allows Gerard to hear even better in one ear.

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Eva Mendes' Mole

Believe it or not, even the gorgeous Eva Mendes has been insecure about one particular feature in her life. The actress admitted that she was once embarrassed about the mole on her cheek. "In junior high, the other kids would say, 'You've got some chocolate on your face,' and I fell for it every time," Mendes shared.

Eva Mendes Celeb Unique Body partsEva Mendes Celeb Unique Body parts
Getty Images via Gustavo Caballero

"I said, 'The minute I turn 18, I'm going to get that mole removed!" But eventually, Mendes learned to embrace this feature, as it clearly adds to her undeniable beauty, and she decided not to have it removed as she'd hoped of doing for years. "I'm happy I didn't," Eva shared.

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Selena Gomez's Scar

Selena Gomez has been open about her personal life over the years, including her diagnosis with lupus. She eventually needed a kidney transplant and was left with a scar on the inside of her right thigh. "When I got my kidney transplant, I remember it being very difficult at first showing my scar," Gomez revealed.

Selena Gomez Celeb Unique Body PartsSelena Gomez Celeb Unique Body Parts
Instagram via @selenagomez

But after a while, Selena learned to embrace her scar, and we're so glad she did! "I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for that scar," she shared. "And now I look at it in a much different way." Selena hopes to inspire others with her story and remind her fans that these unique traits are nothing to be ashamed of.

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David Bowie's Eye

One of David Bowie's iconic features is his eyes, as they're one of the many things that make the rockstar so unique. But he wasn't born this way; Bowie took a punch to the face when he was a teenager, leaving his eye scratched and his left pupil significantly more dilated than the right.

David Bowie Celeb Unique Body PartsDavid Bowie Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Evan Agostini

Over time, having two different eyes grew on David, as it gave him "a kind of mystique." And this certainly didn't hold the artist back; Bowie has a one of a kind set of eyes, and anyone who stares deeply into them either while he's on stage or in a photo is often mesmerized by them.

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Michael Strahan's Teeth

Former NFL star and TV personality Michael Strahan is commonly known for his vibrant personality and incredible smile. Michael's smile is extra unique because he has a fairly large gap between his front teeth. Many people with this trait often choose to close it, and Strahan once contemplated doing the same.

Michael Strahan Celeb Unique Body PartsMichael Strahan Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Gregg DeGuire

He saw a dentist about closing it up, but he decided otherwise after a lot of thinking. "There's so much pressure to be perfect. You can fix everything now," Strahan said. "For me, I made the conscious effort to say, 'This is who I am.' I'm not perfect." And we're glad this handsome fella learned to embrace his unique feature!

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Katy Perry's Eye

It might not be the first thing you notice when looking at this superstar, but Katy perry's admitted to having a "wonk" eye. If you're wondering what exactly that means, pretty much, Katy's described it as her left eye appearing significantly smaller than the right.

Katy Perry Celeb Unique Body PartsKaty Perry Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Frazer Harrison

Her eye hasn't set her back from thriving in her career, but she's admitted to correcting this feature at times. "I got a prescription for my wonk eye to make [my left eye] go bigger whenever I take pictures because I have a slight wonk eye," Perry explained.

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Hrithik Roshan's Thumbs

Bollywood legend Hrithik Roshan has more to show off than just his acting and dancing; This guy has not one but two thumbs on his right hand. While he's learned to embrace this incredibly unique feature over time, Hrithik revealed, "My thumb used to repel people in school."

Hrithik Roshan Celeb Unique Body PartsHrithik Roshan Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via AFP/Stringer

Many people wondered why the actor didn't have his extra thumb surgically removed, and he explained that it's part of his identity. "I am lucky... God gave me a piece of ugly to carry with me to remind myself n others of how beautiful our imperfections make us," Roshan shared.

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Elizabeth Taylor's Eyelashes

It's no secret that Elizabeth Taylor radiated with beauty, and she had a way of batting her eyelashes that mesmerized anyone who looked at her. And that wasn't because she wore fake lashes or packed on the mascara; Taylor was born with an extra row of eyelashes.

Elizabeth Taylor Celeb Unique Body PartsElizabeth Taylor Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Silver Screen Collection

As long as the extra lashes didn't bother her in any way, then there was absolutely nothing to worry about! You could say Elizbeth got pretty lucky with this trait, as she always appeared camera ready with her beautiful and full eyelashes, which perfected her effortless beauty.

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Max Scherzer's Eyes

MLB pitcher Max Scherzer's one of the rare gems with two different colored eyes, and this is something he takes a lot of pride in. "I've always celebrated it," he said. "Whether you like it or not, that's who I am. I got one blue and one brown; There's nothing I can do about it."

Max Scherzer Celeb Unique Body partsMax Scherzer Celeb Unique Body parts
Getty Images via Michael Reaves

And we definitely can't blame him; Scherzer's eyes are magical! He revealed that all of his drawings that included people or animals also had different colored eyes when he was a kid. Some of the bobbleheads made of Max even have the same unique eyes, emphasizing how incredible they are.

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Gemma Arterton's Fingers

It's nearly impossible to spot now, but Gemma Arterton once had six fingers on each hand. She was born with an extra finger on both hands, but they had no bones, so the doctor tied them off, and they fell off naturally. "It's my little oddity that I'm really proud of," the actress shared.

Gemma Arterton Celeb Unique Body PartsGemma Arterton Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Neil Mockford

"People are really interested but repulsed at the same time." Today, if you look closely at Gemma's hands, all that's left of her extra fingers is a scar on each hand, leaving her wondering what life would be like with a total of 12 fingers. "We could do more stuff if we had extra fingers," she said.

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Stephen Colbert's Ear

If you look closely at Stephen Colbert's right ear, you might detect that it looks quite different from the left. That's because "I had this weird tumor as a kid," he told The New Yorker. "And they scooped it out with a melon baller." The procedure caused the unique shape of Colbert's ear.

Stephen Colbert Celeb Unique Body PartsStephen Colbert Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Jason LaVeris

The surgery also damaged Stephen's inner ear and made him lose his hearing in the right ear. So, he's been relying solely on his left ear to hear and certainly hasn't let his partial deafness hold him back in his career. But hey, his right ear looks pretty cool, and thankfully, the left one is extra strong!

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Duckie Thot's Features

Nyadak Thot, more commonly known as Duckie, is an Australian model who rose to fame after being recognized for her unique appearance. Duckie's features set her apart from other models, as she closely resembles a Barbie doll, and many people have even mistaken her as one online.

Duckie Thot Celeb Unique Body PartsDuckie Thot Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Bryan Bedder/Stringer

After her first runway show in Milan, Duckie tweeted, "Who says Barbie can't do both?" This beauty has been rocking the runway ever since, embracing her iconic appearance, as that's what launched her career in the first place. "When it comes to diversity in the industry, I'm happy to be a part of that change," Duckie shared.

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Andy Cohen's Eye

Like Katy Perry, Bravo icon Andy Cohen also has a set of "wonky" eyes. While it's hard to imagine today, there was once a time when this TV personality let his eyes hold him back from being on camera. "When I was a 21-year-old intern at CBS, I was told I had crossed eyes and shouldn't try to be on air," Andy shared.

Andy Cohen Celeb Unique Body PartsAndy Cohen Celeb Unique Body Parts
Getty Images via Dave Kotinsky

"That's when I decided I was going to be behind the scenes," he continued. Cohen consulted with doctors to see if there was a way to correct this trait but eventually decided to embrace his unique eyes. And thankfully, he pursued the TV career of his dreams and has become extremely successful.

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John Stamos' Belly Button

You might remember this guy as Uncle Jessie from Full House, always making an entrance on his motorcycle and stealing the ladies' hearts. John Stamos is certainly a sight for sore eyes, and when he takes his shirt off, you might notice his unique belly button.

John Stamos Celeb Unique Body PartsJohn Stamos Celeb Unique Body Parts
IMGUR via UpvotesForAllUBeeches

Stamos explained in an interview that when he was a kid, doctors thought he had an umbilical hernia, so they operated, but in the end, that wasn't the case. So, he was left with this scar. Even with an unusual looking belly button, John's good looks are undeniable, and this feature just makes him more unique.

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Kate Hudson's Ears

As an actress, author, entrepreneur, and so much more, Kate Hudson seems to do it all. Her gorgeous golden locks certainly stand out in a crowd, but Hudson revealed that when her hair's pulled back, her ears take over the spotlight. "I've always had ears that stick out," Hudson said, as people used to tease her.

Kate Hudson Unique CelebsKate Hudson Unique Celebs
Getty Images via Paul McConnell

"They were something people made fun of," she revealed. "I was a pretty tough girl, though." To avoid being called names like "Dumbo," Kate used to hide her ears under her hair. Eventually, though, she learned to embrace this part of her, because she's beautiful both inside and out, no matter the size of her ears.

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Natalie Dormer's Smile

Game of Thrones actress Natalie Dorfer has a one-of-a-kind smile, but if you ask her? "I have a lopsided smile," Dormer revealed. "I get accused of having a haughty smugness. I have a lopsided mouth. I can't help it. I was born with it." Natalie shared that she's been told, "Don't do that smile on the Red Carpet."

Natalie Dormer Unique CelebsNatalie Dormer Unique Celebs
Getty Images via Mike Marsland

Luckily, though, the actress takes pride in her smile and doesn't let anyone put her down. "And if that message filters down to some girl looking in the mirror who feels she's not completely symmetrical, then I am glad to have helped in some small, albeit ridiculous way," Dormer said.

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Kristen Bell's Eyes

You may not notice upon first glance, but actress Kristen Bell has something unique about her eyes. "I am slightly cross-eyed. Always have been, always will be," Kristen shared on Instagram. Evidently, Bell's not ashamed of this at all, and she has no reason to be!

Kristen Bell Unique CelebsKristen Bell Unique Celebs
Getty Images via Frank Trapper

Some people with this trait have chosen to get surgery to correct it, but Bell simply embraces her eyes. Thankfully, this hasn't impacted her vision or set her back from pursuing a successful career. The only thing her eyes do is make her stand out even more, in the best way possible.

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Tyler Posey's Jaw

Tyler Posey graced our TV screens for years as Scott McCall in Teen Wolf. He's both talented and handsome, with quite a defined jawline, adding to his good looks. But have you ever noticed that his jaw appears relatively crooked? Clearly, it hasn't stopped him from having a successful career.

Tyler Posey Unique CelebsTyler Posey Unique Celebs
Getty Images via Rodin Eckenroth

While he hasn't exactly explained why his jaw looks like this, he's acknowledged it numerous times. Posey once shared a photo on Instagram with the caption, "Now that my nipples and crooked jaw have your attention." Regardless of the symmetry of his jaw, Tyler's certainly one good-looking guy!

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Busy Philips' Moles

Busy Philipps has certainly won over Hollywood with her humor and beauty, and part of what makes her so beautiful are the moles on her body. "I've always loved my freckles or, I call them, moles," Phillips revealed. However, when she first started acting, not everyone could embrace them the way Busy did.

Busy Philipps Unique CelebsBusy Philipps Unique Celebs
Getty Images via Frazer Harrison

"When I started out as an actress in this industry when I was 19, I was told by a lot of people to remove them," she shared. Philipps also revealed that even a few years ago, "a woman told me that she thought I should remove them. I was like, 'that ship has sailed.'" Being proud of who she is, makes Busy even more admirable.

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Penelope Cruz's Eye

It's no secret that actress Penelope Cruz turns heads with her beauty. She's always dressed to impress, but she pointed out a trait that many people have never noticed. "My brother tells me I have a lazy eye," said Cruz. "He sees things that no one else does, and I know he's right."

Penelope Cruz Unique CelebsPenelope Cruz Unique Celebs
Getty Images via LOIC VENANCE

While her eyes might not be perfectly symmetrical, that hasn't stopped Cruz from dominating Hollywood. Even if one eye appears different from the other, it only makes her more unique, which is something we admire about all of the celebrities on this list.

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Ed Sheeran's Scar

If you look closely at Ed Sheeran's right cheek, you'll notice a small yet defined scar. There have been plenty of rumors over the years of how he got it, but eventually, the truth came out, and he's not allowed to talk about it. Supposedly, Princess Beatrice had accidentally sliced his cheek, pretending to knight James Blunt.

Ed Sheeran Unique CelebsEd Sheeran Unique Celebs
Getty Images via Kevin Mazur

"And for like two weeks afterward, I had this huge gash on my face, and people would be like, 'Oh, what happened?'" Sheeran explained. "And then suddenly it came out… Uh, allegedly." Well, no matter what the truth behind this story is, the scar makes Sheeran even more unique and might even enhance his smile; What do you think?

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Stacy London's Hair

Anyone who watched What Not to Wear knows Stacy London, famous for giving contestants the makeover of a lifetime. You might've noticed that Stacy has relatively dark hair, but she has one grey streak. "My hair is a big part of me. I've had the grey streak since I got really sick when I was 11," London revealed.

Stacy London Unique CelebsStacy London Unique Celebs
Getty Images via Craig Barritt

At age 11, Stacy became quite ill, and one day, the grey streak showed up during this tough battle. Eventually, London learned to embrace this stunning asset. "Now, I even have a grey clause with Pantene, where I said, 'You can do whatever you want to my hair, but you can't dye my grey streak.' It's a part of me!"

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Shawn Marion's Pinky

Former NBA star Shawn Marion dominated the court, but it looks like the sport might've also dominated him; Just take a look at his left pinky. Marion's dislocated it quite a few times over the years, and currently, "It's facing 10 o'clock," he joked. "More like 11 o'clock."

Shawn Marion Unique CelebsShawn Marion Unique Celebs
Getty Images via Jun Sato

Marion revealed that he first injured his pinky as a child and has managed to bust it multiple other times during his career. So, when he proudly retired from the NBA after 16 seasons, he had a little battle wound to show off; Now that's a pretty cool party trick, right?! Thankfully, Shawn's bent pinky doesn't cause him pain.

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Rachel McAdams' Moles

Without a doubt, Rachel McAdams has taken Hollywood by storm, with her lead roles in Mean GirlsThe Notebook, and so many other incredible films. She's both beautiful and talented, and the moles on her face only add to her beauty. This feature has even inspired her fans, teaching them to love and appreciate their own traits.

Rachel McAdams Unique CelebsRachel McAdams Unique Celebs
Getty Images via George Pimentel

"Seeing Rachel McAdams, who is unquestionably beautiful and incredibly talented, on screen with her moles - the kind of moles I have - really has made me feel better," a woman named Rachel Reid shared with Metro. Evidently, McAdams is a role model to fans, and she's genuinely helping others embrace their own beauty. 

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Victoria Justice's Tongue

Victoria Justice first rose to fame on Nickelodeon during her teenage years and has frequently shown off her incredibly long tongue ever since. We're not exactly sure why, but it's clear that her tongue appears longer than the average, at least when she stretches it out like so.

Victoria Justice Unique CelebsVictoria Justice Unique Celebs
Reddit via Dannig178

For a while, this became Justice's signature pose for some of her work on Nickelodeon, as it sure makes her stand out from the rest. Chances are, Victoria's lengthy tongue hasn't impacted her life positively or negatively, but we definitely think it's a pretty cool asset!

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Dani Evans' Teeth

Like Slick Woods, supermodel Dani Evans also has a noticeable space between her teeth, making her stand out in the industry. Evans shared that she was somewhat insecure about her gap as a child but learned to love it over time. However, when she appeared on America's Next Top Model in 2006, Tyra Banks thought otherwise.

Dani Evans Unique CelebsDani Evans Unique Celebs
Getty Images via Thos Robinson

"Do you really think you can have a CoverGirl contract with a gap in your mouth?" Tyra said to Dani. Slick Woods was the first to stand up for Evans and reassure her that she had a beautiful smile. And since then, Dani's used her unique smile to her advantage, pursuing a successful modeling career.

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Tia Jonsson's Skin

Like Winnie Harlow, Tia Jonsson, a stunning blonde model, also has a condition called vitiligo. Being in the spotlight has drawn attention to her skin, specifically on her face. "Having vitiligo has only recently become a significant part of my life, and it hasn't ever been a hardship," Jonsson revealed.

Tia Jonsson Unique CelebsTia Jonsson Unique Celebs
Instagram via @tiajonsson

"I remember pulling my hair back with butterfly clips when I was little and feeling really brave." Tia also has a white streak in the front of her hair, and we definitely can't get enough of her! Without a doubt, Jonsson's taking the fashion industry by storm, and her unique image only makes her more gorgeous.

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Andy Garcia's Shoulder

Andy Garcia's a successful Hollywood actor and director, but there's far more to his life story than that. According to IMDb, Garcia was born as a conjoined twin. His twin, though, was only the size of a tennis ball when he was born and was attached to his shoulder. 

Andy Garcia Unique CelebsAndy Garcia Unique Celebs
Getty Images via Michael Loccisano

When Andy was born, his twin was surgically removed, and he went on to live a pretty normal life. All that's left is a scar on his shoulder, plus a pretty unbelievable story. Most people have never gotten a look at the scar, as the actor almost always covers his shoulders. Now that certainly makes Garcia a unique individual!

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La Östergren's Legs

At first glance, you might be mesmerized by the length of this Swedish model's legs. La Östergren is both a model and bodybuilder, famous for her incredibly killer long legs, and she loves to show them off. However, La revealed that her classmates teased her for being so tall and skinny when she was a kid.

La Östergren Unique CelebsLa Östergren Unique Celebs
Instagram via @iostergren

But she overcame these judgments and used her modelesque legs to build a successful career. Her legs are around 40 inches long, meaning they make up about half of her height, which is close to 5'10." We can only imagine how gorgeous La must look strutting down the runway!

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