Jordyn woods kylie scandal
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29+ Celeb Fallouts We Didn't See Coming


| LAST UPDATE 08/16/2021

By Genevieve Scott

"I was like, 'Oh, we're just straight-up enemies,'" Taylor Swift recalled of her public tiff. But she's not the only one with bad blood. From band breakups to backstage secrets, here are some of Hollywood's most unexpected fallouts...

Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez

"It's just the evidence of forever. No matter what," Selena once gushed of her Hollywood bestie: it's been a while, we know. But there once was a time when Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez were attached at the hip.

Demi Lovato Selena feudDemi Lovato Selena feud
Christopher Polk via Getty Images

"We've been through a lot together," as Demi put it. From Barney all the way to Princess Protection Program (remember that?), these childhood besties have literally done it all. Unfortunately, we all know how this story ends. "I think it's just one of those things where people change... grow apart," Lovato explained.

Drake Bell & Josh Peck

We watched these guys show us the true meaning of sibling rivalry over the years. But we're not just talking about their time dodging Megan's booby traps. While these Drake & Josh co-stars might have been brothers at one point, they won't be hugging it out anytime soon.

Drake bell josh dramaDrake bell josh drama
Lester Cohen/WireImage via Getty Images

From not making the invite list at Josh Peck's wedding to his recent run-ins with the law, it appears Drake Bell is officially on the outs with his former step-brother. "It's upsetting, and it's an unfortunate situation," Peck shaded Bell's recent doings. "It's disappointing."

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Stassi Schroeder & Kristen Doute

They might be used to serving Pumptinis or Pinot Grigio, but SUR's finest also know a thing or two about spilling tea. Of course, we're talking about the time these Vanderpump Rules besties blessed us with one of the juiciest tiffs in reality tv history. Hear that, Andy Cohen?

Stassi kristen doute feudStassi kristen doute feud
Alison Buck/WireImage via Getty Images

"I do think that it is something that people are going to talk about for a very, very long time," Kristen Doute confessed after coming clean about her interaction with Jax Taylor - a.k.a her then-BFF, Stassi Schroder's boyfriend. Yep, told ya this one was messy.

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Larsa Pippen & Kim Kardashian

"He has literally brainwashed the whole family into thinking - I don't even know what," our next star confessed of how she came to be exiled from the Kardashian Klan: back in the day, these two were inseparable. Where there was Larsa, there was Kim. But a whole lot has changed since then.

Larsa pippen kardashian feudLarsa pippen kardashian feud
gotpap/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images via Getty Images

And according to Larsa, she's actually got... Kanye West to thank for that. "If Kanye feels he and Kim are better without me, then let them be without me," Pippen shaded. "I've done nothing. I've never done one thing. I've been the most honest and truthful best friend to all of them." So. many. questions.

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Jordyn Woods & Kylie Jenner

"When we were friends, we never thought that we wouldn't be friends," Jenner confessed. Trust us, Kylie, we also never expected things to pan out the way that they did. Of course, we're talking about the explosive shocker that brought these two from sisters to strangers back in 2019.

Jordyn woods kylie scandalJordyn woods kylie scandal
Emma McIntyre via Getty Images for SECNDNTURE

"When she did something to my family, it felt like she did something to me," Kylie confessed. As for what Jordyn did? For those who somehow haven't already heard about Kylie's BFF secretly hooking up with Khloe's beau? Well, now you have. And bible, we've been trying to recover ever since.

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Tati Westbrook & James Charles

It's not every day we hear about a 37-year-old mother feuding with a 19-year-old makeup artist. Then again, all odds are off when it comes to the messy world of YouTube. Back in 2019, blogging besties Tati Westbrook and James Charles took their drama to our feeds after a sponsored ad ended in tears.

celebrity fall outs celebrity fall outs
Youtube via James Charles

And to think, it all started with those Sugar Bear Hair gummies. Yes, really: Charles posted a "swipe up" for the hair vitamins, which his then-bestie had lots to say about. Why? Tati had a rivaling supplement brand. "When you can't have any emotion for [those] who love you so much - I'm not okay with that," she quickly shaded.

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Katy Perry & Taylor Swift

Ever wonder what bad blood looks like? You're looking right at it. While Perry might have once been in Tay's squad, let's just say the former besties are never ever getting back together. From shady tweets to even shadier diss-tracks, Perry's had no problem making her feelings known.

Katy perry taylor swiftKaty perry taylor swift
Larry Busacca via Getty Images for NARAS

But neither has Swift. In fact, she even wrote a hit song about it, which you may have heard before: According to reports, Taylor penned Bad Blood about Perry after she "stole" her backup dancers. And while the two have seemingly since made nice, we'll never be able to shake this one off.

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Lea Michele & Heather Morris

Sure, she's got the voice of an angel. But according to her former co-star, Heather Morris? Lea Michele's time in Glee was actually far from melodious. Back in 2020, the blonde beauty took to Twitter to open the lid on their time together. And from the sounds of it? The real drama was going on behind the scenes.

Lea michele glee feudLea michele glee feud

"Was she unpleasant to work with? Very much so," Morris shaded her former co-star. "For Lea to treat others with the disrespect that she did for as long as she did, I believe she SHOULD be called out." Their time behind the desk might be long gone, but this breakup will never be forgotten.

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Karlie Kloss & Taylor Swift

Our next famous faces were practically destined to be besties. No, really: "People had been telling us for years we needed to meet," Swift gushed to Vogue of her then-BFF. "I remember... people going, 'God, she and Karlie would be best friends. They're the same.'" Unfortunately, they may have been a little too similar.

Karlie taylor swift feudKarlie taylor swift feud
Christopher Polk/AMA2014 via Getty Images for DCP

While we can't say what exactly went wrong, we do know Swift was absent from Kloss's wedding. Which, well, need we say more? "When the words of a sister come back in whispers that prove she was not, in fact, what she seemed," Swift shaded in her 2021 track, it's time to go. We see you, Taylor...

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Perez Hilton & Lady Gaga

We may not be able to read her poker face, but Lady Gaga had no problem filling in the missing pieces when it came to her fiery tiff with Perez Hilton. "Now I see who you really are," the Poker Face artist shaded her former partner-in-crime after their 2011 falling out. 

Perez hilton lady gagaPerez hilton lady gaga
George Pimentel/WireImage via Getty Images

As for what went wrong? Well, it depends who we ask. According to the superstar, there was lots of sabotaging and stalking involved. But if we ask Hilton? A star was born: "when you have that kind of fame, it really warps your entire life, your perception," he shaded.

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Zendaya & Bella Thorne

"It's been happening... since we started the damn show... like it's no surprise," Thorne revealed. Ever since we met Bella and Zendaya back in 2010, the Shake It Up co-stars' friendship has been put to the test. That is, at least where one of them is concerned.

Zendaya bella thorne feudZendaya bella thorne feud
Steve Granitz/WireImage via Getty Images

"People love, you know, putting women against each other," Thorne confessed of her and Z's rivalry. But despite the shady rumors and apparent feuds over the years, it appears the childhood besties have since made amends. "The truth is we are so different, there is no competition," Zendaya explained. Love to see it.

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Britney Spears & Jamie Lynn Spears

"It's extremely clear since the day I was born, I've only loved, adored, and supported my sister," Jamie Lynn gushed back in June of her older sis. Safe to say, that same support has since turned toxic. But don't quote us on that one. "My so-called support system hurt me deeply!" Brit soon shot down her sister's claims.

Britney spears jamie lynnBritney spears jamie lynn
Kevin Winter via Getty Images

What happened? "I don't like that my sister showed up at an awards show and performed MY SONGS!" Brit called out Jamie's 2017 Radio Disney gig. "How dare you make it public that NOW you CARE… did you put your hand out when I was drowning????" Oops, she did it again...

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Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan

"When I think about it now, we were just so young, immature," Hilton recalled of the "high-school drama" she and Lohan faced back in the 2000s. Ring a bell? As Paris put it, her former bestie had done "some things to really hurt me and betray my trust."

Paris hilton lindsay feudParis hilton lindsay feud
Jeff Vespa/WireImage via Getty Images

We wonder if she was referring to the time Lindsay accused her of getting physical back in 2006. Well, it doesn't really matter, considering they won't be making up anytime soon. "She's lame and embarrassing," Hilton shaded her ex-BFF on WWHL in 2019. Ouch.

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Sarah Jessica Parker & Kim Cattrall 

"I think Sarah was right: People don't want to believe that we get on," Kim Cattrall explained of her rumored bad vibes with her Sex and The City co-star back in 2010. Safe to say, those same "people" may have been on to something, after all. "She could've been nicer. I don't know what her issue is," Cattrall confessed of SJP in 2017. 

Sarah kim cattrall feudSarah kim cattrall feud
Tom Kingston/WireImage via Getty Images

But in 2018, Cattrall left little to the imagination after Parker took to the 'gram to wish her condolences on her brother's passing. "Your continuous reaching out is a painful reminder of how cruel you really were then and now," the actress shaded. "Let me make this VERY clear: You are not my family. You are not my friend." Ouch.

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Mischa Barton & Rachel Bilson

Here's something we never knew: Rachel Bilson, or should we say, Summer Roberts, almost never made it to our screens. But we're not the only ones just finding that out now. "That's misinformation. Where is she going with this?" Bilson called out co-star Mischa Barton for claiming she was added to The O.C. at the last minute.

Mischa rachel bilson dramaMischa rachel bilson drama
Mathew Imaging/FilmMagic via Getty Images

"Personally, never took The O.C. for granted and was always happy and willing to be there," Bilson went on to shade her on-screen bestie. While we'll never know what went down behind closed doors, we can all agree that Orange County wouldn't have been the same without its resident it-girl. Right, Seth?

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Francesca Farago & Haley Cureton

Remember when Fran and Haley thought they'd gotten away with the perfect crime? But while their lips might have been sealed when it came to costing the house 3k, they've had no problem spilling other tea. Of course, we're talking about the time Cureton took to Instagram to "out" her former partner-in-crime...

Too Hot to Handle (2020) Netflix via IMDb

"Would you stay friends with someone who tested positive for COVID [three] times and went out to hotels, restaurants, and clubs every single time?" Haley shaded Farago. "I tried to hang on to that friendship, but I just couldn't anymore." It appears this love was too hot to handle, after all.

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Sofia Franklyn & Alex Cooper

We might be used to calling them our fathers, but if that's the case? Consider these two officially divorced. The Call Her Daddy co-stars left their Daddy Gang with lots of questions after announcing they were headed their own ways come 2020. Lucky for you, that's where we come into play.

Call her daddy feudCall her daddy feud
Instagram via @callherdaddy

Well, what went wrong? It appears a difference in opinion led these Barstool besties to call it quits. And by difference in opinion, we mean Sofia's refusal to stay with Barstool Sports. But don't take our word for it: "Sofia did not take the deal… Everyone realized she's never gonna be happy," Cooper shaded.

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Mercedes "MJ" Javid & Reza Farahan

Ask Reza what happened between him and MJ, and the answer is simple: "My friend of 30 years betrayed me," the Shahs of Sunset star shaded his former bestie. Of course, though, as we know, not everything is how it seems in the world of reality tv. So what really went down here?

MJ Reza bravo feudMJ Reza bravo feud
Aude Guerrucci via Getty Images

"There's a story that's going around, and... I actually have all of the receipts," Farahan assured. As he put it, their falling out started after MJ attempted to sabotage him and his husband - all in the name of getting her friend, Ali, onto their reality show. "It was very, very, very eye-opening for me."

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Heidi Montag & Lauren Conrad

If there's one thing we've learned from their time on our screens, it's that all odds are off when it comes to reality tv. Well, that, and: Don't let a man get in the way of a longtime friendship. Right, Heidi? Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened after the blonde beauty crossed paths with Spencer Pratt back in 2006.

Heidi montag lauren feudHeidi montag lauren feud
Scott Wintrow via Getty Images

From the minute #Speidi was born, her Hills bestie already had her doubts. But once LC found out Heidi's new beau was to blame for the, um, NSFW rumors about her spreading around L.A. ? This friendship became messier than Audrina and Justin Bobby's. "Lauren just holds grudges a little bit," Montag shaded their falling out.

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Victoria Justice & Ariana Grande

Back in 2013, all it took was one sentence to set the rumors aflame: "I worked with someone who told me they'd never like me," Ariana Grande confessed to SeventeenWho was she shading? It wasn't long before fans (us included) began to fill in those missing pieces themselves: Her Victorious co-star, Victoria Justice.

Victoria ariana grande feudVictoria ariana grande feud
Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic via Getty Images

From Justice's refusal to renew Victorious (as shaded by Ari) to her noticeable absence from endless cast reunions (including the thank u, next music video), the signs were certainly all there of bad blood between these two. But while the former co-stars continue to deny it, well, why don't we let the shade speak for itself here?

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Billie Eilish & Bhad Bhabie 

She might have once threatened a live audience, but it appears the only one Bhad Bhabie wants to catch outside is Billie Eilish. While the two might have started this former friendship in the DMs, well, they certainly didn't leave it there. Just ask the Geek'd rapper, who had no problem baring their drama on our feeds.

Billie eilish bhad bhabieBillie eilish bhad bhabie
Instagram via @bhadbhabie

"I just feel like either someone got into her ear about me and made her think that I was a bad person," Bhabie shaded their falling out. "Or she was getting too big to where she didn't want to associate herself." Might Billie Eilish be the bad guy here? Perhaps we'll never know...

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Jeff Wittek & David Dobrik

When Jeff Wittek told us, "don't try this at home," he wasn't joking. The YouTube blogger and his Vlog Squad (which, of course, includes Mr. Dobrik) have done some pretty questionable things over the years. Unfortunately, it once landed him in the hospital - leaving him with several scars...

Jeff David dobrik scandalJeff David dobrik scandal
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for dick clark productions

"It made me resent him... resent seeing his face," Wittek revealed of the moment one of his and Dobrik's stunts went really wrong: after dangling from an excavator driven by David, Jeff was left severely injured. "There's moments when I convince myself that [he] did it on purpose."

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Camila Cabello & Fifth Harmony

Remember when Camila Cabello announced she was leaving Fifth Harmony? We weren't the only ones mourning the sudden loss. In fact, as her former bandmates put it, they were just as blindsided. "After four and a half years of being together, we have been informed via her representatives that Camila has decided to leave," they shaded.

Camila cabello feud dramaCamila cabello feud drama
George Pimentel/WireImage via Getty Images

Safe to say, whatever was going on behind the scenes was far from harmonious. "Saying that they were just informed through my representatives that I was 'leaving the group' is simply not true," Cabello soon shot back. "I did not intend to end things… this way."

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Zayn Malik & One Direction

While most of us are still recovering from One Direction's 2015 split, there's one guy we know who isn't: Zayn Malik. In fact, from the sounds of it? The former bandmember is doing just fine. "I want to make music that I think is cool," he shaded 1D's "generic" hits. (Our childhood selves are bugging right now.)

Zayn one direction feudZayn one direction feud
Juan Naharro Gimenez/WireImage via Getty Images

But that's not all the Brit had to say. "I think I always wanted to go, from like the first year," Malik confessed during his first solo interview. "I never really wanted to be there, like in the band." Painful, we know. But not as painful as it was for Louis, Niall, Harry, and Liam, whom he claimed he was never "friends" with...

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Christine Quinn & Mary Fitzgerald

Sure, $75 million mansions are nice and all. But perhaps the most memorable moment from these realtors' time on our screen? Their falling out, something we never saw coming. Well... sort of. Looking back now, we'd be lying if we said the signs weren't there all along.

Selling sunset christine feudSelling sunset christine feud
Rodin Eckenroth via Getty Images/Amy Sussman via Getty Images

From befriending each other's arch enemies to exclusive bachelorette parties, these former roomies might have started Selling Sunset as besties, but they sure didn't finish season 3 that way. In fact, don't expect a reconciliation anytime soon. As Mary shaded to Women's Health, their friendship is currently "nonexistent." Ouch.

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Chrissy Teigen & Michael Costello

When Michael Costello took to the 'gram to spill the tea on his feud with Chrissy Teigen, we were at a loss for words. But we weren't the only ones. "No idea what… Michael Costello is doing," the clap back queen quickly fired back. As for what the celeb designer had alleged?

Chrissy Teigen michael bullyingChrissy Teigen michael bullying
Tibrina Hobson via Getty Images/David Livingston via Getty Images

It all started when Costello leaked screenshots of Teigen bullying him in the DMs. Well, or so he said. It wasn't long before Chrissy shot back, assuring "how fake the dm's were." And while these two were never technically besties, this shady feud was certainly worthy of a spot on our list.

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Jamie Lynn Spears & Alexa Nikolas

Are you ready? Back in 2019, Alexa Nikolas (a.k.a "Nicole") left us reaching for the popcorn after opening the lid on a former feud from her time at Pacific Coast Academy: Herself and former roomie Jamie Lynn Spears (or should we say, Zoey Brooks?).

Jamie lynn spears scandalJamie lynn spears scandal
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic via Getty Images/Jean-Paul Aussenard/WireImage via Getty Images

What happened? "I discovered that the lead character on the show who's supposed to be my best friend on screen didn't really want to be my best friend in real life," Nikolas shaded. And suddenly, our entire childhood is a lie. As she put it, "[It was] a lot of digs on a regular basis, and it was starting to beat up my self-esteem."

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Nicki Minaj & Cardi B

On Friday, September 7, 2018, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B's fiery feud came to a head. No, really: shoes were thrown at heads. The rivaling rappers had found themselves at the same NYFW event, things quickly got heated, and Bardi hurled her heels at Minaj. (#RIP to those red-bottoms.) But that's actually not where this story starts...

Nicki cardi b feudNicki cardi b feud
Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty Images/Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty Images for Harper's Bazaar

"I've let a lot of **** slide! ... But when you mention my child... all bets are... off!" the Bodak Yellow star explained. For years, there'd been whispers of a secret rivalry between these two. And while they may not have started off as BFFs, their showdown - confirming such rumors - will certainly go down in Hollywood history.

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Daisy Keech & Thomas Petrou

2020 was a wild ride, we know. But if there's one thing we never saw coming? It was the moment we saw The Hype House's feud land them in court. Remember that? "It started to feel like a... dictatorship in this house," Keech explained of how her time in the Tik Tok content mansion got so, well, messy.

Daisy thomas hype houseDaisy thomas hype house
Instagram via @daisykeech/@petroutv

From suing Thomas for his "dictatorship" to spilling the tea on YouTube, Daisy's friendship with her housemate ended real quick. "I'm over these lies," Petrou shot back. While we'll never know what went down behind closed doors, we can say this: don't expect to see them together on your Tik Tok feed anytime soon.

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Megan Fox & LaLa Kent

While her time with MGK might be the latest buzz these days, we're here to talk about Fox's relationship with LaLa Kent - or, should we say, lack thereof. The former co-stars became BFFs after filming Midnight in the Switchgrass this past year. That was, until Kent threw major shade during the film's premiere.

Megan fox lala feudMegan fox lala feud
Rodin Eckenroth via Getty Images/Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic via Getty Images

Not only was Fox visibly absent from the red-carpet event, but she was also absent from the reality star's Instagram story. "So excited for this!" Kent had wrote, alongside a photo noticeably cutting off Fox from the film's movie poster. Was there more to the story? We guess only time will tell here. Stay tuned…

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