New Year New Hair: 2021 Celebrity Hair Transformations


| LAST UPDATE 01/22/2023

By Genevieve Scott

Some let their hair grow long while others chopped it short. New colors and styles were explored, and lots of selfies were taken. Let's take a look at which stars began their new year with some new hair transformations.

Miley Cyrus

While this year might've turned out a little differently from what we expected, Miley took it as an opportunity to reconnect. She organized an Instagram project called Bright Minded, where she connected and had enlightening conversations with various celebrities.

Hair Transformation Miley CyrusHair Transformation Miley Cyrus
Kevin Mazur / Contributor via Getty Images / Mike Coppola / Staff via Getty Images

2021 Brought Miley career opportunities, new music, and an '80s-style mullet that she pulls off in true Miley-fashion. Recently Cyrus has been getting more into the rock music scene and showed off her new look at New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest.


Zendaya is a woman of many talents, and one of them is rocking every hairstyle she tries. From long braids to embracing her natural hair's texture, she steals the show day in and day out. Recently, Zendaya opted for a more natural look, sporting long brown shiny hair in her newest big project.

Zendaya Hair Change TransformationZendaya Hair Change Transformation
Instagram via @zendaya / Jim Spellman / Stringer via Getty Images

As 2021 rang in, Zendaya was hard at work. Hours before the release of her new movie, Malcolm & Marie, she posted, "This is my first time being a leading lady...producing something, co-financing something, and owning something." According to the star, the film was "Shot it in 14 days with a 22 person crew."

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Millie Bobby Brown

"N then she was blonde," said Millie Bobby Brown, as she debuted her new hairstyle on social media. The Stranger Things star changed things up when she opted for a blonde haircut that curls above her shoulders. The past year has added many exciting items to Bobby Brown's resume.

Hair Millie Bobby BrownHair Millie Bobby Brown
Steve Granitz / Contributor via Getty Images / Instagram via @milliebobbybrown

From starring as the leading lady in Enola Holmes on Netflix to launching her own makeup and skincare line, Millie is doing it all! Her company, Florence By Mills, features "Clean skincare infused with vitamins and botanicals." Maybe the young creator will start a hair care line next!

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Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is no stranger to a drastic hair makeover. Recently, Stormi's mom has explored all different kinds of lengths and colors. From long brunette hair to ruby red, Kylie has sported each style long enough to give her Instagram fans a full photoshoot.

Kylie Jenner Hair TransformationKylie Jenner Hair Transformation
Allen Berezovsky / Contributor via Getty Images / Instagram via @kyliejenner

The makeup mogul has recently leaned toward red hues and has played around with length. Kylie switched between long locks to an above-the-shoulder cut and back. Photos from her recent tropical getaway featured extra-long jet black hair and left followers wondering what color she'll try out next.

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Demi Lovato

Music mogul Demi Lovato took to Instagram to announce her first of several hair changes entering 2021. "I did a thing...," she said, featuring a photo of her freshly chopped locks. The What Other People Say artist first took the plunge and cut off her long brown hair, transforming it into a blonde pixie cut.

Demi Lovato Hair TransformationDemi Lovato Hair Transformation
Rachel Murray / Stringer / Staff via Getty Images / Instagram via @ddlovato

This was soon followed by a second haircut, with a splash of eye-catching color. In a boomerang on her social media, Demi showed fans that she altered her look more to a bright pink style. According to the comments on her many posts since, the majority of Lovato's fans are totally obsessed.

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Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen majorly changed up her look this year! She took the plunge and chopped her long curly hair. She now sports a short and straight bob. Understandably excited, as most of us are when we get a new haircut, Chrissy took to Insta to share the news.

Chrissy Teigen Hair TransformationChrissy Teigen Hair Transformation
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor via Getty Images / Instagram via @chrissyteigen

According to her Instagram, Teigen is spending the new year hard at work finishing her third cookbook. Maybe her next publication will include tips and tricks about her hair care routine. Either way, we'll be here patiently waiting to read about and cook all of her recipes.

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Vanessa Hudgens

The Former High School Musical star, Vanessa Hudgens, had a signature look of long brown hair for years. Until this one! Recently, she changed up her style to a shoulder-length chop. It's a similar length to when Hudgens starred in Spring Breakers, which she announced is now on Netflix!

Hair Transformation Vanessa HudgensHair Transformation Vanessa Hudgens
Tim Mosenfelder / Contributor via Getty Images / Instagram via @vanessahudgens

Vanessa posted an Instagram that featured her new hair cut and a bright red dress to ring in the new year. "Happy New Years my lovessss. Here's to a bright year ahead," Hudgens said. This was followed by photos that hinted at some new projects heading our way, and we don't know about you, but we're pumped!

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Leighton Meester

Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester took fans by surprise when she sported a blonde look in prior months. Well, now fans are struggling to keep up because she's back to brunette! No matter the hair color, Meester has kept us on our toes for years throughout her acting roles.

Leighton Meester Hair TransformationLeighton Meester Hair Transformation
Instagram via @itsmeleighton / Instagram via @itsmeleighton

Now, hold on to your couch cushions, people, because we have some news! Calling all Leighton fanatics far and wide: Remember she can also sing too? The talented celeb took to Instagram recently to share a video of her singing "Edelweiss" from The Sound of Music. We don't know what's more exciting, her hair or singing voice!

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Cole Sprouse

Since starring in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Cole Sprouse has turned toward acting and modeling. The TV series Riverdale and film, Five Feet Apart are among many titles he has starred in. Recently, he has taken up modeling. And for his gigs, he has sported a variety of hairstyles and colors.

Cole Sprouse Hair TransformationCole Sprouse Hair Transformation
Instagram via @colesprouse / Instagram via @colesprouse

In his earlier roles as a teen, Cole's hair was bright blonde. However, in more recent features, he has tried out both jet black and long blonde hair. When he rocked the longer hairstyle, he also let his mustache and beard grow in. The handsome actor even tried out a man bun for awhile!

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Charli D'Amelio

Charli D'Amelio introduced big changes to her life in 2021. This included a hot pink addition to her hair! D'Amelio dyed the front and sides of her hair bright pink for a period of time. 2020 Was a big year for young Charli. She gained thousands of followers on TikTok, who followed her hair journey from day one.

Charli D'Amelio Hair TransformationCharli D'Amelio Hair Transformation
Instagram via @charlidamelio / Instagram via @charlidamelio

This pink addition even brought about some new makeup looks to match. Although she seemed to enjoy the pink, Charli has since dyed her hair back to brown. D'Amelio and her sister, Dixie, explored many different colors and styles throughout the past year.

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Gwen Stefani

Gwen is no stranger to trying out new styles, and in 2021, she opted for unique and bold. Stefani took to Instagram to debut the look: half of her ponytail dyed jet black! The Voice judge had an exciting end to 2020. She got engaged to fellow judge Blake Shelton and released some new music.

Hair Transformation Gwen StefaniHair Transformation Gwen Stefani
Instagram via @gwenstefani / Instagram via @gwenstefani

Stefani's new song "Let Me Reintroduce Myself" has already hit the top of the charts. On her social media, she said, "[Blake,] I can't believe I get to be part of your 28th number one radio hit and have my 2nd country radio hit!!" She continued, "Sure is fun being number one, but with you, it's another level!!!"

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Katy Perry

American Idol Judge and new Mom Katy Perry opted for a shorter look as we entered the new year. Katy and her hubby Orlando Bloom recently welcomed their first child together, Daisy. For the past few months, Katy has been rocking a short and brilliantly blonde style.

Hair Transformation Katy PerryHair Transformation Katy Perry
Instagram via @katyperry / Instagram via @katyperry

According to her Instagram, Katy took the big haircut plunge back in December. Since then, she has frequently worn her hair in a bouncy, high-ponytail. Throughout the years, Perry has rocked all colors, lengths, and styles of hair. She certainly hasn't shied away from expressing herself when it comes to fashion.

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"Truth Hurts" singer Lizzo has captivated fans' hearts time and time again. With her feature on the cover of Vogue in 2020, she proudly stated, "I don't need a crown to know that I'm a queen." Lizzo focused on spreading body positivity in the past year, trying out different hair colors, and sharing flute-playing videos.

Lizzo New Hair Transformation Lizzo New Hair Transformation
David M. Benett / Contributor via Getty Images / Instagram via @lizzobeeating

"Y'all can't handle red Lizzo," the singer posted on Instagram, debuting her new look back in October. At the time, her hair was styled in large shoulder-length curls. Before long, Lizzo added thigh-length braided extensions to her ensemble, complete with bangs!

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Kim Kardashian

Keeping Up With The Kardashian's star, Kim, explored a light brown hair color to start 2021. Since the emotional end of KUWTK, Kim has been hard at work on her own business ventures. She recently took to Instagram to announce the launch of her new KKW Fragrances and her new hair.

Kim Kardashian Hair TransformationKim Kardashian Hair Transformation
Rodin Eckenroth / Stringer via Getty Images / Instagram via @kimkardashian

The new KKW Fragrance Hearts "Will wrap you in luxurious floral aromas that include beautiful notes of orange blossom, pink peppercorn, and velvet moss," Kim shared on Instagram. According to her socials, the brunette beauty has been hard at work and seems thrilled to share the news!

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Addison Rae

Famous TikTok star Addison Rae has shared some steamy photos on her Instagram page throughout the past few months. She gave fans and followers a peek into her makeup ventures and hair styles. Whether she's wearing her long locks in braids, pigtails, or natural, we're here for it!

Addison Rae Hair TransformationAddison Rae Hair Transformation
Instagram via @addisonraee / Instagram via @addisonraee

Recently, Rae shared a few posts that led her fan base to spot a change in the star's hair. Addison went a few shades lighter and added some highlights to her long locks. If we're lucky, she'll release a hair care tutorial soon, so ours can grow as long as hers!

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The Weeknd

Before The Weeknd took over the halftime show at this year's Super Bowl, he went through quite the transformational year. Not only has he ditched the dreads and embraced his natural curls, but he has opted for a more symmetrical afro style. To promote his latest album, he wore bandages covering his entire face and head to the AMA's.

The Weeknd Hair TransformationThe Weeknd Hair Transformation
picture alliance / Contributor via Getty Images / Kevin Mazur / Contributor via Getty images

Once he removed the wrap, a face of prosthetic botox was revealed. In a Variety interview, the Save Your Tears singer explained, "The reflecting on the culture of Hollywood...and people manipulating please and be validated." His narrative continued in costumes worn during his Super Bowl show. 

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Lucy Hale

Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale took to Instagram to share two exciting things with fans. First, she posted a photo of the PLL crew with the caption, "HAPPY 10 YEARS OF PLL! This show changed my life. Eternally grateful and always proud of what we accomplished." Then, she wowed fans with a big hair change.

New Hair Lucy HaleNew Hair Lucy Hale
Instagram via @lucyhale/ Instagram via @lucyhale

Recently, Lucy hopped onto Instagram again to share a drastic difference in her hairstyle! The talented actress transformed her hair from black to bright red this year and even cut some length off, giving it some bounce. And, based on the posts' comments, her fans are loving it.

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Emma Chamberlain

The hilariously energetic internet personality, Emma Chamberlain, has taken over social media by storm. So, it makes sense that this year is no different. Several months ago, Emma shocked fans when she reached for bleach and debuted a new blonde style on her accounts.

Emma Chamberlain Hair TransformationEmma Chamberlain Hair Transformation
Instagram via @emmachamberlain / Instagram via @emmachamberlain

Although many of her followers showed love for her golden locks, Emma recently dyed her hair back to brown. She finished off her new look with a several-inch trim and some bangs! Many of her fans have spoken: If there's anyone who can rock a style in any hair color, it's Emma.

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Julianne Hough

Out with the blonde, in with the red! "Getting ready these days deserves a little photoshoot," said Julianne as she showed off her warm-toned hair. The talented dancer took to Instagram to share her new style with fans during her quarantine experience.

Hair Transformation Julianne HoughHair Transformation Julianne Hough
Instagram via @juleshough / Instagram via @juleshough

And, as far as spontaneous photoshoots go, we're here for it. Whether it's a new hairdo, makeup style, or outfit, we'll take any excuse to get dolled up once in a while! Is anyone else feeling a sudden urge to change up their look, or just us? Maybe a caramel color like Julianne?

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Dua Lipa

We don't know about you, but we've had Dua Lipa songs on repeat for weeks! Aside from featuring alongside Miley Cyrus in Plastic Hearts, Dua Lipa kicked off the new year with an award and a new hairstyle! Lipa recently won Billboard's Powerhouse Award for Women In Music.

Instagram via @dualipa / Instagram via @dualipa

And, she celebrated in a big way! Dua took the plunge and chopped her long brown hair into a short bob with bangs. If that wasn't enough to shock fans, she then dyed it blonde. Accompanied by her glimmering smile, the new look seems to make Lipa very happy.

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Loren Grey

TikTok personality Loren Grey has captivated fans' hearts with her trendy fashion and bright blue eyes. In recent months, her followers have witnessed her blonde hair grow from shoulder length to rib length. We know as well as the next person how exciting of a hair journey this can be!

Loren Grey Hair TransformationLoren Grey Hair Transformation
Instagram via @loren / Instagram via @loren

Loren's Instagram profile is full of hairstyle inspiration. From pigtails and buns to braids and couture-looking styles, Grey has rocked them all. And, according to the comment section on her socials, TikTok fans could be blessed with some hair tutorials soon!

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Ariel Winter

Modern Family star Ariel Winter sported three new and exciting hair colors as she rang in 2021. She spent most of her life in the spotlight with dark hair but recently switched it up in a big way. Her first hair transformation brought her from dark brown to bright red, but that's not all!

Ariel Winter Hair 2021Ariel Winter Hair 2021
Instagram via @arielwinter / Instagram via @arielwinter

The next drastic color change came shortly after. On her Instagram, Ariel shocked fans when she posted a series of photos that included a surprise. In them, she showed off a new bleach-blonde hairstyle. Winter completed each look's social media debut with a soft smile.

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Nick Jonas

Many see this Jonas brother as a heartthrob but were thrown a curveball with his new look. Years ago, Nick rocked a head full of curls. But, in later years, he gravitated more towards a shorter faded look. He tapped back into that style this year by shaving it all off.

2021 Hair Nick Jonas2021 Hair Nick Jonas
Frazer Harrison / Staff via Getty Images / Instagram via @nickjonas

In late January of 2021, Nick took to Instagram to share his latest hair change. Jonas opted for a short buzz cut to fare the February weather. We have a feeling we will be seeing some hats in his future posts, as we're sure those curls used to keep him warm in the colder months.

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Natalie Mariduena

Many people know Natalie Mariduena as the live-in assistant and best friend of the social media celebrity, David Dobrik. But, her fans believe Natalie is a star all on her own as well! "Peekaboo pink and blue," Mariduena said when she posted her new hairstyle to Instagram fans.

2021 Hair Natalie Mariduena2021 Hair Natalie Mariduena
Instagram via @natalinanoel / Instagram via @natalinanoel

Based on their vlogs and videos, Natalie puts up with quite an amount of pranks and tricks from her roomie and BFF David. However, fans feel that she has gotten back at him by pulling a few good ones on him too. As for her new highlights, they're no joke, and we're obsessed!

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Camila Cabello

When Camila chopped her hair, she shared on Instagram, "LOST MY SHORT HAIR VIRGINITY!!!! I've had long hair all my life it's TIME TO FEEL THE AIR ON THESE SHOULDERS, BABY." The "Senorita" singer took the plunge and chopped off a considerable amount of her hair.

Camila Cabello Hair TransformationCamila Cabello Hair Transformation
Instagram via @camila_cabello / Instagram via @camila_cabello

Big haircut news aside, Camila also took the chance to show off her naturally curly hair! We hope Cabello has some scarves in her closet with the winter months upon us. She spent her whole life up to this point with long hair, so we can only imagine how different this season feels for her after letting go of that length.

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Ariana Grande

The newly engaged Positions singer recently changed up her classic hairstyle. This time around Ariana ditched the high ponytail and swapped it for two. She added an ombre to her hair and gave it a chop.

Ariana Grande Hair TransformationAriana Grande Hair Transformation
VALERIE MACON / Staff via Getty Images / Instagram via @arianagrande

During MTV's virtual VMA's Grande performed "Rain On Me" for the first time and shared the spotlight with Lady Gaga. After their performances, Ariana took to Instagram to say, "Thank u so much for having me [Lady Gaga]. I love u with all my heart grateful to have been a part of this with u."

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Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian has sported many hairstyles and colors throughout the years. Among her most notable could be her blonde bob or her recent hair change from blonde back to brunette! The Good American creator has shared the different stages of her hair journey on social media for years.

Hair Transformation Khloe KardashianHair Transformation Khloe Kardashian
George Pimentel / Contributor via Getty Images / Instagram via @khloekardashian

Recently, True's mom has left blonde life behind and ventured back into the brunette realm. According to her latest Instagram pictures and stories, she played around with highlights and lowlights to give her new style some dimension. In other news, the next celeb's hair transformation gave us major heart-eyes.

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Dixie D'Amelio

TikTok star Dixie D'Amelio switched things up this year with a big chop! She ditched her long, light-colored ombre and swapped it for a short black bob. Her friend, James Charles, was among the first to comment on her Instagram announcement by saying, "WOW," which we think sums it up pretty well.

DIxie D'Amelio 2021 Hair DIxie D'Amelio 2021 Hair
Instagram via @dixiedamelio / Instagram via @dixiedamelio

Dixie has posted several more photos of her new fashion-forward haircut on Instagram, each paired with a different pose. As she played with and got used to the different styles of her new bob, she shared a picture with curtain bangs that made us want to get some of our own!

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Shawn Mendes

Singer Shawn Mendes let his curls grow throughout quarantine. As we entered 2021, all eyes were on his hair and new music tracks, including his new album, Wonder. Mendes now wins over fans' hearts with long curly hair, a change-up from his shorter look last year.

2021 Hair Shawn Mendes2021 Hair Shawn Mendes
Jon Kopaloff / Stringer via Getty Images / Instagram via @shawnmendes

Shawn has posted many videos of piano and singing performances on his Instagram page recently. Fans have also noticed the sharing of PDA pics with his girlfriend, Camila, who also changed up her hair recently. We wonder if they decided to start new hair journies together?

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Kourtney Kardashian

The accomplished Kourtney Kardashian has been taking Instagram by storm with her company, Poosh. She's been self-promoting like a queen and, of course, has the hair to match! Kourtney recently switched up her look with a getting-to-business haircut in 2021.

Kourtney Kardashian New HairKourtney Kardashian New Hair
Jason LaVeris / Contributor via Getty Images / Instagram via @kourtneykardash

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian's star went for a shoulder-length cut with a middle part. And, is that an angled front we see? Based on pictures alone, it is hard to tell, but from the looks of it, Kourt is sporting an angeled bang look that could have her fans hopping on the bandwagon soon!

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The talented musician and beauty mogul, Rihanna, recently changed up her hairstyle. She took out her braids and swapped the look for long flowing locks. Fans have speculated the new look came just in time for the release of Rihanna's additions to her SAVAGEXFENTY lingerie line.

Rihanna Hair Transformation 2021Rihanna Hair Transformation 2021
Daniele Venturelli / Contributor via Getty Images / Kevin Mazur / Contributor via Getty Images

According to Rihanna's social media, sales have skyrocketed since the launch of her FENTY fashion show movie on Netflix. This could be due to her product's inclusive size options. Or, her ability to recapture the hearts of fans time after time, we'll never know! In short, snaps to 2021 Rihanna.

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Zac Efron

Zac Efron has been sort of out of the spotlight lately. But, it's rumored that he's been tucked away in the deserts of Australia working on a new project. Efron rocked the silver look for some time, and fans have said they've started to miss it. According to his Instagram, however, the brunette is back.

Zac Efron Hair TransformationZac Efron Hair Transformation
Jim Spellman / Contributor via Getty Images / Instagram via @zacefron

Fans have gushed that both hair colors complement Zac's stunning blue eyes. But, his brown hair helps us think back to his earlier Hollywood roles. Anyone else up for a High School Musical marathon? 17 Again? If throwbacks aren't your thing, Efron's show Down To Earth is still available on Netflix.

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Francesca Farago

Too Hot To Handle's sizzling star, Francesca Fagaro, undoubtedly stole the hearts of many when the show first aired back in April 2020. While rumors of a second season have been swirling for some time now, it's finally official! The series that's almost too hot for television will be returning to the screen before we know it.

Hair Growth Francesca FagaroHair Growth Francesca Fagaro
Instagram via @francescafarago / Instagram via @francescafarago

Francesca has taken over social media with her steamy posts in the new year. We wonder if this blonde beauty will make a surprise appearance in season two. She recently kissed her front bangs goodbye and swapped the look for light brown and blonde beachy waves.

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Zayn Malik

The former One Direction star, Zayn Malik recently came out with a new album called Nobody Is Listening. He also ditched his old style and tried out a new cut and color, teal! He posted on Instagram, "I ended up dying my hair for the 7 batrillionth time," while wearing some of his new merch. 

Hair Dye Zayn MalikHair Dye Zayn Malik
Instagram via @zayn / Instagram via @zayn

Zayn's hairstyle has changed several times throughout the years. In 2019, he chopped his long brunette hair and began sporting a clean buzz cut. Since the birth of his baby girl, Khai, in 2020, he has let his hair grow. First trying out the bleached look, he soon changed it up for his new teal style.

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Anastasia Karanikolaou

BFF to makeup mogul Kylie Jenner, Anastasia Karanikolaou, has joined the Kardashian-Jenner family on many vacations and intimate events as the new year rang in. Known to fans as Stassie, she left her short hair days behind when she transformed her look to include long extensions in 2021.

Anastasia Karanikolaou Hair Change Anastasia Karanikolaou Hair Change
Instagram via @stassiebaby / Instagram via @stassiebaby

Sticking with the same warm brown color, Stassie seemed happy with her choice. On her social media, Karanikolaou has given fans an insight into life alongside the KUWTK family. She captioned one of her photos, "Really just vibing," as she joined the party for Stormi's 3rd birthday.

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Lil Huddy

TikTok's Lil Huddy has had a big year, to say the least. He hit pause on the trending dance routines and hit record on a new song instead! His debut single is titled 21st Century Vampire, and already has a released music video to accompany it. "Shooting this video was one of the most fun experiences I've ever had," said Huddy.

Lil Huddy Hair TransformationLil Huddy Hair Transformation
Instagram via @lilhuddy / Instagram via @lilhuddy

In the music video, Lil Huddy sported a new vampire-inspired look. He cut and dyed his skater-boy hair and now rocks a spikey jet black style. His new hair was also featured in Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun's new movie, Downfalls High. With his unique style and recent entertainment ventures, Huddy seems unstoppable!

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Hayden Panettiere

Less than a year ago, Hayden Panettiere made her public Instagram debut. When she did, she showed fans her new haircut! Panettiere let go of her long blonde locks and started 2021 off with a short pixie cut. According to recent posts, the hairstyle has slightly grown out just enough for her to throw it into a ponytail.

Hair Transformation Hayden PanettiereHair Transformation Hayden Panettiere
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff via Getty Images / Instagram via @haydenpanettiere

This isn't the first time the Scream 4 actress has sported a shorter hairstyle. Nearly a decade ago, Hayden wore her hair in a bob before trying out the pixie cut for the first time. Along with her new movie role, Panettiere plays a significant role in ABC's Nashville

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Taylor Swift

The new year held major surprises for Taylor Swift fans. She launched not just one new album, Folklore, but two! The second, Evermore, came as a massive surprise to Swifties everywhere. Taylor wrote and directed the music video for her song, "Cardigan." But, not seen her new releases is the hairstyle she rocked during quarantine. 

Hair Dye Taylor SwiftHair Dye Taylor Swift
Instagram via @taylorswift / Instagram via @taylorswift

Luckily, she shared pictures of the pink and blue additions to her hair on Instagram. Almost as bright as her classic lipstick, Swift warmed the hearts of many with her new look. She has since gone back to blonde, but who knows, maybe more color is in the creator's future!

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Bella Thorne

Former Disney star and current internet sensation Bella Thorne rocked a black and blue hairstyle for her new film, Chick Fight. But that's not all Thorne has been up to. In fact, she sported yet another hair color to star in her second new flick, Girl. Her style, coupled with her acting skills, gained loads of attention.

Bella Thorne Hair TransformationBella Thorne Hair Transformation
Instagram via @bellathorne/ Instagram via @bellathorne

"If there was ever a performance that Thorne should receive award recognition for, maybe even Oscar buzz, it is this one," said Awards Radar. Could this darker hairstyle than her typical bright red be a new phase of Bella? Fans are glued to their TV screens, waiting to find out.

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Jordyn Woods

Since her BFF-break-up from Kylie, Woods has kept herself busy on Instagram as a brand ambassador for FrstPlace. Her new hairstyle features in many posts of makeup looks and snapshots of her health routine: Self-care Sundays and Wellness Wednesdays. Jordyn lightened things up by adding caramel blonde highlights to her hair.

Jordyn Woods Hair TransformationJordyn Woods Hair Transformation
Instagram via @jordynwoods / Instagram via @jordynwoods

"I decided every Wednesday I'm going to open a discussion about health and wellness," Jordyn posted on her Instagram. "Taking care of our bodies, mind, and spirit should be our first priority." From the looks of it, Woods' wellness routine includes switching up her hair color. And, based on this list, many other celebs did too!

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Bretman Rock

TikTok star and now MTV star Bretman Rock has tried nearly every hair color under the sun. In 2020 alone he sported, red, pink, silver, blue, purple, and yellow! "This was fun, but my hair hates me now," Rock posted on Instagram. Bretman keeps things exciting by constantly changing up his style with new hair and makeup looks. 

Bretman Rock Hair TransformationBretman Rock Hair Transformation
Instagram via @bretmanrock / Instagram via @bretmanrock

Fans can see all of his behind the scenes action on MTV Following: Bretman Rock. The show recently launched on MTV's YouTube channel. The intriguing series follows the expressive star as he spends time with his family, shares makeup hacks, and gives viewers an inside look into his life.

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Joey King

Actress Joey King showed just how committed she was to the Hollywood lifestyle when she shaved her head for her role in The Act in 2019. Since then, she has been letting her hair grow back out to its naturally wavy state. As 2021 approached, King's hair was flowing long, but this didn't last long.

Joey King Hair GrowthJoey King Hair Growth
Instagram via @joeyking / Instagram via @joeyking

In October 2020, Joey decided to give her hair the chop yet again. She cut her hair to above shoulder length and took to Instagram to say, "Who has short hair now…THIS GAL." According to many of the post's comments, fans are absolutely in love with her new look.

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James Charles

YouTube makeup fanatic James Charles has worn his hair in the same faded-side and longer-top style for years. But, he recently tried a new color that shocked fans almost as much as he surprised himself. After deciding to dye his hair independently, James went platinum and filmed a reveal for his channel.

Hair Change James Charles Hair Change James Charles
Instagram via @jamescharles / Instagram via @jamescharles

Based on his Instagram photos, it seems that the style wasn't long-lived. He is now back to his brunette self, rocking new makeup looks left and right. He must have been on to something, because back in November, Charles even landed his first Vogue Portugal cover!

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Lana Condor

Many people might know the leading lady of To All The Boys I've Loved Before as Lara Jean. But, the accomplished Lana Condor has more than acting in her toolbox! Despite an adorable social media selfie featuring her new do, Condor was anything but blue when she released a new song. 

Lana Condor Hair ChangeLana Condor Hair Change
Instagram via @lanacondor / Instagram via @lanacondor

Singing alongside her boyfriend, Anthony De La Torre, their new track is called "Raining in London." Lana has been busy with movie sequels, TATB: P.S. I Still Love You, and 2021's TATB: Always And Forever. Her hair's blue hue might not appear in the movies, but we're thankful she shared it on her socials, at least!

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Noah Centineo

Lana's co-star, Noah Centineo, stole the hearts of many when he graced the screen of To All The Boys I've Loved Before. Viewers fell in love with his boyish charm, bright smile, and of course, his great head of hair. So understandably, fans were surprised when he attended a TATBILB event with a clean buzz cut!

Noah Centineo Hair CutNoah Centineo Hair Cut
Instagram via @noahcentineoig / Gregg DeGuire / Stringer via Getty Images

According to his Insta posts, Lana doesn't seem to mind the change. The pair have been photographed together many times since Noah went short. Whether this list of celebs cut, colored, extended, or buzzed their hair, they did it all in stellar style. Here's to a new year with new hair!

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