Check Out How Your Favorite Celebs Celebrated Mother's Day


| LAST UPDATE 05/10/2021

By Georgina White
Celebrities Instagram Mothers Day
Instagram via @addisonraee

Our Instagram was full of love for Mamas as celebs took to social media to gush about their mothers. The shout-outs included parents, partners, and of course, presents... But you can bet that their traditions were a little more glam than our typical breakfast in bed.

First up we have the queen of TikTok and bestie of the eldest Kardashian, Addison Rae. This 20-year-old sure had a lot to be thankful for... With the support of her Mama, the family uprooted to Los Angeles a couple of years back just to help Addison follow her dreams. Talk about motherly love! The Obsessed singer kept it short and sweet in the caption, and for the best, because we were more focused on the beautiful pics of the Mom and daughter duo lounging in the sun. Safe to say, Addison got it from her Mama!

Addison Rae Mothers Day
Amy Sussman/KCA2021 via Getty Images

Next up we have Stormi's dada, Travis Scott. The rapper had double the love to share on Instagram, celebrating the 2 mothers in his life. The rapper started off with a sentimental post for his parenting partner, Kylie. The gram included 2 pics of Jenner and Stormi cuddling... And let's just say, the baby fever was real. The caption also sparked some major romance rumors as fans speculated whether LA's hottest Mom and Dad are back together. But he didn't stop there, Travis then showed some love for his own Mother, including a throwback picture. Nothing wrong with a double post, Scott, these superhero Mamas sure deserved it!

Continuing with the sentimental throwbacks was our very own Hailey Bieber. The successful model joined in on the Mother's Day fun with a collection of photos of her and her Mum, Kennya, and other motherly figures in her life. Among the pictures were some priceless childhood snaps and more recent pics including one with the socialite's Mother-In-Law, Pattie. Add her Nana and sister to the mix, and Hailey took the cake with the celebration of these 4 beautiful ladies.

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Celebrities Mothers Day Instagram
Instagram via @haileybieber

Just like us, these celebrities were certainly in a festive mood this past Sunday. And we can't blame them, their Mommas are definitely worth celebrating! And while we wait for more sentimental posts, you'll have to excuse us for a minute- suddenly we need to make some phone calls...