29+ Celebs We Didn’t Know Are Friends With Royals


| LAST UPDATE 03/06/2023

By Peral Simons

Celebrities tend to stick together, often hanging out in packs. The lucky ones, however, manage to branch out and become friends with Royalty. And from the looks of it, Prince Harry is quite popular...

Rebel Wilson & Zara Tindall

We never knew Pitch Perfect star, Rebel Wilson, was in with the royals! That was, until she uploaded this selfie on New Year's Eve 2019 with the Queen's granddaughter, Zara Tindall, her husband, and a few others.

Rebel WIlson, Zara TindallRebel WIlson, Zara Tindall
@rebelwilson via Instagram

"We crushed Sydney New Year's Eve! We're in the future now in 2020! What a fun gang to celebrate with, and thanks to our gorgeous hostess Heloise for throwing an amazing bash with clearly the BEST views," the actress jokingly captioned the selfie. 

Eddie Redmayne & Prince William

Prince William, AKA the Duke of Cambridge, and Eddie Redmayne go waaay back, both graduates of the prestigious Eton College boarding school in Windsor, England. They worked together on the high school's prefect society and rugby team and became good friends.

Eddie Redmayne, Prince WiliiamEddie Redmayne, Prince Wiliiam
David M. Benett/Dave Benett via Getty Images for Audi

In 2015, they were pictured laughing together with Eddie's wife, Hannah Bagshawe, at the Audi Polo Challenge 2015 at Cambridge County Polo Club, England. Although Eddie has been mates with the royals for most of his life, he admitted he didn't make it onto Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding guest list. Ouch.

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Serena Williams & Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle and Serena Williams became the best of friends long before Meghan Markle married into royalty. After meeting at the Super Bowl in Miami in 2010, the women formed a long-lasting friendship. Below they're pictured together at the DirecTV Beach Bowl 2014 in New York City.

Meghan Markle, Serena WilliamsMeghan Markle, Serena Williams
Kevin Mazur via Getty Images for DirecTV

Serena attended Meghan and Harry's wedding in May 2018 and even threw her a baby shower in New York! Meghan has also been there for some of Serena's most significant life milestones. In 2019, she anxiously watched her friend play in the US Open tennis final.

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Reese Witherspoon & Kate Middleton

Reese Witherspoon may be deemed Hollywood royalty, but that doesn't stop her from being intimated by real-life royalty. This image from the Launch of Tusk Trust's US Patron's Circle in July 2011 in Santa Barbara, California, shows Reese mesmerized by the Duchess of Cambridge.

Reese Witherspoon, Kate MiddletonReese Witherspoon, Kate Middleton
Chris Jackson - Pool via Getty Images

Reflecting on the meeting in her memoir, Reese explained she "immediately fell under her spell." Kate and Reese hit it off instantly and became good friends. According to Marie Claire, the Duchess sent her Hollywood pal a British-themed gift after hearing she had given birth to her third child in 2012.

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James Corden & Prince Harry

When Prince Harry appeared on James Corden's late-night show, their close bond was tangible. Back in 2018, Corden was invited to the royal wedding, and it seems the two Brits have continued their friendship on the other side of the pond, frequently hanging out in Los Angeles!

James Corden, Prince HarryJames Corden, Prince Harry
The Late Late Show with James Corden via YouTube

Corden told The Sun that their kids often have playdates together at Meghan and Harry's California home, and the couples then double date over dinner. "I'm a huge fan of both of them," James admitted to the publication. "I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for Harry."

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Elton John & Princess Diana

After Elton John performed at Prince Andrew's 21st birthday party in 1981, Princess Diana and Elton John became the ultimate friendship duo. Their bond was so strong that even after her death, Elton remained close with her sons and was asked by Prince Harry to perform at their wedding.

Elton John, Princess DianaElton John, Princess Diana

In this photograph, Princess Diana and Elton John are seen standing together at the Versace Memorial Service in Milan, Italy, in 1997. Just a few weeks later, Elton took to the stage at Diana's funeral to sing Candle in the Wind and say goodbye to his dear friend.

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Rihanna & Prince Harry

Rihanna and Prince Harry both attended the 'Man Aware' event held by the Barbados National HIV/AIDS Commission in 2016 in Bridgetown, Barbados. Here, they laughed together during photos and took HIV tests in front of the cameras. After they were spotted at a concert together, speculations of a real friendship began.

Rihanna, Prince Harry, DatingRihanna, Prince Harry, Dating
Chris Jackson - Pool via Getty Images

Sadly, this bond didn't seem to last over the years since. When asked in an interview if she was invited to Harry and Meghan's wedding, the singer admitted she didn't even know it was coming up. "Why would you think I'm invited?!" she laughed. Okay, not the best of friends then.

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Ellie Goulding & Princess Eugenie

Ellie Goulding is mates with almost all the royals. Not only did she sing at William and Kate's wedding for the couple's first dance, but she is also good friends with Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice, and Prince Harry. Oh, to get our hands on her phone contact list.

Princess Eugenie, Ellie GouldingPrincess Eugenie, Ellie Goulding
Oliver Rudkin via Shutterstock

Ellie and Eugenie are so close, they were photographed attending each other's weddings! Moreover, The Evening Standard reported that Eugene was the one that set the singer up with her husband, Casper Jopling. Ellie clearly has friends in all the right places.

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Usain Bolt & Prince Harry

Prince Harry visited Belize, the Bahamas, Jamaica, and Brazil as part of the Diamond Jubilee Tour in 2012. While in Jamaica, he met the Olympic medalist Usain Bolt and hilariously decided to challenge him to a race. Since then, they have been incredibly close.

Prince Harry, Usain BoltPrince Harry, Usain Bolt
Chris Jackson via Getty Images

On the occasion of the runner's 30th birthday, Prince Harry used the official Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Instagram account to publicly wish his mate a happy birthday. "I really enjoy hanging out with [Harry]. Every now and then, we see each other because we travel around, so I see him sometimes," Bolt told Hello!

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The Beckhams & The Royal Family

Prince William, Prince Harry, and David Beckham are an unlikely yet iconic trio. David and his wife Victoria became friends with the princes and other members of The Royal family after meeting at numerous events and since then have remained close. The Beckhams were guests at William and Harry's weddings.

David Beckham, Royal FamilyDavid Beckham, Royal Family
Samir Hussein/Wireimage via Getty Images

Would David describe William as a friend? "Yeah, I think I would," he said to Esquire in 2013. "We've done a lot of functions together. It's a very normal relationship. With Harry, as well. They're very easy to get along with." David told Entertainment Tonight that he has kept in touch with Harry and Meghan since their move to LA. 

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Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis & Princess Beatrice

Perhaps the most surprising entry on this list is the double dating duo Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Princess Beatrice, and Dave Clark. How did Mila celebrate her 32nd birthday in New York City? With her longtime royal friends, of course. After the foursome jumped into an Uber, their driver uploaded a selfie for proof.

Mila, Ashton, Princess EugenieMila, Ashton, Princess Eugenie
@davidcapa via Instagram

However, this was not the group's first double date. Over the years, they have been photographed altogether on numerous occasions. Although the Princess is no longer with her ex-boyfriend Dave Clark, it's believed that the Hollywood couple remains friends with her.

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Anna Wintour & The Queen

The Editor-In-Chief of Vogue and Fashion Queen Anna Wintour is known for her icy and intimidating personality. However, it seems whenever she hung out with another Queen, i.e., Queen Elizabeth II, Anna was willing to make an exception, putting on a big smile for the event.

Anna Wintour, Queen ElizabethAnna Wintour, Queen Elizabeth
Yui Mok - Pool via Getty Images

As seen in the above photograph chatting and laughing with Her Majesty at London Fashion Week in 2018, the pair appear to have been incredibly close and casual with each other. "She and I discussed how long we've both been in our jobs," Wintour jokingly told Cheat Sheet.

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Chris Martin & Prince Harry

Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, has friends in all the right places, including London, England. In 2016, Martin was invited by his good friend, Prince Harry, to headline a concert at his AIDS Charity Sentebale Concert at Kensington Palace.

Prince, Harry, Chris, MartinPrince, Harry, Chris, Martin
Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage via Getty Images

Before the concert had finished, Prince Harry jumped on stage to join his pal, hugging him as he climbed up. "Thank you so much, you've rocked the palace, you've rocked the palace!" he announced while addressing the band. He then joined the band in a performance of Up & Up.

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Tom Cruise & Kate Middleton

Kate and William understand that being friends with the biggest stars in Hollywood means guaranteed tickets to red carpet premiere screening events. With Prince William's experience being a pilot, perhaps the obvious choice was the ultimate fighter pilot, Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise, Kate MiddletonTom Cruise, Kate Middleton
Karwai Tang/WireImage via Getty Images

Tom Cruise personally invited the couple to the UK Premiere of "Top Gun: Maverick," and of course, they graciously accepted. Tom and Kate seemed incredibly close at the event, even breaking royal protocol when he held her hand while walking up the stairs!

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Sir Rod Stewart & King Charles

Sir Rod Stewart and King Charles have a friendship that goes back years. The rockstar has long been an ambassador for the King's charity, The Prince's Trust, and has been a guest and performer at the birthday parties of the late Queen and now-King Charles himself.

Rod Stewart, Prince CharlesRod Stewart, Prince Charles
Tim Whitby via Getty Images

It's believed that the King is also tight with Stewart's wife, Penny Lancaster. According to the Daily Mail, after Lancaster told Charles's wife, Camila, that she had sat with her husband at an event, she wittily replied, "Yes, he told me and said what a really lovely evening it had been, particularly sitting next to you."

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Margot Robbie & Prince Harry

Never before has one photo given us stronger feelings of FOMO. Seriously, these are some of the coolest people in Hollywood - and to make matters wilder, we spotted a royal at the bottom of it! Yes, the guy at the bottom with the brown hat and yellow glasses is, in fact, Prince Harry.

Margot Robbie, Prince, HarryMargot Robbie, Prince, Harry
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon via YouTube

This epic photo was taken in a photo booth at the house party of Suki Waterhouse. Despite revealing to Jimmy Fallon that she didn't realize it was him at first, the pair went on to become real friends. Robbie confirmed to E! News she has the Prince's number and has even prank texted him on occasion.

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Cara Delevingne & Princess Eugenie

We already spotted Cara Delevingne (above) spending time with other Hollywood A-listers. But what's her relationship like with the royals? Although Cara has been friends with Prince Harry for a long time, she has always actually been closer with Princess Eugenie.

Cara Delevingne, Princess, EugenieCara Delevingne, Princess, Eugenie
Blitz Pictures via Shutterstock

While she didn't make the guestlist for Meghan and Harry's wedding, she spoke fondly of her friend, saying, "he's really come so far." Cara was in attendance at Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank's wedding and has been frequently photographed hanging out with the Princess.

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Taylor Swift & Prince William

When Taylor Swift, Jon Bon Jovi, and Prince William performed together on stage during the Winter Whites Gala In Aid Of Centrepoint in 2013, it was the royal-celebrity grouping we didn't know we needed. They laughed and sang together like old friends, and Taylor seemed at ease around the royal.

Taylor Swift, Prince WilliamTaylor Swift, Prince William
Dave J Hogan/Centrepoint via Getty Images

After the iconic performance of Livin' on a Prayer, Prince William and Taylor Swift were seen sitting together, chatting and laughing casually. Taylor's known to include her famous friends in her music videos from time to time, so we're hoping to get a Prince William cameo at some point. We can dream…

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Jon Bon Jovi & Prince William

This leads us to the other member of this trio: Jon Bon Jovi. Like Taylor, Bon Jovi met William at the 2013 Centrepoint event for the first time and formed a beautiful friendship. The singer told The Mirror he was surprised at how much they had in common, bonding over fatherhood.

Bon Jovi Prince WilliamBon Jovi Prince William
David M.Benett/Centrepoint via Getty Images for Centrepoint

"We sat for hours just me and Prince William," he explained. "We have the same anniversary. We were talking about his kid and his charity work. He is very engaging and wise beyond his years." Bon Jovi also revealed that the Prince knew all the words to his song and had a good voice.

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Joan Rivers & King Charles

When then-Prince Charles publicly addressed his heartbreak over the loss of Joan Rivers by calling her "utterly irreplaceable" and "an extraordinary woman," it was clear the pair were close. The comedian and the prince's friendship dates back to 2003 when they were introduced at a dinner party in the South of France.

Joan Rivers, Prince CharlesJoan Rivers, Prince Charles
Ken McKay/ITV via Shutterstock

A massive fan of her energy and humor, Charles invited Rivers to many royal and personal events, including his birthday parties and wedding to Camilla in 2005. Here she is pictured at the 60th Birthday of HRH The Prince of Wales, where she performed to help raise money for the Prince's Trust charity.

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David Attenborough & The Royal Family

Looking like a sleek, put-together boy band, this picture shows David Attenborough dressed to the tens with his pals, then-Charles, Prince William, and Prince Harry. Posing outside London's Natural History Museum in April 2019, the gang showed up together to attend the "Our Planet" global premiere.

David Attenborough, Royal FamilyDavid Attenborough, Royal Family
Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage via Getty Images

In fact, the wildlife expert is friends with most of The Royal Family members, and was often photographed chatting casually with Prince Phillip, The Queen, and Kate Middleton. He also sat down for an adorable interview with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

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Ellen DeGeneres & Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

On a recent visit to The Ellen Show, Meghan and Ellen discussed their friendship and how they first met. "We actually met in a pet shop over a decade ago," Meghan explained. Although the talk show host admitted she didn't know who Meghan was at the time, they soon became friends.

Ellen DeGeneres, Meghan MarkleEllen DeGeneres, Meghan Markle
TheEllenShow via YouTube

Now that the royal couple has made Los Angeles their new permanent residence, Ellen is not just their friend but also their neighbor. "We're neighbors, so we see each other a lot," said Ellen. "We saw you guys over Halloween," Meghan noted. "[Archie] is so sweet," Ellen added.

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Oprah Winfrey & Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

Another member of the celebrity Los Angeles neighborhood crew is Oprah Winfrey. The famous talk-show host and philanthropist attended Meghan and Harry's wedding in 2018 and has remained good friends with the couple since. Throughout the public backlash against the couple, Oprah has vigorously defended Meghan.

Oprah, Meghan, Harry, InterviewOprah, Meghan, Harry, Interview
Ian West- WPA Pool via Getty Images

Such close friends, the couple agreed to sit down for an exclusive tell-all interview on Oprah's television network. Thanks to all the juicy royal secrets they revealed, the episode had incredibly high viewer numbers and became the talk of the town. Not that Oprah Winfrey needed the publicity.

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James Blunt & Prince Harry

James Blunt and Prince Harry's friendship dates back to their days together in the army. The army experience is known to bond people for life, and this celebrity/royal duo is no exception. While their army days are long behind them, their friendship has stood the test of time.

Prince Harry, James BluntPrince Harry, James Blunt
Chris Jackson via Getty Images

In 2014, Harry invited his friend to perform at the Invictus Games in Orlando. This photograph shows the duo chatting casually as he rehearses for the Invictus Games Closing Ceremony. Four years later, James was invited to Harry's exclusive wedding, confirming their continued friendship.

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Geri Halliwell & Prince Harry, King Charles

As it turns out, Posh Spice is not the only Spice Girl that's in with the royals. Geri Halliwell, AKA Ginger Spice, has known the Windsors for years and has literally seen Prince Harry grow up! Below the pair are seen together laughing while attending the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Garage in 2014.

Geri Halliwell, Prince HarryGeri Halliwell, Prince Harry
Mark Thompson via Getty Images

And it's not just Harry that's a fan. When Geri, along with her bandmates, met King Charles at the 21st Anniversary of the Prince's Trust Charity in 1997, Halliwell broke protocol by kissing then-Prince Charles on the cheek. When Geri announced she was leaving the group, Charles sent her a letter to say how much he would miss her.

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Joss Stone & Prince William, Prince Harry

English singer-songwriter Joss Stone is a loyal and supportive friend to Prince William and Prince Harry. Therefore, when the princes decided to put on a concert in honor of their late mother, Diana, Joss was excited to help her friends out and perform. Here she is pictured at the rehearsal in Wembley.

Royal Family Celebrity FriendsRoyal Family Celebrity Friends
Max Mumby/ Indigo via Getty Images

"[Harry's] just a lovely guy," she told HELLO! "I've come into contact with Harry and William for years now, and we as a country we watch them grow, and we watch them do lovely things, and I think all of us as a nation should be proud of those boys, those men."

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Emma Thompson & King Charles, Prince William

Emma Thompson is a long-term friend of The Royal Family. After Princess Diana passed away, the English actress sent handwritten letters of support to Charles, and the two developed a close friendship. Over the years, Thompson was invited to many royal events and even hung out with the late Queen.

Emma Thompson, Prince CharlesEmma Thompson, Prince Charles
Sean Dempsey - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images

However, when Emma received her status of Dame, she may have thought she was closer with the family than she was. "I love Prince William," she told People. "I've known him since he was little, and we just sniggered at each other. I said, 'I can't kiss you, can I?' And he said, 'No, don't!'"

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The Obamas & Prince William, Kate Middleton

During a brief trip to the UK in 2016, the Obamas made sure to fit in a visit with their royal friends. After lunch at Windsor Castle with HM Queen Elizabeth II, they joined Prince William, Kate, and Harry for dinner at Kensington Palace. Their relaxed nature in the photos suggests they have a great, close relationship.

Obama, Royal Family, KateObama, Royal Family, Kate
Dominic Lipinski - WPA Pool via Getty Images

In particular, the former-first family has a special love for Prince Harry. Both Barack and Michelle have discussed their support for Harry's Invictus Games and have been seen attending the events. When Harry appeared alongside Michelle Obama in an interview on GMA, many commented on their natural chemistry.

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Nicole Kidman & Queen Rania

It seems there are so many celebrities who are friends with members of the royal family that it's almost losing its shock value. For this reason, Nicole Kidman took it all a step further and made friends with members of a different royal family - the one ruling Jordan.

Nicole Kidman, Queen RaniaNicole Kidman, Queen Rania
Amy Sussman via Getty Images

Here she is pictured with Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah (third from the left) at the 4th Important Dinner for Women in New York, hosted by the Queen herself. How she became friends with the Jordanian royal is unknown, but we can imagine there's a good story behind it.

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Leonardo DiCaprio & Prince Albert

Leonardo DiCaprio also surprised us when it came to his royal friends, befriending Prince Albert II of Monaco. The famous friends are both passionate environmentalists and have joined heads on multiple occasions in an attempt to clean up the planet.

Leo DiCaprio Royal FamilyLeo DiCaprio Royal Family
Handout via Getty Images

In this image, they are pictured together at The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation 2nd Annual Saint-Tropez Gala in 2015. They have both presented each other with awards on behalf of their own environmental organizations and have been spotted out for dinner together on numerous occasions.

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