Are Charli and Chase Secretly Back Together?


| LAST UPDATE 08/23/2021

By Chloe Becker
Chase Hudson Charlie D'Amelio
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After a rocky on and off relationship that included a messy cheating scandal and several breakups, fans suspect that Charli and Chase have been dropping hints that they are dating in private. The evidence is convincing...

Charli D'Amelio Lil Huddy
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Charli and Chase had a very public relationship since they began dating in January 2020. However, they also had a very public breakup just a few months after they started dating, in March 2020, when rumors emerged that Chase cheated on Charli. But recently, Charli hasn't been shy about supporting Chase's music career, which led fans to think there might be something going on between them. Charli was wearing Chase's new merch in an Instagram story, and promoting his new album Teenage Heartbreak in her Insta caption saying, "watch the Psycho video by @dixiedamelio and listen to don't freak out by @lilhuddy both coming out at 11:45 est 8:45 pst."

Charli Chase Back Together
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Fans were even more surprised to see that Charli went beyond just supporting Chase's music, and recently, they have been spotted on what appears to be a series of dates. First, they were spotted hanging out together at the fair. Although they were there with a few other friends, fans reportedly saw them going on rides together and holding hands. Then a few days later, they went to the zoo together. These appearances led fans to believe that Charli and Chase might really be dating again, just keeping it on the DL. After all, the last time they went public with their relationship, it didn't end well.

Charli Chase Zoo Date
Instagram via @charlidamelio

And as if wearing each other's merch and being seen together on what looks like dates wasn't proof enough, fans also pointed out that Charli and Chase have been taking Gram photos at the same place - Chase's house! After studying the background of a few of their separate posts, fans spotted the same objects in the back, including the same lamp post and rose bush. Could Charli be hanging out at Chase's house? Followers seem to think so...

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Charli at Chase's house
Instagram via @ charlidamelio

Although neither one has publicly confirmed that they are dating again, many fans believe that they are dating in private for their own privacy and mental health, while some still believe they are just friends. Dating can be hard - especially when millions of people on the internet are watching. So who can blame them if they're keeping things to themselves?

If Charli and Chase ever feel the time is right to go public with their relationship again, you bet we'll be here to update you.