Chrishell Stause Discusses the Upcoming Season of 'Selling Sunset' and Christine Quinn's Pregnancy


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Georgina White
Chrishell Stause Selling Sunset
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After a dramatic and emotional third season of Selling Sunset, cast member Chrishell Stause revealed that she's diving back in for a fourth season, which will begin filming soon. Stause also shared that the Netflix series has been renewed for two more seasons and gave some details about what's to come, saying, "We're gearing up - we're excited about two more seasons, obviously."

"I think because of COVID protocols, it takes a lot longer to get everything in place, but we will start filming very shortly." We saw her marriage with Justin Hartley tragically come to an end last season as she tried to pick up the pieces and move forward. But on the bright side, "the real estate market is going crazy right now," Chrishell said. "So I've actually been having my hands full with a couple of deals."

Chrishell Selling Sunset Future
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Many fans are eager to know if season four will show the star going on any dates, but she said that's unlikely. "I don't know how to do blind dates," Chrishell joked. "That's just not where my focus is right now, so I'm just going to keep focusing on my business and everything that's going so well, and I'm so proud of." By the end of Selling Sunset season three, it was clear which of the women were friends and enemies. With that being said, Chrishell said she's still incredibly close with Mary Fitzgerald, Heather Rae Young, Amanza Smith, and the Oppenheim brothers.

However, when it comes to Christine Quinn, Stause told People, "I don't have a relationship with her. I feel like, at this point, I've put in the effort, I feel like I've gotten bitten one too many times." Christine recently announced she was expecting her first child, and apparently, Chrishell didn't congratulate her the way she'd hoped. Quinn posted a video on TikTok where she searched for her costars' names under the users who'd liked her Instagram, and Chrishell was nowhere to be found. But if you ask Chrishell? "Listen, I wish her well. It came up on my feed [on a news outlet's account], I liked it," Stause explained.

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"I'm happy for her. I truly want the best for her, but I'm not going to do this performative act to unblock someone and then like a post," she continued. "We had things that happened behind the scenes that were worse than what happened on camera, so it's just better for everybody." Ultimately, it sounds like the cast of Selling Sunset has a lot more in store for the future, so get ready for more open houses, celebrations, and of course, drama!