Christine Quinn Spills Tea on Attempted Break-In


| LAST UPDATE 03/09/2022

By Georgina White
christine quinn break in
Instagram via @thechristinequinn

It's every celebrity's worst nightmare, and it happened to our very own Selling Sunset star, Christine Quinn. The reality show queen recalled the details of the scary night in which she awoke to a noise outside her bedroom door. While luckily no one was hurt, the mom of one said she's feeling "safe but shaken" over the whole experience. And TBH, we don't blame her - here's a breakdown of the attempted break-in according to Quinn herself.

It all went down earlier this month when Christine, her husband, and baby were sound asleep. Suddenly, a startling noise awoke them. "We woke up to noises, and the noises started getting louder," the 33-year-old beauty revealed on her Instagram stories. "We didn't know what was going on. We immediately checked the security footage, and outside of the master bedroom, which is four feet - right here, there were two armed robbers breaking our glass window." From the footage of Christine alone, it was clear that she was shaken to her core. The A-lister, who prides herself on her style and appearance, was raw and makeup-free, filming her account of the story in the middle of the night - complete with PJs and all.

selling sunset christine husband
Rachpoot/MEGA / Contributor via Getty Images
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Attempted break-ins in Los Angeles aren't rare - especially for the rich and famous. So with all her realtor knowledge, Christine was thankful that her choice of windows saved her and her family from the attack. "We have such good security in this house that they weren't able to get in," Quinn explained - but that didn't stop her mamma bear instincts from kicking in to protect her child. A call to the police and a dash to their baby's room later, and the family of three got a little peace of mind. "The cops were here within a minute," she stated. Officers were quick to access the footage, and the manhunt for the attempted robbers is underway. "We have 26 4k resolution cameras on our property and will have CLEAR shots of their face tomorrow," the angered mom assured on her stories.

Our thoughts are with Christine and her family during this difficult time - and be sure to keep up to date on this developing story by checking back with us for all your celebrity updates.

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