Christine Quinn Slams "Sick Rumors" About Her Pregnancy


| LAST UPDATE 11/30/2021

By Georgina White
christine quinn faked pregnancy
Instagram via @thechristinequinn

If the gals from Selling Sunset - Christine Quinn especially - are used to one thing, it's attention. But apparently, someone's gone one step too far and Quinn has put her foot down. Here's the full story.

christine quinn surrogacy rumors
Instagram via @thechristinequinn

It all started when Christine posted a screenshot to her Instagram story (which has since been taken down), which showed a pretty serious message from a random user. The unknown Instagram user had a bone to pick with Quinn, but Christine wasn't having any of it. "Why did you fake your pregnancy?" the DM read. "It's totally okay to admit to having a surrogate but don't set unrealistic expectations for [post-partum] moms when you didn't even carry the baby yourself. It's deceitful and a shame." Yikes.

By the looks of the Selling Sunset star's caption on the screenshot, she was left pretty speechless by the accusations. "K y'all are beyond f**king sick," the Los Angeles realtor wrote. But unfortunately for Christine, the rumors didn't stop there. Theories surrounding her "faked" pregnancy were spreading like wildfire on Reddit, which led Quinn to take to Twitter to clap back once again. "You are an actual sick human being," Christine tweeted along with a video that clearly showed her working out in a bra and shorts with her baby bump on full display.

But the theories didn't stop coming. And people actually pointed to an episode of Selling Sunset that showed Quinn supposedly doing a handstand just weeks after her difficult labor. "I never worked out after my C-section," Christine shot back once again on Twitter. "Are you smoking Crack? Where did you read that? The yoga scene I was pregnant. It took me 4 months till I could even start yoga again."

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christine quinn baby theories
Instagram via @thechristinequinn

Something tells us that this story isn't going anywhere... So be sure to check back soon for all your Selling Sunset drama!