A Closer Look at Zendaya and Tom Holland’s Heartwarming Relationship


| LAST UPDATE 06/29/2023

By Abby Wall

Hollywood has only so many wholesome and heartfelt relationships like Tom Holland and Zendya's. Let's take a closer look at the couple's first meet-cute on the set of Spider-Man to their recent trip to Italy!


We know her; we love her; she is Zendaya. The former Disney star has taken over the industry in recent years with her beloved roles in the Spider-Man franchise Euphoria, Dune, The Greatest Showman, and more.

Zendaya Hollywood celebrity relationshipZendaya Hollywood celebrity relationship
Instagram via @zendaya

Besides being one of the most beloved actresses of our generation by so many, Zendaya has made a strong name for herself in the fashion industry as well, most recently becoming a global brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton. There is quite literally nothing Zendaya can't do!

Tom Holland

The English-born actor, Tom Halland, started his acting journey back in 2008 when he played the title character in Billy Elliot the Musical at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London. It wasn't until a few years later that he made his Hollywood debut in the disaster drama film The Impossible.

Tom Holland celebrity relationshipTom Holland celebrity relationship
Instagram via @tomholland2013

From that moment, his acting career popped off. In 2016 Holland was cast by the Marvel Cinematic Universe to play Spider-Man/Peter Parker, beginning with Captain America: Civil War. The Guardian calls describes Holland's "cheeky British charm, vulnerability and wit" as factors for making him the center of the Internet's affection.

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Keeping a Low Profile

So, it only makes sense that two of the most beloved 20-somethings in the world would find love in a hopeless Hollywood. We all know that Zendaya and Tom Holland are dating, but considering both actors keep their private life on the DL, we can't help but wonder how things started between these two love birds!

Zendaya Tom Holland Relationship Zendaya Tom Holland Relationship
Gotham/GC Images via Getty Images

Both Holland and Zendaya keep a healthy Instagram page, but they are careful never to reveal too much. So when it comes to dating, they keep things private. A source told Us Weekly, "They're both not one to make their relationship public," so it's no wonder it took so long for us to find out!

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The Meet Cute

So how exactly did these two love birds meet, then? Their love story dates back to 2016 when Tom Holland and Zendaya were cast as the latest Peter Parker and MJ in Marvel's reboot of the treasured franchise, with the first film being Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Zendaya Holland Celebrity RelationshipZendaya Holland Celebrity Relationship
Odette Martin via Shutterstock

Zendaya was cast just three months prior to shooting, with Holland cast some time before. However, the two hit it off right away. Holland uploaded a pic to his Instagram of the two of them and another friend hanging out in the pool right around the time the film began shooting.

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Just Friends

While their upcoming film together, Zendaya and Tom sported the cover of The Hollywood Reporter, which would also mark the Uncharted actor's first-ever cover shoot! After their cover was released, the public was convinced they were together, but Holland said otherwise.

Zendaya Tom Holland Relationship Zendaya Tom Holland Relationship
Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

He shared the cover photo with his fans, captioning the photo, "Over the moon with my first cover. So grateful that I got to share it with the one and only @zendaya," adding, "Thanks mate, for helping me out." Holland made it clear with this one that their relationship is friend vibes only when he called his co-star 'mate.'

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Lip Sync Battle

It's hard not to remember this iconic television moment. Right before the premiere of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Zendaya, and Tom Holland joined the team at Lip Sync Battle for one of the most memorable episodes of all time. The show spotlights two celebrities who go head to head in a lip sync challenge with the help of fun costumes, props, and even special guests.

Zendaya Holland Lip SyncZendaya Holland Lip Sync
YouTube via Comedy Central Latinoamérica

The Euphoria star chose Erykah Badu's Tyrone and Bruno Mars' 24K Magic while dressed up like the soul singer himself. But it was Holland's choices that really blew away the crowd. Tom paid homage to Bad Gal RiRi with his mix of Singin' in the Rain and Umbrella while dressed up as the Barbadian singer, wig, dress, and all.

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Romance Rumors

With all the press from Spider-Man commencing, rumors started spreading that the duo were more than just friends. "It happens all the time, and of course, we expected it," she told Entertainment Tonight. "I mean, it comes with the territory. It comes with the job, so it's all good."

Zendaya Holland Celebrity CoupleZendaya Holland Celebrity Couple
 Miguel Cordoba/Sipa via Shutterstock

Zendaya later told Variety that her co-star was "literally one of my best friends," making it clear to the public that there was nothing romantic going on. But to be fair, the Spider-Men are notoriously known for dating their MJs in real life, Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, and years later, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone!

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Shooting Spider-Man: Far From Home

Despite denying any romance, Holland and Zendaya was spotted together off-set quite often. By the end of 2017, an exclusive source shared with Us Weekly that "Tom has met Zendaya's family, and they love him" and "They are still seeing each other. It's been about a year."

Zendaya Tom Holland Spider-Man: HomecomingZendaya Tom Holland Spider-Man: Homecoming
Kristin Callahan/ACE Pictures via Shutterstock

After the major success of Spider-Man: Homecoming, the duo was set to film their next film together, Spider-Man: Far From Home. They kept things super low-key while filming the movie abroad, but rumors spread like wildfire after Peter and MJ shared their first on-screen kiss during the film.

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Deny, Deny, Deny

However, the rumors just kept on coming! But this time, they were poking fun at the allegations. As we come to see later on, Z and T have some pretty cute back-and-forth banter, and it started way back when a Twitter user suggested the two of them were vacationing together.

Zendaya Tom Holland datingZendaya Tom Holland dating
David Fisher via Shutterstock

Zendaya claps back at the allegation, writing, "Wait, wait…my favorite is when it says we go on vacations together, HA! I haven't been on a vacation in years!hbu @TomHolland1996 ???" The Crowded Room star responded back, tweeting, "Does the press tour count?" followed by crying, laughing emojis.

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Insert Jacob Elordi

After embarking on their press tour, people were convinced the two were romantically involved, but then the questions were put on hold when Zendaya was spotted hanging out with a certain co-star of hers. In 2019, the Malcolm & Marie star was reportedly dating her Euphoria co-star, Jacob Elordi.

Zendaya Jacob Elordi datingZendaya Jacob Elordi dating
 FilmMagic via Getty Images

Zendaya and Elordi were seen packing on the PDA in New York City and enjoying a romantic getaway in Greece. Neither star ever confirmed the rumors, but The Kissing Booth star called their relationship "really close." By the end of 2020, Jacob began dating model Kaia Gerber.

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Hello, Nadia Parkes

Zendaya wasn't the only one cuddling up to a new boo; the Uncharted star was also dating someone! Holland began dating Nadia Parkes, the London-based actress, at the beginning of 2020, and apparently, the two quarantined together during the beginning of the pandemic.

celebrity dating Nadia Parkescelebrity dating Nadia Parkes
Instagram via @nadia.parkes

Later that year, Holland made their relationship public after posting a picture of her on his Instagram, while Nadia reciprocated the gesture a few days later. Nadia Parkes is most famous for her roles in The Spanish Princess, Domina, and the Netflix show The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself.

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Insta Whoops

It was the beginning of the new year, and once again, romance rumors between Zendaya and Holland were going off! "You mean because I tagged Zendaya over my groin in an Instagram post?" Holland questioned after British GQ asked about their relationship status. "That was so funny; it was obviously a mistake," he said.

Zendaya Holland Hollywood couple Zendaya Holland Hollywood couple
Gregory Pace via Shutterstock

"But in all seriousness, it is also incredibly frustrating. It's very nerve-racking. It means that if you are dating someone, you have to be really conscious of their feelings because if something does happen between the two of you, it's not just happening between the two of you; it's happening in front of the entire world," he added.

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It's Confirmed!

And well, their relationship did happen in front of the whole world! In July 2021, the couple were caught locking lips in a car in Los Angeles! Finally, years of rumors were confirmed with a paparazzi picture. However, they decided to keep their relationship private for as long as they could.

Zendaya Holland relationship HollywoodZendaya Holland relationship Hollywood
 Eric Charbonneau via Shutterstock

"They're private when it comes to dating, so any photos that have come out would've just been them going about their business and not knowing photographers were around," a source told Us. However, they were seen together just a month later, attending a friend's wedding as a couple.

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Instagram Official

A few months after the pap pictures went viral, the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer was released, giving audiences a quick glimpse into their adorable relationship, both as MJ and Peter and Zendaya and Tom. Audiences were thrilled to finally see Tomdaya unite!

Zendaya Tom Holland Spiderman Zendaya Tom Holland Spiderman
Instagram via @tomholland2013

And then fans got even more! In September 2021, Holland made their relationship Instagram official after sharing a sweet birthday tribute celebrating his beau. "My MJ, have the happiest of birthdays. Gimme a call when your up xxx," he captioned the picture, to which she responded, "Calling now," with a heart emoji!

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Celebrating Spider-Man

After their relationship went public, Zendaya told InStyle she truly admires her boyfriend's work ethic, specifically his love for playing Spider-Man. "It's a lot of pressure—you take on the role of a superhero wherever you go. To the little kid who walks by, you are Spider-Man. I think he handled that so well," she says.

Zendaya Tom Holland Spiderman Zendaya Tom Holland Spiderman
 Sony Pictures Releasing/Marvel Entertainment/Moviestore via Shutterstock

"Our director allowed me to come in every day [of the shoot], and it was cool to see how he cares so much about his work and making it right,' she said. "He'd do a move, come back to the monitors, watch it, and say, 'I can do that better.' I'd be like, 'Dude, you got it.' But he wants us to be perfect, and I really appreciate that."

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Peter Pan and MJ Forever

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Holland explained that Zendaya was the only clear choice for MJ in the Marvel film almost ten years ago. "Obviously, I'm very happy she came in and tested that day. I'm sure you can guess why," he said.

Zendaya Holland dating historyZendaya Holland dating history
Robert Marquardt via Getty Images for Sony Pictures

Aside from their romantic relationship, the Spider-Man star also praised Zendaya for her professional career. "She's wonderful to work with. She's arguably the most talented person I've ever met." Now that's the love and affection we want to hear!

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"Happy and in Love"

Holland later hinted at his relationship with Total Film, explaining he was "very happy and in love" but would prefer to keep his personal life personal. The Devil All the Time actor, explained to the publication that he's even thought about what a future outside Hollywood would look like.

Tom Holland celebrity relationshipTom Holland celebrity relationship
Instagram via @tomholland2013

"I might go and be a carpenter for two years, and take a big break, and come back," he told Total Film. "Or I might not come back. I might go away and get married and have kids and just disappear for the rest of my life." Well, we certainly hope he doesn't just disappear forever, but whatever Tom wants, we want.

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Keeping Things Private

After being asked about his relationship being outed by the paparazzi, Holland explained to GQ the value of keeping whatever moments he can as private as possible, admitting that "one of the downsides of our fame is that privacy isn't really in our control anymore. I've always been really adamant about keeping my private life private," he said.

Zendaya Tom Holland Relationship Zendaya Tom Holland Relationship
Broadimage via Shutterstock

The Euphoria star later mirrored her boyfriend's statement, explaining it is "quite strange and weird and consuming and invasive." She told GQ, "I think loving someone is a sacred thing and a special thing and something that you want to deal with and go through and experience and enjoy amongst the two people that love each other."

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Standing Strong

Leading up to the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, the couple were spotted all over the red carpets hand in hand together, looking as happy as can be. An insider told Us that the duo "are in the best place they are right now" and are "even more strong and confident in their relationship" after going public.

Zendaya Tom Holland Relationship Zendaya Tom Holland Relationship
Cindy Ord via Getty Images for SiriusXM

"They are still in the new love phase and want to spend every moment together, which works out great because they've been doing so much shooting, traveling, and press together," the source added. "He adores her, and she thinks he is so smart and funny. They seem to be in it for the long haul together; all their friends love them together."

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Doing Everything Together

Following the premiere of the latest Spider-Man, the couple began taking their on-screen relationship off-screen! Zendaya accompanied her boyfriend to the premiere of his movie Uncharted while later sharing on her Instagram story that she waited in line to be one of the first to catch the movie herself!

Zendaya Tom Holland timeline Zendaya Tom Holland timeline
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic via Getty Images

They were too seen wearing matching jerseys with each other's names on them while attending a New York Rangers hockey game in February. Adorable! The Hollywood A-listers began commenting on each other Insta posts, sharing pictures of one another, and spotted traveling together, and well, the fans loved it!

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A Stylish Duo

Besides being one of the most loved couples in Hollywood, Tom and Zendaya have officially earned their spot as one of the industry's best-dressed couples as well. The lovebirds stole the carpet when Z wore a crystal-encrusted Alexander McQueen blazer dress with bejeweled tights, and Tom rocked the carpet in a leather jacket.

Zendaya Tom Holland premiereZendaya Tom Holland premiere
Vianney Le Caer via Shutterstock

During the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home in Los Angeles, Zendaya wowed the crowd wearing a custom-made Valentino web-embellished dress while Holland shined in a dark custom Prada Suit. Both styled by Law Roach, Z, and T were dawning matching Louboutin shoes.

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Family Ties

The couple continued to express love and support for each other both on the carpet and off. Right before Spider-Man: No Way Home hit theaters, Z took to her Instagram to share a throwback shot of the two of them from the film, writing, "My Spider-Man, I'm so proud of you. Some things never change and good thing."

Zendaya Holland relationship timeline Zendaya Holland relationship timeline
Alberto E. Rodriguez via Getty Images for Disney

We just love them, and so does everyone else-including Tom's family. The couple was later seen in London visiting the Holland family. Together they were spotted with Tom's mother and brothers at the West End to watch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

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Getting Serious

Their relationship quickly became one of the most beloved in Hollywood and for good reason! An inside source told Us that they were "serious and permanent," especially after their families were both involved. "They're both in settling-down mode and are absolutely planning for a real future together," the source added.

Zendaya Tom Holland Relationship Zendaya Tom Holland Relationship
Kevin Winter via Getty Images

On and off the carpet, the couple are always spotted hand in hand, smiling together, looking as happy as ever. Though they are only 27 years old, Z and T feel like they are in for the long run. Fans have even given them the label Tomdaya, and we stand by it!

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Buying a House?

As serious as their relationship might be, they sure aren't buying a house together! Early last year, there were rumors flying around the time that Tom and Zendaya had bought a house together, but during an appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan, Holland cleared that one right up.

Zendaya Holland House RumorsZendaya Holland House Rumors
YouTube via LiveKellyandMark

"I've had so many people call me up because, apparently, I bought a new house in South London. Which is completely false!" Holland explains the rumors. "I didn't buy a new house. I'm like, 'Wow, what a surprise; I wonder when I'll get the keys.'" LOL!

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Denying Engagement Rumors

New talk hit the town a few months after those rumors were circulating. This time, accusing the couple of secretly getting engaged! However, Zendaya's mother, Clair Stoermer, quickly shot down those rumors by sharing CoSchedule's dictionary definition of clickbait.

Zendaya Tom Holland Engagement Zendaya Tom Holland Engagement

It said, "Clickbait typically refers to the practice of writing sensationalized or misleading headlines in order to attract clicks on a piece of content. It often relies on exaggerating claims or leaving out key information in order to encourage traffic. The term is generally used in a dismissive sense." The couple did not comment.

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Loves a Good English Accent

The couple is just enjoying all the moments of being in love and being together! The couple traveled to London for an England palace tour, looking as sharp as ever, where Zendaya later expressed to The Sun how much she loves her boyfriend's accent-and we get it, we love it too!

Zendaya Tom Holland Relationship Zendaya Tom Holland Relationship
Instagram via @anneboleynsociety

"I love the ­British accent, but as much as Tom tries to explain it to me, I will never understand rhyming slang," she told The Sun. "Like, I understand the concept—but what do apples and pears have to do with stairs?" She added, "It's cute when he tells me all the different phrases—but I really don't get it!"

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Feeling the Love and Support

Not only does Z love her beau's charming British accent, but she really appreciates the "support and love" he shows her. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight while attending an event for Euphoria, she explained how one needs "support and love" while filming such a show.

Zendaya Tom Holland Relationship Zendaya Tom Holland Relationship
Instagram via @zendaya

"This isn't an easy job, so it's good to have that to free you up from it every now and then," referring to Tom. The Euphoria star was then asked about the rumored cameo Tom could have on the HBO show, to which she responded, "Who knows? The world may never know." We're crossing our fingers!

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Celebrating Each Other

As the couple approaches their two-year mark, well, two years that we know of, they are continuing to celebrate major milestones together! Just recently, the Euphoria star celebrated her boyfriend's 27th birthday with an adorable birthday tribute of Tom enjoying a swim at sea, with a heart emoji right by him.

Zendaya Tom Holland Relationship Zendaya Tom Holland Relationship
Instagram via @tomholland2013

Holland later took to his Instagram to celebrate his birthday, posting a hilarious image of him wearing a harness, board shorts, wetsuit, and helmet, writing, "A gift from me to you. I thought I'd share possibly the sexiest picture ever taken of me!" Zendaya dropped a little heart-eyed emoji in the comments.

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Happy and in Love!

The couple is just enjoying doing couple things-well Hollywood couple things. They recently traveled to Mumbai together for the opening of the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre and made their way to Italy, where they were seen packing on the PDA!

Zendaya Tom Holland Relationship Zendaya Tom Holland Relationship
David Fisher via Shutterstock

Holland recently shared an adorable story with UNILAD, saying he once fixed Zendaya's door early on in the relationship, and that seemed to have been the final trick! LOL! "I was hanging out at her house, and her door was broken. I was like, 'I'm gonna fix that door for you,' and now we're in love."

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Tomdaya Forever

Well, folks, there is just nothing about this couple we don't absolutely adore. In a recent interview with BuzzFeed, Holland joked about his lack of "rizz," but after dating Zendaya, he is just "happy and in love," so he has "no need for rizz."

Tomdaya Zendaya Tom HollandTomdaya Zendaya Tom Holland
Matt Baron via Shutterstock

Tomdaya fans all agree there is nothing this A-list couple can't do. From their stylish moments to hilarious back-and-forth banter, adorable comments on each other's Instagram pictures, and dedication to their profession, we will forever stand by Tomdaya!

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