The Shocking Claims From 'Controlling Britney Spears'


| LAST UPDATE 09/28/2021

By Chloe Becker
Controlling Britney Spears Revelations
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A new wave of shocking revelations about Britney Spears's life under her conservatorship has been brought to light in The New York Times Presents: Controlling Britney Spears. Most of the claims came from Alex Vlasov, a former member of the starlet's security team. Here's everything you need to know.

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The first astounding allegation? Vlasov said that Robin Greenhill, part of the Princess of Pop's management team, suggested they spy on her iPhone communications. "Edan would bring me text messages of conversations that Britney would have, and he would ask me to encrypt those messages and give it to him so he could pass it on to Robin and Jamie," Alex said. "They openly talked about monitoring her. Their reason for monitoring was looking for bad influence, looking for potential illegal activity that might happen. But they would also monitor conversations with her friends, with her mom, with her lawyer Sam Ingham."

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Things took a turn for the worst when the security team allegedly started spying on the singer's private bedroom, too. "Edan had an audio recording device put into Britney's bedroom," Alex claimed. And apparently, a few days before Spears had an appointment with a court investigator, "Edan and one of the agents working with him came into my office and handed me the audio recording device and a USB drive and asked me to wipe it," Vlasov added. "That raised so many red flags for me, and I did not want to be complicit in whatever they were involved in. So I kept a copy because I didn't want to delete evidence."

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Another revelation brought forth in Controlling Britney Spears is that, while the 39-year-old icon publicly spoke out against her conservatorship in June 2021, she has long been asking the courts to end it. "Britney wanted me to impress on the court the urgency in which she views the termination of the conservatorship," Brit's lawyer said during a closed-door hearing back in 2014. "She expressed to me a desire to marry, have children, and to retire and to change her lifestyle, and she believes the conservatorship precludes her from doing that."

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The shocking documentary also claims that the same people who monitored the Princess of Pop's phone and whereabouts kept an eye on the #FreeBritney movement, too. Alex Vlasov said that Edan Yemini was at first "very worried" about the fan-led initiative "because it was something out of their control." The informant claimed that when the protests began, "undercover investigators were placed within the crowds to talk to fans, to ID them, to document who they were... It was all under the umbrella of, 'This is for Britney's protection.'"

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