Drew Barrymore's Odd Antics Have Caught the Internet's Attention


| LAST UPDATE 05/09/2023

By Sara Salson

Since the age of 5, Drew Barrymore has been Hollywood's sweetheart. She has captured the hearts of movie-goers, caught the attention of many directors, and due to some activity, has raised the eyebrows of a concerned nation.

Icon Status

Barrymore has done so much in her career that it's almost impossible to forget about her. There's a special place in Hollywood's heart that keeps the Drew demand rolling, which has led her to continue landing roles today.

Drew Barrymore Stand In MovieDrew Barrymore Stand In Movie
The Stand In (2020) via Saban Films - IMDb

Any A-list actor has their ups and downs. Barrymore's most recent bust-up was the cancellation of her Netflix zombie comedy Santa Clarita Diet. It wasn't exactly to everyone's taste. But, as they say, one door closes, and another one opens. In this case, Barrymore went on to film The Stand In and debuted her very own talk show in 2020.

Hostess With the Mostess

Drew doesn't just have a way with words, but her heart-warming personality stands out by a mile on our television screens. Since her talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show, aired, Barrymore has brought on many famous faces while being the source of main entertainment. Imagine a talk show and sketch show wrapped into one...

Drew Barrymore Show  Drew Barrymore Show
The Drew Barrymore Show via YouTube

Barrymore has blessed her audience with the beauty of nostalgia. Not only has she taken the time to emotionally prepare to reconnect with old characters, but what would that be without some familiar faces? Nothing beats a song-filled 50 First Dates reunion with Adam Sandler or some butt-kicking throwback with Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu.

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Laughs & Gags

Although she might have emerged into the industry from a young age, Barrymore has kept it real in the long run. Her authenticity is the key to her success. Not only does she know how to entertain a worldwide audience, but Drew is also not afraid to reveal the truth.

Drew Barrymore Show BloopersDrew Barrymore Show Bloopers
The Drew Barrymore Show via YouTube

We're talking all things extra and going behind the desk at Drew's News. Just like when SNL cast break character from time to time, Barrymore is guilty of breaking into laughter some of the time. She tends to incorporate blooper footage into her talk show. Just a little reminder to everyone that Hollywood is not always tied to a script.

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Her Big Break

Barrymore has been involved with Hollywood since she was a little girl. Way back when, around the time of the Canon brand Super 8mm camera, little Drew was placed in front of the lens before the age of 1. She couldn't even talk and was already making the big bucks.

drew barrymore young ETdrew barrymore young ET
Bruce Mc Broom/Universal/Kobal via Shutterstock

At just 11 months old, she was the other baby in a 1976 dog food commercial. It was a breeze. Producers knew there was something special that drew everyone in, pardon the pun. In 1980, she made a brief cameo in Altered States, yet it was Steven Spielberg's 1980 sci-fi E.T. which truly led her to worldwide fame.

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Making Waves

We're all familiar with the hosts of Saturday Night Live. We've seen Kim Kardashian take center stage, Tina Fey, Martin Short, Halsey, and too many more to name. But, one innocent little girl with two red ribbons became one of the youngest to make pop culture history.

Drew Barrymore Young SNLDrew Barrymore Young SNL
Saturday Night Live via YouTube

In 1982, Barrymore was the youngest host to open the sketch show with her very own monologue. But the truth is that by this point, Barrymore was known as Hollywood's latest rising star. While Studio 54 was becoming a second home to her, she, unfortunately, settled into a rehabilitation center around her teenage years.

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Wild Child

The E.T. sensation suddenly fell into a world of oblivion. After tuning into her alter-ego, this immediately affected her acting career. The girl who had a smile that lit up every room soon morphed into a dark shadow. Barrymore embraced her unapologetic persona, which landed her roles that fit her stereotype and later changed her image.

Drew Barrymore Poison IvyDrew Barrymore Poison Ivy
Snap via Shutterstock

Hollywood was everything Barrymore knew, but this took its toll. From playing Anita Minteer in the crime-drama film Guncrazy to starring as the thrilling Poison Ivy and depicting the life of Amy Fisher in the televised docudrama. At the age of 19, Barrymore had enough and wedded a bar proprietor, yet this only lasted a few months.

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Baring All for the Camera

At this point, Barrymore felt unstoppable. With her name so high up on the roster, it appeared she felt she could get away with almost anything and still remain just as desirable for producers. But she went on to shock her beloved fans with out-of-character gigs, such as provocative cover shoots for Interview and Playboy.

Drew Barrymore Career YoungDrew Barrymore Career Young
mikel roberts/Sygma via Getty Images

It was becoming a reoccurring theme where Drew gained more attention for her drastic behavior rather than her charismatic talent. Besides the photoshoots, Barrymore would bring these risque scenes onto live television. On Letterman, she impulsively decided to shock the host himself. Thankfully, things started to calm down after this.

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New Drew, Who 'Dis?

As the story goes, things soon started to pick up for the actress. In 1995, Barrymore launched her very own production company, Flower Films. Did the name arise as a symbol of growth and flourishment? Who knows. But what we do know is that it got her back on track, becoming the Barrymore everyone knew and loved.

Drew Barrymore Flower FilmsDrew Barrymore Flower Films
Miramax/Kobal via Shutterstock

Her first stop on her reinvention tour was her role in the road comedy-drama Boys on the Side, where she played Molly alongside Whoopi Goldberg. One year later, she picked up the role that trademarked a whole new character as Casey Becker in Scream, as well as Skylar in Woody Allen's musical-romance Everybody Says I Love You.

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Becoming an Angel

But by 1988, Barrymore went back to her girl-next-door roots, co-starring alongside Adam Sandler in the charming yet nostalgic production of The Wedding Singer. She definitely became more in tune with her charming side once again, and it didn't stop there.

Drew Barrymore Charlie's AngelsDrew Barrymore Charlie's Angels
L. Cohen/Wire Image via Getty Images

In 1998, Drew re-romanticized her audience, reminding them of her talents by starring in a Cinderella adaptation, Ever After. She then went from Hollywood's sweetheart to everyone's high school sweetheart in Never Been Kissed. And to top it off, she became 1/3 of the most iconic secret agent trio in Charlie's Angels in 2000.

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Getting Hitched, Again

Around the time that Barrymore's career was thriving, she also found love. The supplement that put everything back into its original place. So, as she went on to embrace multiple loveable personas, she re-tapped into her goofy side. Yet, she believed in sealing the deal to make it all worthwhile.

Drew Barrymore Husband Tom GreenDrew Barrymore Husband Tom Green
Chris Weeks/Liaison via Getty Images

Tom Green, the Canadian-American MTV comedian, found himself in Drew's arms. It was a connection no one would have ever made. When swirling rumors were confirmed to be true, the actress was set to walk down the aisle with Green in 2001. Yet, again, history repeated itself, making the marriage last under a year.

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Bouncing Back

A new decade meant a whole new Barrymore, and she was ready to set back into reality. Well, her old reality. In 2001, the red-haired wonder secured a leading role in the sci-fi fantasy Donnie Darko. It seems Drew had explored almost every type of role and genre. That being said, she was re-finding herself.

Drew Barrymore Donnie DarkoDrew Barrymore Donnie Darko
Dale Robinette/Flower/Gaylord/Adam Fields Prod/Kobal via Shutterstock

Barrymore was proud of this role, not just because it became a cult hit but primarily because Flower Films had produced it. One year later, she was working herself back to her old ways - she starred in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind which only complimented her revamped role in the Charlie's Angels sequel Full Throttle in 2003.

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Rom-Com Royalty

First comes love, then comes marriage… so they say. For Barrymore, she reset the standard by reuniting with her personal wedding singer Adam Sandler. In 2004, the dynamic duo reappeared beside each other in the unforgettable 50 First Dates. By this point, Drew found herself leaning more into a rom-com era.

Drew Barrymore Adam Sandler MovieDrew Barrymore Adam Sandler Movie
Columbia/Kobal via Shutterstock

Barrymore became engulfed in romantic comedies. In 2005, she struck out in Fever Pitch, while in 2007, she became the muse of popstar Alex Fletcher in Music and Lyrics. She later played the supportive best friend in He's Just Not That Into You. Yet 2009 was perhaps her biggest career move yet.

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The Director's Chair

After years of experience, Barrymore thought it was time to step up her game. She had visualized and comprehended enough scenes to know how the industry produced the big blockbusters. After her rom-com stint, it was clear she became highly fond of the two genres but focused on creating a divide in the movie magic.

Drew Barrymore Directing CareerDrew Barrymore Directing Career
John Lamparski for Advertising Week New York via Getty Images

Barrymore put on her big girl boots, or should we say rollerblades. For the first time in her career, Barrymore sat in the director's chair for the drama-sports film Whip It with Kristen Wig and Elliot Page. In 2011, she took risks in working with her real-life love interest Justin Long, on and off set in Going The Distance.

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'Santa Clarita Diet'

Barrymore was on a roll, finding herself in film after film and killing every one of her roles. Involved in a whirlwind of emotions, Barrymore dominated Blended, Big Miracle, and the heartfelt motion picture Miss You Already. After dabbling around on the big screen, she moved on to something smaller.

Drew Barrymore Santa Clarita DietDrew Barrymore Santa Clarita Diet
Saeed Adyani/Netflix/Kobal via Shutterstock

In 2017, Barrymore found herself working on a zombie-comedy Netflix original series, Santa Clarita Diet. She played the role of realtor Sheila, who was pronounced dead but returned as a woman with a hunger for all things flesh and blood. The show lasted for three series, yet some argued we lost this one too soon.

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Judgment Day

In 2019, Barrymore went from the director's chair to the judge's chair. Is there anything she can't do? Evidently not, and Drew keeps on bringing us the best surprises, including her eye for hidden talent surrounding the United States. Of course, she was not alone on this journey.

Drew Barrymore Talent JudgeDrew Barrymore Talent Judge
Talent Recap via YouTube

Barrymore sat beside drag queen royalty Ru Paul and country singer Faith Hill while James Corden took center stage to present the incoming acts. By this point, the superstar was exceeding all of our expectations while she continued to make appearances on our screens, had already been through two vague marriages, and had even become a mom.

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Third Time's a Charm?

So just as Barrymore was in the midst of taking on every industry in the world, she found love once again. We can't blame her. It's almost impossible not to fall in love with Drew straight away, considering her personality has taken her career to infinity and beyond. As she reached new stages in her life, she felt something was missing.

Drew Barrymore Third Marriage HusbandDrew Barrymore Third Marriage Husband
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage via Getty Images

Drew couldn't think of a better person to bring in 2012 than her newlywed, Will Kopelman. The two seemed to be doing blissfully well, especially considering they welcomed two daughters into the world, Olive and Frankie. Sadly, this wasn't her prince charming, and after four years, the couple went their separate ways.

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Onwards & Upwards

As this wasn't Barrymore's first rodeo, she knew how to re-compose herself and snap back with a glowing complexion. The world saw her come back to life with everything and more, and now with two daughters who put things into perspective. After playing character after character, Barrymore decided it was time to focus on being herself.

Drew Barrymore Talk ShowDrew Barrymore Talk Show
The Drew Barrymore Show via YouTube

In 2020, The Drew Barrymore Show launched. She had all the love in the world to give, but it wasn't being placed in the right situations. She used her positive and powerful persona to create a synergized environment of laughter and emotion and devised a show with complete human appeal. It immediately became a hit.

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The Calm Before the Storm

Not only did Barrymore become a sensation through her acting roles, talent judging, and talk show hosting, but this drew even more attention to her social media pages. People were continuously falling in love with her and wanted to keep up with how she was maintaining this healthy lifestyle after a happy hiatus.

Drew Barrymore Viral Rain InstagramDrew Barrymore Viral Rain Instagram
Drew Barrymore via Instagram

Her infectious smile attracted 16.5 million Instagram followers, and it wasn't our typical selfie-filled feed. An array of behind-the-scenes footage, personal success, and real mom moments are published on the page. We knew Barrymore found her happiness, and a video she posted in May 2022 gave the odd reason behind it.

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Let It Rain, Let It Pour

Her followers witnessed Barrymore grinning from ear to ear as she rushed outside into the pouring rain. We had never seen a smile like it. It was a grin that was so pure it almost seemed caught off guard, yet she filmed the entire experience. As she stood outside fully clothed, we could only catch on to how she was feeling.

Drew Barrymore Viral Rain TikTokDrew Barrymore Viral Rain TikTok
@drewbarrymore via Instagram

We don't know if the dance in the rain symbolized freedom or tears she had been holding in for a while, but it was clear she was overjoyed at that very moment. She assured her followers with a caption that read, "If it's raining anywhere you are, just run out in the rain. Don't miss the opportunity."

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Going Viral

Two months later, the video of Barrymore prancing around in the rain went viral on social media. The wholesome purpose behind the video going viral was that there was no context. People simply loved watching Barrymore at her happiest, embracing this pure moment like no other. Once again, she stood out from a mile.

Drew Barrymore Viral TikTok PostDrew Barrymore Viral TikTok Post
@drewbarrymore via Instagram

Followers and fans began to see the video land on their TikTok 'for you page.' The Blended star stole hearts worldwide after running into a courtyard to enjoy some of mother natures' gifts to her. She couldn't help but encourage her followers to do the same and experience an exhilarating moment in the fresh air.

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Pisces Behavior

Fans couldn't get enough of this one viral video. Now it was everywhere - there was no escape from Barrymore in the rain. And yet it had an oddly positive effect on people. She blamed it on her "Pisces behavior," which she later captioned in the next video where she was seen looking out admiring the water pouring down from the sky.

Drew Barrymore Zodiac PiscesDrew Barrymore Zodiac Pisces
Barry Brecheisen via Getty Images

She took off her glasses and freely allowed the drops of water to fall onto her face and soak her clothes. She didn't care. She was carefree and enjoying every moment. For whatever reason, the video accumulated 10 million views and over half a million double taps. Even some famous faces commended her free-spirited video.

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Celebrities Speak Out

There was something unique about Drew. Though she dedicated her life to the camera for pretty much her entire life, she remained humble, and many people admired her for this. It's not easy to go through life with the camera rolling, capturing her identity on camera. Thankfully, she let many of us know who she truly is.

Leslie Jordan Drew Barrymore InstagramLeslie Jordan Drew Barrymore Instagram
Kevin Mazur for ACM via Getty Images

One legend, before he left us, Will & Grace's Leslie Jordan kindly acknowledged Barrymore's wet-hit wonder and wrote, "Love this." How can something so small have such a large effect? As well, 3rd Rock from the Sun's Kristen Johnson wrote, "She's the most full of joy, funny, darling person ever. As you can tell. This is really her."

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Let the Haters Hate

We can imagine Barrymore's heartwarming reaction to all the kind and supportive comments. If she let Hollywood capture her worst moments, she might as well capture the best ones herself. Still, as far as positivity goes online, there are always those keyboard warriors in hiding, preparing for their next strike.

Drew Barrymore Show User CommentsDrew Barrymore Show User Comments
The Drew Barrymore Show via YouTube

No matter how hard celebrities try to be a good influence, there is always a price to pay. These consequences are none other than those internet trolls. Of course, Barrymore received some torturous comments, accusing her of behaving dramatically in the rain. Yet, they were shut down quickly with fellow celebrity support.

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Enter January Jones

If there's anything a celebrity can count on, it's the support system of fellow famous faces. They've been through it all, the best and the worst of fame. So, when it came to rushing to Barrymore's side, January Jones wasted no time expressing the reasons behind Barrymore's quirks.

January Jones Drew BarrymoreJanuary Jones Drew Barrymore
Noam Galai/Wire Image via Getty Images

Renowned for her role as Betty Draper, the Mad Men star did not waste any time to make her way to the comment section. Jones, hopeful that many people as possible saw her comment, wrote, "I don't think people understand how rarely it rains in Southern California. When we do get to experience actual precipitation, it's very emotional."

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Support System

The users who tried to aimlessly push negative narratives onto the post ultimately failed in doing so. Despite industry celebrities, there were multiple members of the public who continued to show support for the Never Been Kissed star. One heartfelt comment, in particular, stood out among the other thousand.

Drew Barrymore Global Fan SupportDrew Barrymore Global Fan Support
George Pimentel/WireImage via Getty Images

That being said, one individual took the time to write something deeper, "I want to love anything as much as Drew Barrymore loves everything. Perfection," the supporter wrote. And we can't help but agree! We also can't help but imagine Drew's face after reading this one.

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Truly Infectious

From one single video came a downpour of comments. It was as if a Barrymore cult had escalated into something unimaginable, and that's coming from an outside perspective. More users came online in an attempt to have Barrymore's back, building a protective foundation around her.

Drew Barrymore Young PartyingDrew Barrymore Young Partying
Chris Polk/FilmMagic via Getty Images

Another admirer spoke from the bottom of their heart, "There are some people in this world who have infectious energy… Drew Barrymore is one of them. Her life could've continued as it was and been absolutely tragic. The fact that she's such a bubbly, positive, happy, healthy person who takes joy in damn near everything is beautiful."

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Childhood Scars

Considering everything Barrymore has been through, on and off the camera, it's important to acknowledge the profound effects the industry has had on those who have embraced it since childhood. "Watching her heal her inner child makes me so happy," one user praised.

Drew Barrymore Child Star TraumaDrew Barrymore Child Star Trauma
Bettmann/Contributor via Getty Images

A small gesture can go a long way. Who would have known this video would have caused such a stir online, but thankfully it did. It seemed to have raised awareness of finding the simple joys in life. As one user put it, "Protect Drew Barrymore." But what did Mrs. Barrymore herself think about it all?

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"Be Free & Not Worried"

It was comment after comment, a competition on who could protect our very own Charlie's angel the most. It turns out the abundance of support did not go unnoticed by the actress. Yet, her response was not what most would have expected - especially considering the wild state of the video.

Drew Barrymore Viral InterviewDrew Barrymore Viral Interview
Barry Brecheisen via Getty Images

In July 2022, Barrymore spoke with People magazine. She claimed she was simply "living in the moment." The Whip It actress explained, "I'm such a hippie that when I see the rain, I just think I want to go out in it and have a little baptism from Mother Nature and be free and not worried for a second. I do worry and stress a lot."

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A Deeper Meaning

She's human. No wonder she's experienced stress in her lifetime. Nevertheless, in hindsight, this viral rain video was a blessing in disguise. With absolutely no context behind it but pure happiness, it sparked thoughts that Barrymore never felt the need to share before.

Drew Barrymore Rain Viral VideoDrew Barrymore Rain Viral Video
Paul Zimmerman for Beautycon via Getty Images

She continued to tell People, "I'm also not a hippie sometimes and really a person who wants to have action and be a business person and get things done. And with that comes a tremendous amount of pressure and stress… Rain is a signal for me to let go and stop overthinking everything."

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Where Is She Now?

Barrymore has been on one crazy ride throughout her career. She has never known anything but life in front of the public eye. Taking into consideration her past marriages, she left that sector for a while to focus on self-growth and self-love. Yet, in a recent discussion with Whoopi Goldberg, she acknowledged her next steps.

Drew Barrymore Whoopi GoldbergDrew Barrymore Whoopi Goldberg
The Drew Barrymore Show via YouTube

Goldberg asked Barrymore about her dating life, "The last time you were here, we both were single. You weren't dating. Are you dating now?" She replied, "I am… Because it had been so many years, I started to get a little worried, like I'm too good at being alone." And we can't wait to see where this next chapter takes her...

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