'Sex Ed' Star Emma Mackey Is "Obsessed" With Aimee


| LAST UPDATE 10/01/2021

By Georgina White
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If you're like us, chances are that you binged Season three of Sex Education the moment it dropped on Netflix. From heartbreaks to #friendshipgoals besties, there was a whole lot to unpack from this season - and the stars of the teen dramedy couldn't agree more.

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In fact, one of the show's lead stars, Emma Mackey (Maeve), couldn't stop obsessing over on-screen and off-screen BFF, Aimee Lou Wood. The two characters on the show couldn't be more different at first glance, but according to Mackey, that's what made their friendship so special. "To see Maeve grow alongside Aimee and what that relationship is has been special," the Netflix breakout star shared with Buzzfeed. "This relationship that on paper makes no sense but somehow works like a dream."

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These two besties have come a long way since the days of Season One when they were hiding their friendship from the "Untouchables." Come Season Three, the pair are loud and proud with their female friendship, and Emma said it "elevated" Maeve's growth in trust to new heights. "[They] are just there for each other and are able to coexist with one another even though they're completely different," she explained during the interview. "I think that's really key to Maeve's person and existence. How Maeve interacts and operates with people and learns from them is something I love."

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According to Emma, she considers herself a major fan of Aimee Lou Wood. "[She] just blows us all away, and I'm completely obsessed with her," Mackey gushed to Buzzfeed. "I love her. So it's good to see her shine bright." It's clear the love ran deep between these two Sex Education legends - and their deep connection made the on-screen friendship all the more believable and entertaining for viewers. "I think people are going to enjoy, hopefully, Maeve and Aimee's friendship because it goes through some ups and downs," Emma explained.

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She continued, "We see them a lot more together, which inevitably brings new dynamics into play."

Safe to say, we're joining Emma in the Aimee Lou fan club. And while we wait for our t-shirts to come - check back soon for more pop culture news!