Say Cheese! 29+ Famously Serious Celebrities Caught Smiling


| LAST UPDATE 12/01/2022

By Christiana Holland

It's almost a right of passage for celebrities to strike their most daring pose on the red carpet. But, on occasion, whether it's a premiere, award show, or simply a good day, they'll flash their pearly whites…

Ashley Olsen

Don't mess with the power of the Olsen cheekbones! Since entering the industry and branding themselves as C.E.O.s of The Row clothing empire, it's been nothing but serious business for Mary Kate and Ashley (below).

ashley olsen pout pruneashley olsen pout prune
Taylor Hill/Contributor/Jamie McCarthy via Getty Images

While both twins have been in the spotlight since birth, nowadays, it's almost a treat if Ashley will flash us with her smile. Don't get us wrong, we're not judging - but she and Mary Kate typically prefer to strut their famous duck pout. The secret? "Every time they pose and smile, they say the word 'prune,'" Today reported.

Tyra Banks

Wanna be on top? The ANTM bombshell has been dominating magazine covers and runway shows for years now. But not without that famous 'smize' of hers! As the supermodel sees it, why smile when we can smile with our eyes? Perhaps that's why it's rare to see Miss Banks without that sultry pose of hers.

tyra banks smize antmtyra banks smize antm
Mireya Acierto/Contributor/Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Stringer via Getty Images

"On America's Top Model, I've always told my girls to smile with their eyes. We call it 'smizing,'" the reality-television host once explained. "Over the years, it's actually become part of pop culture. I would be walking down the street, and girls would say, 'Smize!'"

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Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo takes his career very seriously. After all, he's starred in more award-winning roles than we can count. So, it's no surprise he might have adapted to some of those on-screen personality traits. When DiCaprio walks the red carpet, he likes to remain calm and collected - or at least that's how it looks.

celebrities smiling leo dicapriocelebrities smiling leo dicaprio
Michael Ostuni/Patrick McMullan/Jeff Vespa/WireImage via Getty Images

However, every once in a while, we can get that adorable Leo smile to appear. Don't get us wrong, as a child actor, we saw some cheeky and witty behavior from the Great Gatsby star. Though it might be a little rarer to see his playful self nowadays. Still, we will continue to love this charmer for what he brings to the table.

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Victoria Beckham

The iconic Posh Spice. One out of the five Spice Girls was renowned for her serious, sleek, and chic aesthetic. That was most definitely her wildest phase - the after-concert parties, touring around the world, and performing only the best dance hits on stage. Now, she has gone from popstar to fashion enthusiast, pouting down the runway.

victoria beckham no smilingvictoria beckham no smiling
Samir Hussein/Dave Hogan via Getty Images

Victoria, the Wag of ex-pro footballer David Beckham, has found her new pose. She is usually photographed looking striking and daring. Yet, for someone in the fashion industry, she has become prone to model behavior. She told Vogue, "I'm smiling on the inside. I feel that I have a responsibility to the fashion community."

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Megan Fox

What are the chances Megan Fox doesn't strike a pose without accentuating her impeccable bone structure? Fox has been the 'it' girl everyone wanted to be since her acting debut in Holiday In The Sun, acting alongside the Olsen twins. We could say it all comes down to those siren eyes. But, every once in a while, she flashes a smile.

Megan Fox smile transformationMegan Fox smile transformation
Matt Winkelmeyer/Scott Dudelson via Getty Images

We don't know if it's Machine Gun Kelly or a shot caught off guard that captures her grin, but her smile stands out from a mile away. Seeing the teeth of the Transformer star is rare, and she tends to keep her red carpet poses to a minimum. This usually involves a loved-up picture with M.G.K.... or a sensual pout.

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Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart has always rocked an unapologetic, edgy attitude. Since her career kicked off after appearing in Twilight, she's been seen on the red carpet, almost mimicking her character's mysterious persona. However, as years continued to pass, we quickly learned this was pretty much all Kristen, all the time.

kristen stewart serious smilingkristen stewart serious smiling
Kristy Sparow/Amy Sussman via Getty Images

In 2015, Stewart appeared on Jimmy Fallon to address her smiling situation. She bluntly stated while mocking herself, "I can do it, whether or not I smile at you." She explained she grew the tendency to have a 'back off' attitude toward paps. Understandable! Still, on the right (above), she has given us a glimpse of her sweet side.

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Johnny Depp

We can't help but notice Johnny Depp's change of character over the years. Being in the spotlight since 1985 might have taken it out of him, but he has managed to look sharp in all paparazzi pics! We don't know if it was his Jack Sparrow role that encouraged more of a grunge look, and while we aren't complaining, he rarely grins.

johnny depp then nowjohnny depp then now
Atsushi Tomura/Tristan Fewings via Getty Images

However, every now and then, the paparazzi catch his side-eye smile. Of course, Mr. Depp has been through a lot personally, from live-streamed court cases to a press overload, which might explain his unexpressive aesthetic. But we hope this hasn't affected him in the long run. Does Johnny know he's loved by most of the nation?

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Keira Knightly

It might be the O.B.E.... installed in her name that creates her serious tone. Still, Keira has always had the same red-carpet expressions, and she has almost never shown us a smile. Just like Megan Fox, her facial composition was seemingly made for sucking in those cheekbones and pouting! It's safe to say, she has mastered this one.

stars who don't smile Keira Knightlystars who don't smile Keira Knightly
Chris Jackson/ISABEL INFANTES/AFP via Getty Images

After so many years of being camera ready, it is almost an instinctive and automatic reaction to strike the emotionless pose. Give or take a few appearances, the only time we really get to see a Keira toothy picture is when she's distracted and a cheeky image is snapped. Though beautiful either way, we love to see these candid moments.

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Bella Hadid

She is one of the most famous supermodels of our generation. Her striking facial expressions might as well be deemed as a work of art. Though she is always exuding more of a serious tone, it always has different levels. This might be hard to believe, but it turns out Hadid is not always comfortable having her picture taken.

bella hadid pout smilingbella hadid pout smiling
Dimitrios Kambouris/Edward Berthelot via Getty Images

Though Gigi could get a smile out of her, Hadid opened up about life flashing before her eyes, literally. In 2017, Hadid opened up to The Guardian. She said, "People always tell me I seem mean or intimidating on social media, but I really love engaging with new people. I feel uncomfortable, sometimes, smiling in front of the camera."

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Daniel Craig

The name's Bond, Mr. Bond. Daniel Craig has become an incarnation of his iconic 007 character. When it comes to preparing for a role, it's clear he went above and beyond to digest the secret agent persona. When it comes to the red carpet, it's no secret his mind transports to a hidden location to capture his confidential glare.

daniel craig red carpetdaniel craig red carpet
Mark Cuthbert/U.K.Press/Gareth Cattermole via Getty Images

On the odd occasion, Craig is spotted with the sweetest smile ever known. It's moments like these when we know he's not in character and can channel his true and authentic personality! We would have never guessed the guy on the right likes his drink shaken and not stirred.

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Sean Penn

Sean Penn has starred in a range of roles, so it might seem difficult to establish his true character. From playing a juvy convict in Bad Boys to the helpless romantic Eric in Friends who falls for Pheobe Buffay. So, it's not like we haven't seen Penn smile at all - but when it comes to the red carpet, he keeps it pretty stoic.

Celebrities Smiling Sean PennCelebrities Smiling Sean Penn
Gareth Cattermole/VALERY HACHE/AFP via Getty Images

It might be the mustache effect. If we're going to humor the comparison in any way, it seems as if Penn was trying to shave off the stache for a while. Nothing says happiness like a fresh trim and a suit and tie! It's rare moments like these when a Sean Penn smile goes a long way. Keep smiling, keep shining.

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Angelina Jolie

Mrs. Smith takes it seriously when it comes to posing for the camera. To be honest, her bone structure and glistening eyes are enough, so a smile is scarcely required! Needless to say, she really does always look like she is glowing. So when she feels like it, she blesses us even more with her gorgeous smile.

angelina jolie then nowangelina jolie then now
Stephen Lovekin/Christopher Polk via Getty Images

Of course, after playing sinister characters like Maleficent, she might have grasped some facial expressions used. Still, Jolie is just another one of those celebrities that the camera loves. After multiple photoshoots and snapshots throughout her career, she prefers the mysterious stance over her gleaming smile.

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Robert Pattinson

The former Twilight hunk might have drunk a bit too much blood. Pattinson's mysterious pout is his signature look when he hits the carpets. His dead-like persona, which he played throughout five films, might have had an effect. After these films, Pattinson appeared at premieres embracing his English grunge for the cameras.

Rob Pattinson transformation smileRob Pattinson transformation smile
Stephane Cardinale/CorbisCorbis/George Pimentel/WireImage via Getty Images

He always did have a glazed-over look in his eye, and his smile tends to show on exceptional occasions. To be honest, though, we will never know when we might get a smile out of him, but when we do, it's a treat! He usually decorates his pouts with a classic hand-in-the-pocket stance, adding a charming aesthetic to his look.

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The Team singer has established her red-carpet look. As seen on the left, she is captured at the Met Gala with her trademark pose, simply looking dead straight into the camera. To be honest, if she had moved a muscle, her headpiece could have fallen out of place. So, let's just say Lorde keeps it professional!

Lorde age then nowLorde age then now
Theo Wargo/Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic via Getty Images

However, just like Miss Eilish, the unstoppable smile is brought to life during special moments. As seen on the right, Lorde proudly holds her double Grammy wins and can't help but shyly smile at the camera. Her timid personality is definitely endearing, so we don't mind her straight-faced pout on the regular.

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Kylie Jenner

The C.E.O.... of selfies (sorry, Kimmy), Kylie has always owned the room! As a youngster, her vibrant personality lit up the family's E! reality show. Only now, she steals the spotlight with her dangerously beautiful smize. The fierce look in her eye and perfect pout is her go-to, and it takes a lot to capture her smiling.

kylie jenner transformation then now kylie jenner transformation then now
Taylor Hill/ Contributor/MEGA via Getty Images

For those moments when we do get a snap of smiley Kylie, it's the authentic Jenner we know and love! On the right, the Kylie Cosmetics queen is seen flashing her pearly whites. And bible, we love to see it. We'll definitely continue to keep up with this billionaire beauty - one selfie at a time...

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Ryan Reynolds

We can only dream of finding someone the way Ryan Reynolds looks at Blake Lively. But when she's not by his side, Reynolds's famous face looks almost... lost. He is certainly hopelessly devoted to his wife! The effect Blake has on her husband is heartwarming, but there's actually a reason behind his famous smize.

ryan reynolds then now smilingryan reynolds then now smiling
Jason Mendez/ Stringer/Steve Granitz/ Contributor via Getty Images

In an interview between Reynolds and E.W..., he was asked if he was upset about anything regarding his red-carpet appearance. He explained, "No, that's a problem I've had all my life… if I'm not aware a photo is being taken, my natural resting face is one of a man dying. I had no idea somebody was taking a photo."

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Timothee Chalamet

Timothee Chalamet is one of those teen heartthrobs that can get away with, well, anything. Considering most fans are busy swooning over him, they definitely aren't complaining about his emotionless yet intriguing poses. The actor is aware his stern facial expressions are a winner, so there's no reason to stop any time soon. Right?

Timothee Chalamet red carpetTimothee Chalamet red carpet
John Shearer/Momodu Mansaray via Getty Images

Still, the charming star is no stranger to his heart-melting grin. He has a smile that can steal all the nation's hearts - and he isn't afraid to show it off. His slicked-back hair and dazed smile are a winner, but he prefers to opt for this mysterious presence. And we're certainly not complaining...

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When it comes to Halsey, it seems like her outfits coincide with her camera pose. As we see her on the left, spotted at the Met Gala, she looks extra fierce as she bedazzled the carpet in red and gold. This is typically Halsey's go-to pose, and she likes to make an entrance with extravagant outfits to match.

Celebrities Smiling Halsey transformationCelebrities Smiling Halsey transformation
Dimitrios Kambouris/John Shearer via Getty Images

In contrast, on the right, Halsey looks pretty in pink, dressed to the nines and adorned with blush jewels. While her outfit is everything sweet, her sparkling smile makes an appearance. We can't help but think these are two completely different people. Still, there's nothing wrong with changing it up a little bit!

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Taylor Momsen

Is that our Little J? The Gossip Girl alumni, Momsen, was Manhattan's sweetheart until she channeled her inner rockstar persona. Not to mention, she was also the innocent Cindy Lou Who with a heart of gold, only now she prefers to wear all-black. This includes her renowned smokey-eye.

taylor momsen transformation nowtaylor momsen transformation now
Gregg DeGuire/Michael Tran/FilmMagic via Getty Images

Although her blonde hair adds flair, her camera poses are kept to a minimum. The Pretty Reckless singer has definitely marked her new aesthetic, evident on her Instagram page as she keeps it low-key. Though we might not get a smile from her any time soon, she is rocking the stage almost every night in every country. Yes, girl!

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Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is usually starring in high-quality action films. From Guardians of the Galaxy to Jurassic World and Passengers. His participation typically requires him to stay determined and focused at all times - which might explain his hard-hitting stare into the paparazzi lens. Although his smiles aren't that rare.

Celebrities Smiling Chris PrattCelebrities Smiling Chris Pratt
Jason Merritt/Jon Kopaloff via Getty Images

As seen on the right, the gitty Chris Pratt has all teeth on show, looking sublimely happy. When Pratt does decide to throw a smile, it is sometimes accompanied by a cheeky wink and finger point or a classic thumbs up. He almost resembles that guy who tries to be serious but can't help but burst out with laughter. We're all here for it.

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Lily Collins

Miss Collins is everything sophisticated. From flawless hair looks to her modest choice of outfits, she is truly a sight for sore eyes no matter what pose. Though her subtle pout and eyebrow lift has become familiar to photographers. She exerts confidence, and it shows through her powerful glance!

Lily Collins transformation nowLily Collins transformation now
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/John Shearer via Getty Images

Still, the Emily in Paris fashionista also enjoys flashing her smile to the camera on occasion. Her beauty truly stands out! With her symmetrical face and striking features, her smile draws attention from all ends. And we can't wait to catch up with her in the City of Love next season.

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Simone Biles

Regarding Olympic athletes, the driven stance is installed in their personalities. For a gold medalist like Simone, she has her eye on the prize at all times. She knows how to stay focused and does not let a single audience around her distract her. Simone is in it to win it, and she has made this clear.

Simone Biles olympic winSimone Biles olympic win
Laurence Griffiths via Getty Images

First of all, it is impossible not to smile whilst having 5 gold medals hung around the neck. When Biles was asked by Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron why she wasn't smiling, she said, "Smiling doesn't win you gold medals." She has a drive like no other, and the pictures say it all. What a boss!

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Anna Kendrick

Talk about being aca-perfect. Though her Pitch Perfect character was a tad rebellious, she is all of the sorts in reality! As someone with a comedic flare, it's important to be taken seriously as well as an actress. So, every now and then, she sports a soul-reaching look on her face.

Anna Kendrick smiling red carpetAnna Kendrick smiling red carpet
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/John Shearer via Getty Images

In reality, Kendrick certainly has a bubbly personality - and when she smiles, she has that twinkle in her eye we all yearn for. However, it isn't always easy. “Is there a filter on Instagram that fixes [R.B.F]? I'm asking for a friend,” she joked about her serious appearance.

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Billie Eilish

Similar to Simone Biles, it's almost impossible not to smile without holding multiple symbols of accomplishments! If only Billie had enough hands to hold each of her seven Grammy awards. When Eilish is snapped, she tends to keep her emotions neutral. She doesn't let anyone know if she's feeling confident or nervous.

Billie Eilish transformation red carpetBillie Eilish transformation red carpet
Jeff Kravitz/Rachel Luna/FilmMagic via Getty Images

The 18-year-old was placed into the industry as a pure and authentic teenager, so it's evident she likes to remain humble. However, the girl has a lot to smile about. Just look at how her teeth glisten against the golden gramophones! Famous for her sporadic hair colors and unique fashion, she is an icon - and she is the moment.

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Cara Delevingne

Delevingne kicked off her modeling career at the age of ten, so perhaps it's no surprise she tends to opt for a chiseled pose instead of a sweet smile. After years of mastering the runway, she is an ultra-professional when it comes to a serious pout. It's as if her cheekbones naturally bend that way.

Cara Delevingne then nowCara Delevingne then now
Dominique Charriau/WireImage/Stephane Cardinale/CorbisCorbis via Getty Images

Still, the public eye is no stranger to the model's wild character. Although her Instagram resembles a modeling portfolio, we love to see her smile when she's caught in the act of embracing her silly side. Though her smile is scarce on the red carpet, she is not afraid to let the pout go.

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Neil Patrick Harris

The real N.P.H...., also known as the beloved Barney Stinson, has a way with his facial expressions, and it typically involves a serious smirk with the raise of an eyebrow. His Instagram is full of posed selfies with the sporadic closed-mouth smile, usually when he's standing with his husband and two kids.

Neil Patrick Harris smilingNeil Patrick Harris smiling
Jamie McCarthy/WireImage/Amy Sussman via Getty Images

When it comes to red-carpet events, Harris usually sticks to the pose he is most confident and familiar with: a subtle look directly into the camera. However, when he does reveal his charming smile, this is usually a small smirk. Though, considering his womanizer character, his mysterious scowl is a crowd favorite!

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When Bad Gal RiRi is in town, the paparazzi come out to play. The good girl gone bad has definitely picked up a few pointers when regarding coming face-to-face with the lense. Rihanna has a beautiful smile, but she knows how to preserve it for special moments and when to stay fierce.

celebrities smiling Rihanna transformationcelebrities smiling Rihanna transformation
ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Steven Ferdman via Getty Images

Her subtle side-eye always works, but every now and then, the Umbrella singer reveals her sweetheart look. As if butter wouldn't melt. We could say Rihanna has a collection of poses she offers to her fans, from the hand on the hip, a little walk-in motion snap, and the classic sinister pout. But her smile shines like no other!

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Jennifer Lopez

Jenny from the block has been posing for the camera since the late 90s, becoming the poster child for fashion statements and fierce poses! Where are the glossed-out shades when we need them? Still, although she might be a fan of the slightly-open mouth and squinted-eyed glare, she is never afraid to smile for the camera.

J-Lo then nowJ-Lo then now
Amy Sussman/SHJ2019/WireImage via Getty Images

Is this the Ben Affleck effect? We can't help but notice the twinkle in her eye as her face gleams with happiness. No matter what pose, she could be crying, and Mrs. Affleck steals the spotlight. It's safe to say she has even mastered the caught-off-guard moments, as we often see her strutting her stuff on the streets.

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Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin might feel the pressure to smile. After starring as the dark and unconventional Joker, there's a chance he grew tired of his forced grin. The Academy Award winner has taken method acting to next levels, and only in certain moments is when we see the real money shot.

Joaquin Phoenix smile cleft lipJoaquin Phoenix smile cleft lip
FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Tristan Fewings via Getty Images

When Joaquin is suited and booted, it seems this is when he feels his best. Not to mention, the super cool shades (above) add an extra flair to his persona. As seen on the right, his famous Joker smile is captured. It must have been the atmosphere and buzz on the red carpet. He couldn't help but show his love for the crowd.

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Alicia Vikander

The Swedish actress knows everything about looking sleek and chic when it comes to getting herself camera ready. The brunette Tomb Raider star knows when she wants to provide a pout or spice things up with a smile. Her pout is usually complimented with lost-looking eyes and low eyebrows.

Alicia Vikander tomb raiderAlicia Vikander tomb raider
Tim P. Whitby/Jason Merritt via Getty Images

Though, for special moments, like winning an Oscar, she has no choice but to share her sparkling smile with the world. Who wouldn't? She captures the entire frame with her perfect complexion and has no problem switching back and forth between poses. Still, even when smiling, she likes to keep those siren eyes in full swing.

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Marshall Mathers is not one to ever flash a smile to the camera - or any fans, for that matter. He has branded himself pretty well since the start of his career, maintaining a Slim Shady aesthetic where no smiling is allowed. If the camera ever does get a glimpse of this rare sighting, we wouldn't necessarily call it a grin.

eminem serious smiling transformationeminem serious smiling transformation
Terry McGinnis/WireImage//Mike Coppola via Getty Images

In the image above (right), this is what we call an Eminem smile. He's not exactly grinning from ear to ear, but the small wrinkles at the corner of his mouth do him some sort of justice, plus the slight twinkle in his eye. He must have seen something or someone beautiful in front of him. We'll take what we can get, we guess...

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