Why Fans Are Upset with Demi Lovato


| LAST UPDATE 08/13/2021

By Georgina White
demi lovato covid comment
Phillip Faraone / Stringer via Getty Images

In the wake of the huge music festivals taking place this summer, some people - celebs included - have called out artists for performing to such big crowds during the pandemic. But one musician, in particular, just got some serious shade.

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Demi Lovato hit the stage at Sad Summer Fest in Anaheim, California, on August 7th and performed with All Time Low. And from the looks of Demi's Instagram Story, the crowds were packed with Lovato and ATL fans. Now sure, concerts have been happening all summer long, and artists have been getting some flack over their participation. But people's beef with Demi goes a little deeper. People are accusing them of acting hypocritically following their Instagram activity earlier in the month.

demi lovato covid controversy
Rich Fury / Staff via Getty Images

Need a little reminder? Back at the very beginning of August, Demi was feeling a type of way after seeing pictures of Lollapalooza crowds and decided to speak their mind on Insta. They reposted a picture that had been circulating on social media and added a caption expressing their frustration. "C'MON Y'ALL!!!" the Heart Attack singer wrote. "Good morning from Lollapalooza, yes this pic is real."

"There is still a pandemic happening!!!" Lovato added to their post. Safe to say that people were frustrated at Demi's change of heart from Lollapalooza to Sad Summer Fest. "I actually like demi and think they're a good person," @ElextricGagax wrote on Twitter. "But I just find it hypocritical to call out lolla's crowd and then go and perform at another festival, even if it's just for a single performance, regardless of how smaller or bigger it is."

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And it was especially frustrating for people who felt called out for going to Lollapalooza in the first place. "Demi lovato called me out for going to lolla but they performed at sad summer fest yesterday i cant," another shared on Twitter.

Safe to say that Demi's might have some explaining to do...