Gigi Hadid Spills Tea on Secret TikTok Account


| LAST UPDATE 02/04/2022

By Georgina White
gigi hadid secret tiktok
Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Staff via Getty Images

Celebs... they're just like us, right? Well, in some aspects, at least. And when it comes to international supermodel Gigi Hadid, she's got one habit in particular that millions of millennials and Gen-Zers can relate to... TikTok! And she spilled her little secret about how she enjoys the viral app without attracting too much attention to herself. Here's the full scoop...

In a recent sitdown with InStyle magazine, the 26-year-old mother of one shared her TikTok ways during the interview. "I do have a secret TikTok, which I don't post on, and I don't follow anyone I know on it," Hadid revealed to the publication. Just like the finsta trend, Gigi totally got hooked on the privacy that a fake TikTok account allowed her. And rather than having millions upon millions of fans tracking her every move on the app, Gigi rather got to enjoy scrolling endlessly like any regular gal. And while she wasn't willing to reveal her username, she was more than open when it came to spilling deets on the types of videos she likes to watch during her TikTok sessions...

gigi hadid interview tiktok
Instagram via @gigihadid
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"I'm a lurker, but it's for, like, mom videos and kids' lunch videos," Khai's mom revealed. "And a lot of true crime storytelling, like murder, stalkers, that kind of stuff," she continued to explain. And of course, as a busy momma, she was also a fan of cleaning, home organization, and renovation content. But we can't blame her, it's super satisfying to watch, right? "There are these pool cleaners who go to these moldy pools and spray them down until they're glitzy glam and restore them," the content fiend continued to gush. "There's also a guy where his job is tog o into people's homes who were hoarders, and he cleans the entire house, and it is gnarly, like, rotting refrigerators. He goes in a hazmat suit, and he repairs it for resell."

Well, we aren't holding our breath for Gigi to give us a follow from her fake TikTok account, but we sure have got some new ideas for hashtags to search! Stay tuned for more juicy stories from your fave celebs...

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