Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner Spill Gossip in New YouTube Show


| LAST UPDATE 09/02/2021

By Damian Schmitt
hailey biebs

Hailey Bieber revealed on IG last week that her latest endeavor is a YouTube show called "Who's In My Bathroom?" where she interviews and plays games with guests.

The guest for the first episode was her BFF and fellow supermodel Kendall Jenner, and they shared some juicy gossip over mac & cheese and tequila. Here are the biggest reveals:

The girls both revealed that neither has ever had a one-night stand, even though Kendall admitted it "sounds like [she's] lying."

2. Kendall made Hailey cry at Coachella.

During the game of "never have I ever," the question was "never have I ever screamed at my best friend at Coachella and made her cry." Kendall and Hailey started cracking up and Kendall lost by having to take a drink, admitting "I deserved that..."

3. They both have had songs written about them.

They both drank when the statement "never have I ever had a guy write a song about me" came up, which isn't surprising in Hailey's case, given who she's married to. Harry Styles is rumored to have written songs about Kendall during the brief time they dated.

4. They've kissed the same guy.

They were both in store for another shot of tequila when asked, "never have I ever kissed the same guy as my best friend." We wonder who...

5. Hailey cried in front of the paparazzi on her birthday.

Hailey admitted that one year, she had such a terrible birthday that she left the venue crying, where the paps spotted her.

6. They've read their partner's text messages.

They both admitted to having snuck onto their partners' phones to read their text messages, but both assured the audience that they don't do it often.