Harry Styles Helps Pregnant Fan Choose Baby Name


| LAST UPDATE 06/25/2023

By Alyssa Williams
harry styles pregnant fan
Dave J Hogan / Contributor via Getty Images

Former One Direction member Harry Styles is not only known for his remarkable talent as a musician, but also for his kind and caring personality. During his Love on Tour show at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium, the 29-year-old singer halted his concert to allow a pregnant fan named Sian to use the restroom. But that's not all – he also helped her choose a name for her baby.

In a viral TikTok video, Sian is seen asking Styles to help her name her baby. The Matilda singer initially replied, "That's a lot of pressure, Sian. You don't really want me to name it?" before agreeing to play along with the game. However, before he could answer, Sian revealed she needed to use the bathroom, and Styles promised to stall the show for her. "If you go for a wee, I’m going to stall. Sian, you won't miss a thing. If you hurry up, you won't miss a thing," he said.

harry styles love tour
Dave J Hogan / Contributor via Getty Images
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While Sian was away, Styles entertained the audience by reading their signs and chatting with them. When Sian returned, he resumed the name game, where she gave him four options: Stevie, Rafe, Harley, and Caleb. The Two Ghosts singer then asked the crowd to vote by cheering for their favorite name. The applause ultimately went to Caleb, and Styles declared that the baby's name was decided. Fans were touched by Styles’ kindness and humor in the comments section of the TikTok video. "He is always so gentle and kind with pregnant women. So sweet and understanding," one fan wrote. Another fan added, "THE WAY HE STALLED ALL FOR HER OUT OF THOUSSSANDSSS OF PEOPLE THIS IS THE MAN I LOVE."

@daydreamingnic Harry talking to a pregnant fan Sian about naming her baby and encouraging her to go pee. #harrystyles #loveontour #loveontour2023 #concert ♬ original sound - nicola 🍒

Styles is known for his interactions with fans onstage. Reina Lafantaisie, a superfan who handed him the album of the year trophy at the 2023 Grammys earlier this year, recently shared on Instagram that Styles asked her to join him backstage after his show in Coventry, England. "He is the most caring, humble, and down-to-earth person with such a great sense of humor," Lafantaisie wrote about Styles. "His smile and joie de vivre lit up the room! I could go on and on forever, but simply put, he is so kind." Harry Styles' actions remind us that even famous people can have hearts of gold. His kindness and caring nature towards fans is truly inspiring, and it's no wonder why his admirers love him so much.

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